Would humankind survive if medication becomes unavailable?

As almost every American citizen is on at least one medication, would people survive if those medicaments are unavailable?

What would happen to those people?

Unavailability of their precious medication to medicated people, this is a scary thought. Would their life end?

Just about everyone thinks that medicaments are blessing and how lucky we are to live in times when those medicaments are available.

The only reason we think in this way is our conditioning. We are being programmed to respect and to follow the authority.

We trust them blindly and this makes it easy for them to manipulate us.

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Just look, how many sheepishly people are still admiring the Clinton’s?

How many doctors actually believe that there is such a thing as bad cholesterol?

How many “smart” people think that our Planet Earth is flat?

How many health enthusiasts think that people are herbivores?

I can go on and on listing the subject where it is so visible how manipulated we are but the main pathways of the human enslavement are through the religion, the politics, false science, banking, and the medicine.

Since health is the focus of my life’s purpose, this is the subject I use to demonstrate the false teachings through which we are being duped, poisoned, and slaughtered.

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When someone is depressed, how can drugging and suppressing the brain’s activity be of any help?

It takes not programmed brain a second to realize that this is a plain stupidity but it took “experts” many years to even consider it.

After years of using the antidepressant drug and poisoning millions of people, some Experts are questioning their actions. Are we doing the right thing here?


Better late than never, I say.

Some people are waking up but most are still sleeping.

What genius does it take to handcuff a small child because it has a fit?

Doctors are discovering that simple anti-inflammatory drugs curb depression way better than the neuron suppressants they are told to use which puzzles them.

If they would be told the truth, that blood’s toxicity is the underlying cause for mental problems, they would understand it much easier, but then, there would be no chronic health problems as the toxic blood is the cause for a great majority of health problems that plague humankind.

For thousands of years, we have lived without this sophisticated medical establishment and people were way healthier than they are today.

Why do we think that all those drugs are improving our lives?

Because we are constantly being reminded of it.

If we would open our eyes and actually look at what’s happening, we would see a completely different picture.

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What would all f those diabetic people do if there would be no insulin and Metformin available?

They would have to stop eating dietary carbohydrates and heal themselves. No doctor or drug would be necessary.

What about those people with high blood pressure and compromised blood circulation?

They would also have to stop eating dietary carbs and increase salt and water intake. This would actually heal them and no doctors and drugs would be necessary.

What about all of those people that depend on eyeglasses because they cannot see clearly without them?

They would have to hydrate and cleanse their blood and stop consuming dietary carbs. Their vision will return and no doctors and medication will be necessary.

We can go on and on showing how simple dietary changes can resolve all health problems and doctors and drugs become absolutely not necessary.

Through my work, I am demonstrating the absurdity of medicine. We do not need the pharmaceutical industry.

We do not need the medical industry.

corporate fraud cartoon

The same goes for our politics and banking system.

Do we need the police?

They are never there when you are mugged or assaulted. The one that assaulted you has a weapon but you are not allowed to have one by law. The police are nowhere to be found because they are there to protect the politicians that put restrictions on you and not to protect you.

For our safety, we have to strip before entering an airplane while knowing that all subversive activities are deployed by the CIA and MOSSAD. Still, we stay in line like a sheep having our privacy violated because we want to be safe.

The obedience will not protect you from the government so it is a time for all of us to wake up.

Stop taking medicines. They are not helping you at all. They are designed to do just the opposite.

We are being sedated while waiting in the line to be slaughtered.

Instead of medicines, cleanse, change your diet, and “healyourself”.

Love and light to us all.

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