INSOMNIA. Are sleeping pills the answer?

One of the items that bring the pharmaceutic industry huge profit is the sales of sleeping pills.
Is there any incentive to help people with this problem other than selling them medication?

Maybe, but doctors are purposefully misled so this does not happen. 
Why fix what is working so well, at least for the industry.
I am not going to write about the mechanism of sleep. You can find it in thousands of publications.
I am going to point the important things which are paraded to confuse us and as always, I will give you the solution to this health problem.
How important is sleep and how long should we be sleeping?
During sleep, our body goes through a maintenance cycle. Obviously, this is very important but it only happens when our mind is out of the picture because if the mind is alert, it focuses the energy and the body cannot be supplied with electricity properly. No maintenance will be done in those tissues that resonate with the same frequency on which your mind is focusing.
Often we say that the brain disconnects which is not exactly what happens. If the brain would disconnect, we would die.
The brain continues to function (subconsciously), which is the automated calculative mode without which, no cellular reparation would be taking place.
So when we are not in a deep sleep, our mind wonders and poor reparation is being done.

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When we do not have enough sleep, many health issues may arise but those health problems are the same as if your blood is toxic, no more and no less than that.

In either case, no cellular support is given.

So if your doctor is telling you that the reason for your health problems is insufficient sleep, he is not telling you the truth.

Well, if he would know the truth, he would be able to help you and not drug you with neuro suppressants which actually pollute your blood further and make your insomnia stronger.

What those sleeping pills do is they numb your brain, make you sluggish and tired but do not put you in a deep sleep.

Your mind is present but in fog, so many people sleepwalk or have sex while “sleeping”.

Many get up and eat things that they refrain from while they are awake.

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This is happening because they are not really sleeping. They are being drugged so they think that they are sleeping. This sensation continues even during the day so those people who use sleeping pills now need a counter medication to be awake.

Actually, they have to sober up to be able to function.

Here is where coffee comes into play or some other upper.

More and more people are reaching for over the counter medication to keep awake and at night to make them sleep.

What a lucrative business.

So how many hours do we need for our body to recuperate and become ready for the next day’s work?

A ten minute of deep sleep and you will rejuvenate more than if you would have 6 hours of a superficial sleep.

How can we achieve this profound, deep sleep?

One thing is for certain. You will never get it by swallowing a pill. No matter how strong the drug is.

Why do some people have a problem falling in sleep?

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The reason is the same that makes them sick and this is toxicity.

By eating incorrectly and refraining from the salt, we pollute our body and we prevent it from cleansing itself.

Although the brain is protected from the toxic blood by a membrane, after a while, as the cellular dehydration takes place, neurons become acidic and dehydrated. They start showing problems.

Some toxins can easily penetrate the blood-brain barrier and we call them neurotoxins.

Two of those toxins the majority of people ingests daily and they are garlic and ginger.

Since a great majority of people consume loads of dietary carbohydrates daily, they have a very small number of active mitochondria in their neurons. Since they cannot eat while sleeping and their cells require energy for their rejuvenation during sleep, people are waking up hungry and running to the refrigerator in a search of food.

This explains why some people eat at night while they are drugged with sleeping pills and supposedly sleeping.

Many people are accustomed to eating a heavy meal late at night.

Overcooked protein coagulates and cannot be digested. The body tries to cope with it and the digestion takes a long time. During digestion, we often have a problem falling to sleep.

If our cells work properly, we have no problem sleeping.

How long do we have to sleep to prepare our bodies for the following day?

Eight-hour sleep is optimal but not all of us need it.

One hour of deep sleep will be sufficient for others.

Having a six-hour sleep at night and half hour sleep during the day does marvels.

When you wake up from a 10-minute snooze during the day, you notice that you are full of energy and if you sleep longer than an hour during the day, you may wake up sleepy.

This is because the body has started a renovation cycle and it is using energy for it.

This is why I do not recommend long naps, only short ones during the day.

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I have noticed on myself that one 8 hour sleep makes me more energetic during the day then a 6-hour sleep, but the short nap during the day makes up for it.

One of my friends needed a glass of red wine every night to be able to fall to sleep. The small amount of alcohol numbed her enough to sleep.

After just two weeks on the Self Healers Protocol, the wine was not necessary any longer and she noticed that she is brighter during the day and her headaches disappeared as well.

If you have a problem sleeping, cleanse your blood, cleanse your cells, and eat correctly.

By doing so, not only will your sleep improve, so will your health. This is the reason why doctors are not told the truth about insomnia. The big pharma would collapse.

Love and light to us all.

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