Food for the brain versus the brain for food.


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Most people argue that we are all different and this is why we have different needs as far as our food goes. On top of it, the schooling indoctrination program is teaching the young people about the destructiveness of humans.

First, it was the religion telling us that we are the product of sin. Since we were born in sin, we have to spend our life in sacrifice, paying for something we had nothing to do with.

Now on top of this, we are being told that because of our destructiveness we should stop multiplying, but at the same time, we are being guided into healthy living.

Does this make any sense to anyone?

Wouldn’t it make more sense to give us instructions about how to destroy ourselves through the food we eat?

Looking at this in this way, veganism and vegetarianism make a perfect sense.

Those of you following my work are perfectly aware of how the Biblical “forbidden fruit”, damages our health, but most people accept guidance from their idols even if they have no credentials and have not experimented with the subject they are talking about.

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Marinko sent a video with his comment on my recent article in which Arnold Schwarzenegger promotes a vegetarian diet.

This is just another example of brainwashing and people are supposed to trust an unhealthy person just because he had sold his soul and became promoted as a star.

The diet is all about nourishing our body by providing what the body needs. The needs of the body vary, depending on the process the body is involved with at the time.

The growing body requires proteins, minerals, and water.

Since body stores fat, it obviously needs it and we know that cells use it as their energy source.

As long as the cells of a body use fat as their energy source, the brain will never starve for energy.

Once we reprogram our gene expression to adjust cells in utilizing glucose as the energy source, the brain will be in the starvation mode most of the time. The energy will be available only during the feeding process since the body has no capability of storing glucose. This means that glucose is only available during the time of eating.

The same goes for our muscles, so how is it possible that some people perform well on a vegetarian diet and some people do not?

We are forgetting that glucose is a fuel so as long as it is available, the cells will be powered but frequent meals are necessary to keep it going and the health is being compromised.

We now know that the only thing that is real, is energy in various vibrations and that the brain is a programmed device that projects those frequencies in the way we perceive them as our reality.

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When we see an apple, the brain is projecting this particular frequency, and we can touch it, chew it and swallow it.

On the other hand, we can close our eyes and imagine the image of an apple. Now the brain is emitting the same frequency so how come that we cannot touch it and eat it?

Our mind calculates that we are sleeping so what we see cannot be the truth. Nothing happens without faith.

Our dreams could be vivid and you feel like this is a reality, but as soon as you open your eyes and realize that you are in the bed, instantly your brain recollects the recent activity and shows you the most probable outcome. Since the last image was gong into the bed and now you are in the bed, the rest must have been just a dream so it cannot be the reality.

Neurons are not pasted into their positions with a permanent bond. They are held in their place by electromagnetic impulses. When those impulses change, the neuron repositions itself and creates different bonds. With the change of its position, the neuron is changing the way it will respond to a certain stimulant.

To change its position, the neuron has to be repeatedly stimulated and this means that the change is time-related. If the impulse is short, the bond does not stick and slowly drifts back into its previous position because it was stimulated to be there for a longer time or with a stronger impulse.

Yogi in India practices mind control for many years before they rewire their brain into believing that they do not have to eat or drink to survive. They can just imagine it and because they believe in the process, they can survive without actually eating.

Some say that they process prana energy or sunlight and use them to nourish their bodies.

If you ask a scientist, they will say that this is impossible because cells need fuel, but then again, even our cells are just a manifestation of brain calculation based on the information the brain possesses.

So is food necessary at all?

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As we are awakening, we are starting to understand the complex process of manifestation.

From the time we were created, we exist and our reality is based on the information our brain receives.

In the time of our birth, our brain was wired in a certain way by a basic program of survival. Since we are constantly changing our world, the brain has to rewire itself so that it can resume the progress and continue living in the newly created environment. All new programs are stored in the brain’s frontal lobe. Any change of opinion and newly accepted fact will cause changes in the frontal part of the brain, but the basic, original survival programming of the reptilian brain remains intact.

Whenever we are told that we must remember so that we do not repeat the errors of the past, we are actually more likely to repeat those things because we are wiring the brain for them. This means that what you imagine or what you become aware of will most likely become your reality.

This is the understanding that Dr. Joe Dispenza utilizes in the process of healing.

The future is here. Dr. Dispenza is teaching people how they can heal themselves by utilizing their brains. Nothing is impossible as long as you understand what is going on and surrender to it.

Some people are convinced that carbohydrate is the original food for which their brain is programmed to and they genuinely believe that they are nourished by green vegetables.

This is a change in the brain’s wiring and as a placebo effect, it stimulates the manifestation of an anticipated result, but since the reptilian brain sends signaling, the newly adapted information cannot take hold.

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Our body can use glucose for cellular energy production but since it is a different frequency signature, it will create distortion which may take time to manifest but when it does, we become sick.

I was testing if pure chocolate prevents cellular hydration. Since I love chocolate, I wanted it to be non-toxic but after several years of adding chocolate to my daily meals, I suddenly collapsed. My varicose veins have returned and my joints started to make noise.

The chocolate I ate was made of pure cacao, dark and bitter, still, the Theobromine in it had stopped my cellular hydration which I was not aware of until the symptoms appeared and by then I was overly acidic and toxic. Now it will take several months of hydration and electro stimulation to bring me back to health but now I have the proof that there is no such an animal as healthy chocolate.

The problems cellular dehydration brings can be reversed by hydration and cleansing which brings its own symptoms and is time-related, or the frequency that represents the cellular dehydration and toxicity can be simply changed in which case, the healing could be instant and no cleansing has to occur.

Although I am continuing with the hydration process, at the same time, I am going to request cellular healing by asking my calls to correct their vibration.

To correct our diet is easy once we know what we can and what we cannot eat, but commanding our cells to obey our wishes is something new for us and we have to rewire our brain to be able to do this successfully.

Once we establish a cellular connection, we will be able to do whatever we want, to eat even the worse poisons without being negatively affected by them.

As long as we are supplying our brain with energy, fat should be provided because the body is created to utilize fat as the power source. This is the signature of the reptilian brain.

As soon as we establish direct cellular connection and awareness, we can do whatever we please, our cells will obey our instructions and those wrong frequencies will be simply ignored.

Do not wait. Star reprogramming your brain immediately.

Love and light to us all.

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