Does infusing children’s blood make us younger?

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An average person would never even think of having a child’s blood infused into its blood circulation no matter what the benefits could bring. This obsession with the young and the innocent and the health benefits of merging the purity with the toxicity to dilute the toxic load and evoke healing is now being promoted.

I see it as the Devil coming to the surface before getting destroyed forever.
In the past, the practice of child use and abuse was reserved for occultism but lately, it is not just becoming evident, it is showed in our faces as something good, something normal that we should all embrace.
Just a thought of it makes my skin crawl, but since it is promoted, let’s see if a child’s blood infusion will benefit us in any way.
The “science” behind it tells us that a child’s blood is clean and its stem cells are performing well. This means that old and frail organs can be rejuvenated by it. 

Some claim that the body that regularly has its blood “rejuvenated” through a child’s blood infusion can live much longer if not forever (the Count of Dracula).
Many doctors agree with the fact that the stem cells of a young body perform better so that this blood infusion makes sense.
It does not take a genie to see the shortcomings of this theory.
Since cells multiply rapidly, their response to the environment is fast. Blood cells will adjust to their new environment as fast as the gut bacteria adjust to their environment.

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The probiotics have to be used with every meal and even then, their impact on our health is minimal. Since the bacteria adjust to its environment so rapidly, in a short time after their ingestion, the gut flora will become the same as it was before the probiotics were taken.

Why do we think that something different will happen with infused blood?

Well, we do not think, this is obvious.

Do Clinton’s look young and healthy to you?

The reason why stem cells do not perform well in an old body is that the older we get, the more toxic we become. This happens because we do not cleanse so the toxicity cumulatively increases.

As the blood becomes toxic, the cells stop hydrating which slowly dehydrates them so they become acidic.

The more acidic they become, the less of electric charge we call the energy they can hold.

Without energy, no cell can perform any duties.

The natural response of a cell in a toxic environment is to close its absorption and to produce stress hormones. This prevents the cell from doing anything else. Self-Preservation is its priority.

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While the blood is polluted, the cells do not hydrate and they stay in flight and fight ready state. They do not perform the way they would if the blood was clean.

This is one of the reasons why stem cells do not perform as expected.

The other reason why stem cells do not perform the way they did in the child’s body is the vibration signaling emitted by the brain.

Genes are constantly receiving signals from their environment and many signals come from the brain.

Mostly it is what we call the subconscious messaging through which our subconsciousness informs our cells of what to do next.

Children whose blood is in demand are those whose brains are not compromised with set in beliefs. Their brain’s messaging is pure and their subconsciouses are not compromised yet.

Their subconscious cellular instructions promote expansion and health.

Take a minute and digest the information I just gave you.

So what will happen when young blood with responsive stem cells is introduced into an old body with toxic blood.

For one, as the child’s cells find themselves in the toxic environment, they quickly go into the flight and fight mode which instantly alters their response.

On top of this, the subconscious messages they receive from the brain give the information of the brain which controls now the body. This means that the stem cell will respond in this body differently than what the response would be within the child’s body.

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Basically, the stem cells of the young child that find themselves in the old body will respond in the same way as the stem cells of the old body.

Remember that cells respond to their environment. You change the environment, you change the gene expression and the cellular response changes with it.

Now you see, it is not just about the clean blood. It is also a clean mind that is necessary for the desired cellular response.

When you infuse a toxic, old, blood into a child’s body, the stem cells that came with the toxic blood will be quickly reprogrammed and they will serve the child well.

On the other hand, when you infuse the clean child’s blood into an old toxic body, the young stem cells will quickly shut down and respond to the toxic brain programming. They will have absolutely no positive effect what so ever.

Unfortunately, doctors do not get it because we are told nonsense about the workings of our genetic system. Doctors do not understand the vibration and the messaging process and they continue pounding sand.

As expected, the work we do, the cleansing we provide is making all of the secrets bubbling up to the surface.

Now, as it is being acknowledged, it can be destroyed forever.

Love and light to us all.

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