Can we influence our body to change?

At this stage of a game called “Life on planet Earth” we have three distinguished groups of people.

Majority are under strong hypnosis of their pre-programmed subconsciousness I call the sheepishly crowd. They are the majority but also they are awakening now.

Great minority are those I call awakened who  know what is going on and are aware of extra terrestrial intelligence and mind manipulation that comes from the third group of a small amount of people who are the manipulators.

Since my blog provides information that is contrary to everything we are being told by our mis-educational system, our politicians and our doctors, I know my readers do not belong to the first, sheepishly group. This is why I am going deeper to  explain some things that confuse a lot of people who are seeking for the truth.

For a long time we have been told how certain plants or foods influence our body to react to them inducing healing reactions.

We assume them to be healthy because they induce healing and a lot of people start using them to prevent the disease they supposedly heal.

I have seen mothers giving their babies aspirin if someone in the vicinity has a cold, to prevent the baby from getting sick.

Since the whole concept of health is based on wrong understanding we come to hear how dairy products cause mucus, meat diet causes cancer and vegetarian diet is healthy and nourishing.

All of those statements are wrong but a lot of people strongly believe in them.

Just have a peek on vegan food pyramid

For everyone following this blog, it is obvious how toxic is this food recommendation to the human body.

Most vegans also believe how dairy products are toxic. So let us examine this.

We always have to start with the understanding that the body does not work against itself.

So what happens when we drink milk or eat cheese?

They both contain animal protein, fat, fat soluble vitamins, enzymes and digestive bacteria. On top of this there is calcium, magnesium, structured water, sodium, potassium,,,,so where is the problem?

Our digestive system will break protein into amino acids so as far as protein and fat is concerned our blood will receive amino acids and fats and it will utilize them in producing what cellular structure is demanding.

So why would our body produce mucus after receiving animal based amino acids and fats? There is no sense in this theory but it is standing. Even thow great majority of people eating dairy product do not show any access of mucus production.

I can drink water with sea salt or fresh milk full of fat and there will be no other sensation than saliva production in the case of dairy to start the digestive cycle. And that depends of what I was eating. We produce  saliva eating spaghetti so we cannot confuse saliva production with mucus.

In some people foreign protein produces allergic reaction and it can cause intestinal swelling and mucus in excrement. Such people are dehydrated and prone to allergies so we cannot blame dairy product for being toxic, instead we have to acknowledge that those peoples health is compromised. In fact many vegans have allergies because of the lack of saturated fats in their diet. Saturated fats coat mucous tissue preventing foreign protein contact with it and in this way preventing allergic reaction.

Another cause of allergies is cellular dehydration which is common in vegetarians as well. In a matter of fact, cellular dehydration is the main cause of health related issues of our bodies.

The question is now, can we influence our cells to change their chemistry and create changes in our body in a positive manner?

Of course we can. If we can influence them to get sick, it is logical that we can influence them to get healthy again. The healthy stage is their normal expression and this is what they will naturally do when we stop poisoning them. But when we think of cellular manipulation we have to think QUANTUM and this is something new for us. This requires a new understanding, a new knowledge that has nothing to do with what we have been told and with what we “know”. Here, our diplomas are worthless. This is the reason I am going slowly because it is way more difficult to unlearn something than it is to learn things for the first time around. Young people and those without any medical knowledge will understand those things faster and easier than doctors or  mislead scientists will. You have noticed I did not specify mislead doctors because all doctors are being mislead in medical school, this is the purpose of medical university otherwise doctors would actually heal people which is not the case.

When we think of healing we have to think quantum and that means frequency. This is why new medical instruments are all based on electricity, magnetism, light, sound and plasma. They are all expressions of frequencies without toxic side effects if used correctly.

My strong belief is that the future of healing is based on our thoughts.

Well, it is not so simple to heal utilizing ones thoughts. The reason are numerous filters implanted into our subconsciousness with which we measure and judge what we hear, know and experience. Our perspectives change from situation to situation and since there is so much of contradiction we get lost in triviality and social acceptance status. God forbid someone thinks that we do not understand or that we do not think the same way!

This blog is to long for some people so I am going to stop here and let you think and digest it. The continuation will be about our filters and how to raise our frequency where disease cannot follow.

Love and light


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