Everyone is aware of the dangerous effect direct sunlight can have on our body. We are being reminded about it frequently through news media and the Tel a lie Vision adverts. From sunblocks to shades, from cancer to glaucoma. Our “miseducational” schooling system conditions us to accept those “scientifically proven truths” to such an extent that we stop paying attention to the world around us ignoring experiences of the “in the plain sight” observations.

The most common lie is that exposure of the skin to the sunlight triggers the skin cancer.

We are being instructed to smear toxic creams to protect the skin from harmful UV’s. Of course no one tells you how harmful those creams really are and in many ways than one threaten your health.

“Do not leave the house without protecting yourself”

... Enjoy the Sunshine, Make Sure Your Sunscreen Isn't Toxic - RYOT News

Mother you have no idea that you are poisoning your child!

Some people take more conservative measures

because shielding from the Sun is crucial for staying healthy and having young smooth skin, or is it???.

Didn’t we notice how the city folks are way more sickly than the people living in the country?

Let us not forget to protect our eyes

because it is never to early to protect those eyes from harmful Sun and prevent damage of the optic nerve and glaucoma!

Is this so. Are we doing the right thing?

So before we get into this topic let us observe, and pay attention.

we can go on and on and on and on…..including my friends grandmother from Dalmatia who in her 90es reads without glasses.

None of those people ever used sunblock or shades ant their skin is immaculate and eyesight sharp. So who is correct, the nature the way you observe it or “scientists” with their scientifically proven theories?

I think that after seeing those pictures and using your brain for constructive thinking the inevitable conclusion is that the science is wrong.

Deliberately I did not include any animal photo because the “scientists” immediately jumpĀ  by claiming how people are different from animals. I can tell you that this is a bull.. We are all just animals as far as the body is concerned.

The base of my work is observation of nature and finding correlation between what we are told and what actually happens. To further prove the science wrong I do my own experimenting.

To prove the “science” wrong I was drinking sea water and prove that we can not only survive by drinking the sea water, we can actually thrive by doing this.

To prove that the Sun does not harm us I was Sun gazing when the Sun was high in the sky, I was sailing for years without sunglasses allowing even reflecting UV’s to hit my eyes, I do not wear sunglasses and I do not squint and in my 60es i read without glasses. My skin is healthy and does not show much aging. Because of it people think I am in my forties and I do not use sunblock with the exception of reflective zinc on my nose because I am not exposed to the Sun regularly so my skin does not produce enough pigment to protect me when I get exposed to the Sun unexpectedly for a longer period of time.

I have helped numerous people to overcome skin cancer and part of the treatment was exposing the skin to the sunlight.

Since the first time I have shared this information I have numerous people contacting me and sharing their experiences of not wearing sunglasses and how firs the eyes were sensitive but quickly they have recovered and now they can look at the Sun without squinting.

There are numerous articles written on the thematic how we are not really from this planet and this is why we do not tolerate the Sun. This is only partially true. We are not from this planet (this is opened for discussion because it depends on what you think about who you really are), but we benefit from the Sun and should not hide from it.

Some people do not tolerate strong exposure to the Sun because they live in area of week sunlight. Usually their skin is pale ad especially people with red hair have extreme sensitivity to sunlight. Such a skin absorbs the light easier and in this way in shorter time absorbs needed frequencies of sunlight. Body adapts to changes but some of the changes take a long time.

Sunlight is extremely important because it is energy represented in all the frequencies. Remember, think quantum.

It is not just about vitamin D3. We are talking about all elements since they can all be represented with frequencies of the sunlight.

Any tampering causes negative effect on our health and is expressed through genetic alteration. This is why we have to forget Newton and Einstein. This means to get rid of everything we have been told and like children we have to embrace the new quantum knowledge that is coming our way. Not an easy task to do since we have been programmed for years with the wrong information. The best way to do this is to become humble. Forget your diplomas and status. Listen to everything you hear. I have heard the most important things from common people who had no formalĀ  education what so ever. Let it absorb so your brain has new information it can use for computing. Live in the moment (now) and pay attention because the knowledge comes from within.

Do not wear sunglasses and do not use Sunblock. Allow yourself to be immersed in the sunlight just do it gradually, giving plenty time to the body to adjust.

Cleanse your body with water and sea salt and stop poisoning yourself by eating dietary carbohydrates. As long as you do not acidify your body with carbohydrates and allow your body to cleanse you will never have to worry about glaucoma or skin cancer or any other chronic disease for that matter.

If you need guidance, I am always here, available and eager to help.

We have to help each other because prosperity and our future does not depend on the survival of the fit but instead it depends on cooperation and indiscriminate help of one to the other.

Love and shine like the Sun.

It is my privilege to share my thoughts with you my eternal family.

I love you



10 thoughts on “TAKE YOUR SHADES DOWN”

  1. Excellent as always Darko.

    “Your path is more well-lighted than you have been allowing yourself to realize.”

  2. Greatful for the technology today which can spread such loving message from someone being on the other side of the globe in just a blink.
    Beautifully written, Darko Thank you.

  3. Darko,
    Thank you for speaking the truth in a very dark world today.
    I will share with you three sources that I believe are wise.
    1. The Bible.
    Because there is only one true God, Jehovah, and the one He sent forth, His Son, Jesus. Psalm 83:18 and John 17:3.
    2. J. W. Armstrong and The Waters of Life (published 1944)
    Because God gave us this individualized medicine for cures and restoration.
    3. Andrew Norton Webber.
    Because he has knowledge, experience and skills about distilled waters that give life, energy and light. http://www.aquariusthewaterbearer.com
    Cynthia Yakushev
    Ecclesiastes 12: 13,14.

  4. I dont wear sunglasses, but is there something specific about sunglasses that damage your eyes? And what about air conditioning and heaters? Do they mess with your health too?

    1. Devin, sunglasses do not necessarily damage the eyes but they disrupt the messaging system of the sunlight. This creates many difficulties for your bodies chemistry. Air conditioning and heaters dry the air and are the source of bacterial and fungal dispersion.

  5. Ive been contemplating recently if I should get a Vitamin D3 supplement. My family is from the Mediterranean area of Europe, and we all get plenty of sunshine but our Vitamin D3 levels are always low. Especially during winter coming up now, I don’t think the sun gives off as much D3 during winter. Is D3 as important as science says it is?

    1. Chris, during the winter the skin becomes lighter colour and the light penetrate it easier.
      Vitamin D3 is part of all animal fats so eat more of them. Better than supplementing.

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