AGING, can we grow younger?

Everyone interested in this thematic knows for a while now that telomers are shortening with cellular division and that this is blamed for the aging process of the body. I have described this in my book and in couple of earlier posts. Scientists are working on solving the aging problem through genetic manipulation and yes, as genes are responsible for aging of the body this can be done. Here in this video there is more information about it:

Now I would like to ahead more light on this subject.
Since telomers are receivers and senders of electromagnetic impulses (antennas) it is obvious that shorter telomer will reduce the frequency range and in this way reduce the incoming and outgoing cellular information. Genes can only react to the information they have received so less information means less genetic activity.
As we have noticed, telomers shorten with cellular proliferation so the more frequently cells replaces itself the faster it will start malfunctioning because the information it receives will not be complete.
The thing we did not know is that telomers are not really getting shorter, they have the same length, they only appear shorter. The question is: why?
The answer is simple. We know how the electron jumps orbit when atom receives energy and returns to the higher orbit when it sends the energy. Same is happening with DNA. It will shrink and expand depending of its activity. If we keep cell stimulated (stressed) the DNA will remain in tight curl. This tight curl makes it to appear shorter that in a fact it is.
The same happens to telomers. Since telomers are extensions of the DNA spiral they appear to be shorter when they are in tight curl.
This is why I was surprised how fast aging reversal can be when we stop poisoning our body.
What has toxicity to do with aging you may ask?
The main reason for cellular proliferation (new growth by replacement) is lowering cellular electromagnetic potential through toxicity. Since the impulse that telomers receive is of electromagnetic nature here we are stepping into a quantum world where it does not matter in which form the frequency is expressed (light, sound, food, smell…) the wrong frequency will trigger the wrong gene and the result will be change of cellular activity.
This may sound complicated since I could have just said the wrong food will trigger toxic effect. Purposefully I have stepped into the quantum field because otherwise I could not explain how can wrong sound or the wrong light and our thoughts by themselves influence our aging process.
It is not by accident that we are bombarded with this awful noise we call music these days. It is not by accident that we are subjected to depressive news and predictions. It is not by accident that we are fed with GMO foods and toxic water. All of those things represents wrong frequencies and undermine our health by altering genetic expression. I am painting very bad picture of our reality and it may sound like there is no way out of it. Contrary, I have just given you a tool for your liberation. Whenever you feel trapped start thinking QUANTUM!!!
In quantum world everything is just energy represented with different frequencies and your genes react to them.
We are equipped with the most powerful frequency transducer that can manipulate any frequency send our way. This transducer is our brain. We do not have to know the exact frequency to be able to use it. Since frequencies represent everything we hear, see and experience we can produce the frequency simply by thinking and visualizing the thing we want to manifest.
You want to be young? Think of yourself as being young and above all behave as if you are young. Activity is like an amplifier and helps you to achieve results faster.
It is important to stop poisoning ourselves with the wrong frequencies if we want to achieve good results.
Self healers protocol shows you how you can easily achieve fantastic results. Remember that in fact you are just this
Toroidal field of energy. Everything else is just a product of your brain and depends on the programing it was given. Now we are in times of rediscovering the truth and reprogramming to beings of higher consciousness. Although our blocking (hypnotic) devices are still in place and making it difficult to fully understand and manipulate our reality, this will start to change sooner than you think.
Welcome to higher state of being.
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