Do you feel like you are FALLING A PART?

When I was young I remember often hearing complaints of older people how their body aches. The usual suspects were lower back, knees, hips and headaches.

This hasn’t change much with exception that younger and younger people exhibit those pains and aches. If we visit doctor all we get is pain relief, toxic poisons we call medications.

If we ask doctor what causes this problems the answer used to be “old age”. This answer cannot be used in young people so the response of the doctor is “you are stressed, or nothing is wrong with you, it is all in your head”. And the treatment is the same, pain killers in the form of muscle relaxants and anti inflammatory poisons. The new craze is the prescription of steroids for extended period of time.

Come on baby, you are mine

Such approach not only does not improve the health of the patient but it undermines it further creating debilitating experiences leading to spinal surgeries. knee and hip replacement surgeries orĀ  the brain implanting devices that control the pain by modifying signaling. None of it has to do with healing. It is all money oriented and worsen the situation. Little did we know that most if not all implants carry chip (the mark of the beast).

People are being chipped without their knowledge or consent.

Now the question is “can we get rid of the pain without getting poisoned, cut or chipped?”.

As always the answer is YES.

To know how, we first have to understand the rut cause of the problem.

Our skeleton is held together by muscles and the place two bones meet is called a joint. The bone meeting points are covered with very smooth semi soft material we call cartilage. To prevent friction the cartilage has to be lubricated. The lube is water. Every time we assert a pressure on the joint the cartilage releases a drop of water and lubricates it. We actually walk on the water and cartilages are not touching each other. There is no friction and no heating occurs. The cartilage can last forever in this conditions. The muscle tension keeps the joint tight and secured so that we can run and jump without the fear of dislocating or damaging the joint.

Joint is covered with connective tissue we call fascia.

The problem starts when cartilage becomes dehydrated and cannot release water for lubrication. Cartilage start to touch each other creating friction and overheating. Little by little the cartilage scrapes a way and gets thinner and thinner causing pain and problems. Overheating needs cooling which comes in the way of increased blood circulation and swelling. This creates discomfort and pain. Joints become stiff and swollen. In time cartilage wear of and bones start to touch creating incredible pain. We call this arthritis.

On the other hand the muscles are made of thousands muscle cells. When they are well hydrated they are round and large. Cellular membranes are flexible and soft As muscle cells start to dehydrate they get smaller. Their membranes are ordered to prevent water from escaping and since they are made of cholesterol more cholesterol is required to reinforce the membranes. This increases cholesterol levels in the blood and makes cellular membranes thicker and less flexible. When this happens to thousand cells that form a muscle, the whole muscle becomes rigid, less flexible and loses tension. Because of this the joint becomes loose and noisy and it is easier to dislocate it.

Now if you put together the information you can find dozens of so called diseases here like arthritis, dysplasia, spondylosis,,, and all it is is a lack of water on the cellular level.

Diminishing cartilage of the vertebra (spine) will make us shorter and decreases the space where nerves exit the spine creating pressure. This depending on the position causes ischiatic pains or arm numbness, numbness of fingers or pain in the arm or shoulders….

As you can see there is no need for surgery. There is no need for implants or even pain medication. All that is needed is water. But the water I am talking about is intracellular water, the water that is inside of the cells.

There are plenty of reasons why would cell refuse to hydrate itself. The most common is toxic and polluted blood since cells will refuse to hydrate with it. The other common cause is stress because it deprives cells of energy that is needed for running the osmotic pump or simply keeps the cells alert and not working normally.

Cartilage will rebuild itself if given a chance and that means clean environment free of toxins and stress and plenty of water with necessary sea salt and protein that comes in as cholesterol. Even if the blood is well hydrated and clean but contains toxic element that cells do not want to absorb, cells will not hydrate. Most common toxins we use are alcohol, caffeine. nicotine, and garlic or other medicinal remedies including aspirin.

By cleansing the blood you make it easier for the cells to hydrate and when hydrated, cells will detoxify and start repairing themselves. This increases the need for cholesterol so its levels will increase. Now you can see how high cholesterol is necessity when our body is in a bad shape and artificially lowering it creates great problems for the body. Classifying cholesterol as good and bad is pure nonsense. There is no such a thing as a bad cholesterol. What type of cholesterol liver will produce depends on what the cells have ordered so that they can do the repairing and maintenance job.

Since bones and joints depend on lymphatic circulation the reparation takes longer but it will happen.Movement is necessary to stimulate lymphatic circulation As soon as there is enough water absorbed the pain will diminish and eventually stop. When the pain goes a way this does not mean that the healing is done. It just means that the body is providing what the cells need and information does not have to be repeated, so continue with hydration and clean life.

If you are not sure how to go about it, follow the Self healers protocol or give me a shout but ditch the poisons given to you by your doctor that you call medication because they are pure poisons and they will destroy your life.

There is much more that can be said about this topic so if there is some detail you want to know, let me know.

With love for humanity I wish you fast and painless recovery.




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  1. Hi Darko,

    Learned a lot today about pain, thanks. You mentioned stress. I have and had stress for a long time. I worrie a lot. What does the stress do to your body and how can i eliminate or make it less? I try meditating, walking, hydrate…but I almost always carrie a butterfly in my stomach.

    By the way, I’m in the process of buying the Magnetic Pulser. I found someone in Finland who I’ve been in contact with. They also recommend the Bio Tuner (for stress) and the Silver Pulser for making the water. What’s your opinion on buying all three?

    Thanks in advance,

    Warm greetings, Birgitta

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