As I have mentioned in the last article, our behavior is being shaped by the society in which we are living. Since we have lost the connection to our spirit (innate) we are lost. Lost humans easily submit themselves in front of fear. So fear is being used to control humans. Every religion not connected to spirituality is created as a form of control and domination over its people. Which are those religions you may ask?

Every religion informing you to empower someone else to represent you in the name of our creator is manipulating you and it is an obstacle of truth.

You may ask; “why are you talking about religion?”.

The answer is, because religious belief is one of the strongest filters standing in our way in discovering the truth in religious people.

If your religion is Islam, you will filter every information through implanted belief and discard what does not jibe with it. For you stoning your daughter because she was seen with some man who was not her husband is justified punishment. For Christian, this would be seen barbaric and unjustified. For Christian not believing in God or Jesus means not entering the kingdom of Heaven. Where does this leave Buddha?

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Religious filter is being used to manipulate people to go to war with each other, to separate them so they can be easier handled.

From the time of our birth, we are bombarded with information. The information we absorb is stored in the brain and every new peace of information is filtered through already present file of stored information. With every new peace of information our filter is getting stronger and stronger. Filters start to differentiate according to the thematic or the box of interest we start creating. We start forming our opinions so we become opinionated. Every opinion will be based on its filter.

The filter becomes the belief.

Once established it is very difficult to change or modify it simply because the information necessary to change it will be filtered through it and discarded because it does not comply with the belief.

Every information that brings different approach or solution will be filtered and discarded because it does not fit so if the belief is wrong it will be impossible to reach the truth. The truth will be simply filtered out.

The filter become so strong that we stick to our belief even when we  see that things are different from what we know (knowledge is the stored information used for filtering).

More “educated” you are, more filters you possess and less receptive you are to change. This is the reason governments want their citizens educated. They are filled with information to create opinions (filters) so they can be compartmentalized and handled like a flock of sheep.

Sheep, Animals, Flock, Herd, Lamb, Livestock, Wool

And here is your leader

Animals, Good Shepherd, Herd, Job, Sheep

As strange as it sounds, majority of people are proud of being referred to as sheep.

Some think that fear can overpower the filter. This is impossible since in many cases the fear is the reason particular filter is accepted and put in the place.

 As you can see, our whole belief system is composed of implanted filters so can we live without them and is it even possible to take those filters down once they have been established?

To answer this question we have to understand that our brain is just a frequency transducer. Every information is expressed in electromagnetic wave, registered, stored or transmitted by brain. Thoughts are electromagnetic information received or transmitted by brain.

If thought is received, where does it come from?

Thought can be generated by the brain of another human, or animal, plant even crystal. Why crystal? Because crystals have the ability to store electromagnetic waves, this is why they are being used in computers.

But there is also electromagnetic signal that comes from the quantum field of pure conscious energy and we have many names for it like higher self, spirit, angel, God, Jehovah, Allah…This type of electromagnetic signal comes to guide us. We call it the intuition. This is the creative part of our consciousness. The brain cannot be creative. It is just a calculator that compares and calculates received information. You can never create something new from your brain. If the information is not there the brain cannot produce it. The creativity comes from the innate and this is why are creative people often looked upon as weirdos.

Creative people are more in tune with their spirit and native people recognized this and treated them with respect. This is not the case in modern society and now you know why.

Now you tell me, are those people weirdos or do they simply  know something you do not know?

Those stored filters prevent us from communicating telepathically and to communicate with our spirit even with the extraterrestrial intelligence because the implanted information is telling us they do not exist. The only thing that is real is what we can see and touch. Even the feeling is ignored if it cannot be “scientifically” proven. Accepted science is filtered and watered down information approved by our handlers. No wander we are living in the dark.

So how do we take those filters down?

Very difficult. In meditative state we disengage from our thoughts and allow innate connection to happen. This needs some practice because brain has always something to say. As you calm down, brain starts sending information and thoughts start flooding your mind. Every sound will break your concentration and manifest new thought.

Now we are in a time of great awakening where high frequencies are activating some dormant genes and we start remembering past experiences. The filters are weakening and it is becoming easier to ignore them and absorb new information that may be contradictory to stored existing filter.

This is why new message is to live in the now. Observe, feel and experience.


This means do not filter but absorb like small child would do. We have to reload our brain with new information so that we can function in the new reality that is forming (new game as I call it). We are creating this reality now with the new consciousness and it will be reality of peace, love and cooperation. The change is now and more people join us in this process the faster will the new game start to manifest.

Now, why did I go into this thematic when my blog is about health you may ask?

Because the only thing that stands between us and our health is our filter of belief.

Everything is creation of our mind and controlled with our filters of belief.

So let go of your filters, absorb the new so that your brain can calculate better. Allow and accept the information send to you from quantum field and learn from it because this is the source of new information and knowledge. Stay connected with your innate and communicate with your cellular structure and it will listen to you. Simply by informing your cells what you want from them, they will manifest it. They will heal you, they can change the way you look, the way you walk and talk. We are mail and female in one body with one gender more pronounced so if you want to change your gender you can do it simply by telling your cellular structure and your cells will obey.

from this Buy stock photo Shot of a beautiful plus size model isolated on whiteto this Buy stock photo After countless requests from customers, Cecilie decides to drop it all for the first time in 8 years of professional modeling and for peopleimages.com only. So here she is, more or less naked and why not… when you look like this.

in a blink of an eye if this is what you desire.

To speed up this process we have to raise our frequency. This we will achieve by laughing a lot, dancing singing celebrating and helping others in any way we can.

So forgive and forget. Take your filters down and start living the way you only dreamed about before.

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