PLASMA the fourth state of matter.

Until recently, when we were talking about matter, we were aware of its three states as solid, liquid and gas form. This has recently changed and another state of matter was recognized. This state is called the plasma state.

Now what is this plasma  and how come we did not know it existed?

There is a lot that we do not know and whatever we knew is proven to be wrong as the knowledge is unleashed in this time of awakening and new knowledge is poring in as a storm.

Plasma, not only exists but it is the most abundant form of matter in the Universe.

Artist's concept of the shape of the magnetosphere

Many people believe the space in between the the Sun and its planets is empty, a vacuum devoid of energy or matter. But space is not empty. Our Sun constantly emits plasma, a super heated state of matter, which moves out in all directions at very high speeds to fill the entire solar system and beyond.

The composite image shows the solar corona, which is an aura of plasma that surrounds the sun and extends millions of miles into space. The blue part of the image shows the total eclipse from the ground, with the central pupil created by the bright sun covered by a comparatively dark moon. The red section was viewed from space, acquired by the sun-orbiting Solar and Heliospheric Observatory

So what is this plasma?

Most simplistically explained, plasma is ionized gas.

In its stable form gas is electro-neutral. This means it is an insulator that does not conduct electricity. In plasma state, electrons have been kicked out of its orbit creating energized particles of positive cations and negative anions, in one word ions.

Gas in this ionized state has completely different properties. It conducts electricity and it can be directed and controlled by magnetic fields. For example if you stick electric wire in a tube with positive end on one side and negative end on the other nothing will happen but if you put plasma in the tube the tube will light up like a candle (fluorescent tube is an example of this).

In nature lightning is an example of visible plasma field.

Lightning, Storm, Arizona, Monsoon, Lightning Storm

As we are researching the plasma we are getting more and more amazed on its properties and the way it can be utilized as energy source and also a source for healing.

As I am always about simplicity I will try to explain this as simple as I can.

In my article about frequency I have explained how matter is expression of light through its particle form called photons. Light must have consciousness to know when it is being observed and to change its state from a wave to a particle. This means that everything made from the light is conscious as well. Since our thoughts are electromagnetic waves they can influence photons to take a form of the thought and manifest. This is a complicated process that requires time and it can be made faster by supercharging it with emotion and sound. Plasma gives it another jump-start. Since plasma is in nano form we can say energized matter and because it is in ionic state it can be directed by our thoughts. This makes manifestation much faster and easier. Iranian scientist Keshe demonstrated how MAGRAV (magnetic-gravitational field) generator that generates a plasma field can supply energy and all it needs is boosting power so that the plasma field can interact with it and supply necessary power. The beauty of it is that it does not matter if you plug in 240 Volt, 120 V, 24V or 12 Volt appliance. Since it replaces the gap in electron loss it will simply fill in the used electrons making it irrelevant what appliance you are using.

Magrav-Power Universal System

Not only that this is an incredible technology, it has healing power as well. Since the plasma field from it fills the space you live in, your thoughts can use it for healing purposes.

As we are talking now about healing, we can produce plasma for healing purposes. This we call GANS (gas in nano particle state). This is recent discovery and so far most commonly used GANS for healing are CO2, CuO and CH3 GANS.

Here is Dave Steward holding CO2 GANS


We have just started to do research into GANS therapy but the first results are amazing. Neighbor had a chronic pain in his right shoulder from poisoning it with pain killers after my motorcycle accident. After several hours wearing GANS water filled patch, the pain was cut in one third and by using CuO GANS patch the healing was sped up. After just a week the pain is almost completely gone. Similar results I have seen with lower back pain and arthritic pain of hands.

As I have mentioned, this is just a beginning of the new age we have stepped into.

Now, incorporating toroidal field pencils we can pinpoint the action of plasma field and direct it in concentrated form for really fast healing and pain relieving results.

Her Dave is holding one of those pens.


This is all new technology but is free for the public to experiment with. Keshe institute offers free guidance and whole WWW is playing with this new technology.

Here in Tarapoto, Peru we have Keshe workshop and things are looking bright for the future.

All this, as marvelous as it sounds, is just small part of what is coming. Humanity has just opened Pandora’s box so what we see as fantastic discovery will be quickly overshadowed by healing and rejuvenation chambers that will emerge in the near future.

So smile, be happy and do not worry.

Love and light to you all.




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