As we get older our bones are getting weaker. Most doctors accept this as something normal in aging process. This is why everyone and their uncle are selling products that will reinforce the bones. Most popular are calcium supplements and vitamins.

Is this a good practice or is it another profit oriented snake oil?

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As always we have to look at what is happening in the wild animal world. Do we ever see older animals suffering with brittle bones? Do we see them falling down and braking extremities because they are old? I have never seen anything like it, did you?

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In my book I explain how what we call the human food is actually not fit for human consumption. Food and stress are the culprits of our health problems and weakening bones are one of its results.

To understand what is happening first we have to know what is bone made of and how it follows changes of pressure that it is exposed to.

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Bones are the support of our body. They are made from fibers of collagen (protein) and reinforced with deposits of predominantly calcium and salt.

Body never produces what it does not need so the thickness of the bones will be proportionate to the load and stress the bones will be exposed to.

Often I hear how this or that human has thick bones and this is why he/she is heavy. Pure nonsense. If you pack weight, your bones will have to get thicker to be able to carry the load. Same, high impact sports will give people thick bones as well. If you stop doing those sports or if your weight goes down, so will the thickness of your bones change and they will become thinner and weaker.

Bone is always changing. This is done by two sets of cells. One type of cells we call osteoklasts, they dissolve the salt and calcium deposits and the other cells are osteoblasts. They re-deposit salt and calcium when necessary.

Dissolved salt and calcium do not leave the blood. They circulate and are being reused by osteoblasts to reshape the bones.

In some people salts and calcium cannot be re-deposited so the amount of it in the blood exceeds the limit and it is extracted through the urine.

It is known fact that people with osteoporosis urinate calcium. This means that their blood is saturated with it and the body has to let go of it. It becomes obvious that supplementation of calcium in this case is a bad idea and it causes multiple health problems.

Instead of supplementing, we should ask ourselves “why are bones refusing to utilize calcium in bone rebuilding process?”

The answer is cellular acidity. Osteoklasts use acid to melt a way salt and calcium. Osteoblasts use alkaline buffer to deposit them back. If we maintain our body acidic we force osteoblasts to send buffers into the blood to neutralize acidity and maintain the blood alkaline and now there is no alkaline buffer in the bone left to deposit calcium. The food that produces acidity in the body are starches (sugars) in the first place.

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Low salt diets force salt to be removed from the bones and supply the blood with needed minerals and this is also reason of osteopenia.

Other reason is polluted toxic blood because it prevents cells to hydrate making them acidic. Some of those toxins are caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and medicinal remedies including garlic and ginger.

So before you decide to buy your “snake oil” to fix your bones make sure that you eat correctly and avoid medicinal remedies of all kinds. I guarantee that your bones will recuperate and osteopenia will be gone for ever.

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