Statistic is showing us the relation of  leukemia in children and consumption of frankfurters. The chemicals used in processed meats to preserve them are destroying human lives and yet the immoral industry is promoting it through the most innocent ones, the children.

Smiling little boy with chain of sausages, isolated on whiteLittle children sharing the chain of sausages, isolated on

No wander, children are those who suffer the consequences the most.

Children want what they see so do not let them watch Tel a lie Vision.

One of the chemical causing the problem is sodium nitrite used to preserve the color of the meat and prevent auto-digestion of meat products. This chemical was approved for human consumption by USDA.

When sodium nitrate is mixed with hydrochloric acid of our stomach, it changes into nitrosamines that are cancer causing chemicals.

US department of agriculture knows about it and now is developing a poison to “control” wild pig population in Florida based on this chemicals that you are being regularly served as FOOD.

You can read more about it in this Natural News article.

When I was explaining obesity in one of the previous articles, I use correlation of humans with pig and bear.  Pigs have the most similarity of their digestive system to humans and are affected with the food the same way we are.

What creates the difference in appearance between the fit and fat is nothing else but food. The quality of it more so then the amount.

Many people are trying to  follow paleo diet or other animal protein based diets with little success. The reason is the incorrect food they are eating.

If your animal protein comes from can or otherwise preserved animal products, you are eating poison. It is bad enough to eat heat treated animal protein (cooked) because it coagulate and all the enzymes are lost and most vitamins as well. But the toxic load present in preserved animal products is enough to kill you and it does kill you but slowly. This is why recommended levels of additives are created. To kill you slowly so we do not suspect foul-play.

We are being told to cook the meat well so we do not get infected.

These briquets are nothing then toxic load on your body.

If animals meat (muscles) would be infected, the animal would be sick and it would not end up being our food. Healthy animal has healthy meat and we should eat it raw or just quickly seared so it has desirable smell but is mostly raw. I have been eating raw and mostly raw meats for over 4 years and not once did I or my wife get sick on them.

Number one reason that meat preservatives are being used is increased shelf life so industry can make more money by having less losses. They prevent the meat from self-digestion but they prevent it from being digested in our body as well. This is why we end up eating large quantities of it. This increases the toxic load and makes us sick faster.

Go back to preparing the food from scratch if you want to be healthy and above all, do not trust anything the government or industry tells you. Medical propaganda is serving the industry and not you, keep that in mind.

Stick to this types of food

animal protein : sinlge pink salmon bit on a big white dish animal protein : ground meat on the market animal protein : Milk pouring from jar into glass on a blue background. Stock Photoanimal protein : Raw cod fish fillets with citron and dill animal protein : Stew steamed clams with garlicanimal protein : egg yolk in the shell on a white background

I guarantee your health if you do so.







  1. Hey Darko, for someone with financial constraints….do you consider eggs or red meat to be healthier to eat? Like if you had to choose just one of the two, would you buy eggs or red meat?

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