New video has surfaced that talks about assassinated holistic doctors linking their deaths to a discovery of nagalase being added to vaccines.

Everything points to vaccines being the culprit in autism, sudden infant death syndrome, encephalomyelitis and other debilitating dysfunctions in children but adding nagalase to vaccines would not create any problem.
Nagalase is just a fancy name for glycoside hydrolase, an enzyme necessary in cellular manipulation of glucose.
Why do we need fancy names in science you may ask?
Because we have to hide the real culprit so we can distract the investigators and lead them on a wrong path of thinking. We are programmed to learn by reading so if medical journal states that nagalase is the problem and that it is plentiful inside of cancer cells this means that it may very possibly be the culprit especially if we can prove that there is high level of nagalase concentrated within cancer cells.
As you can see how partial truth very easily misleads the scientists and leads to the wrong conclusion.
Why is it a wrong conclusion?
Mad Scientist. Failed Experiment: Burned. Vector Illustration - stock vector
Because cancer cells are filters that help purifying the blood. One of the things they do is lower the amount of glucose in the blood. Since cancer cells cannot absorb oxygen they cannot extract energy from fat and they cannot produce glycogen so their survival depends on blood glucose. Since the amount of glucose within cancer cells is high so is the necessary level of glycoside hydrolase (nagalase) to process it. As you can see there is no problem here. The problem has started way earlier and it is not on chemical level but on genetic level of genome expression.
As soon as glucose finds itself in the blood, the cells have to accommodate it. They have to supply enzyme for its manipulation. Since this is not a normal situation created by nature, cells have to reprogram genetic activation to accommodate the cells and stimulate them to produce the necessary enzyme. Whenever you stimulate one gene, you de-power its paired gene causing adverse effect on cellular activity.  It was noticed that increased levels of nagalase are asociated with decreased levels of GcMAF protein. This implies that stimulating NAGA gene to produce glycoside hydrolase (nagalase) suppresses activity of gene responsible of GcMAF immune protein production. This prevents macrophages activation so in short it suppresses immune system of the body.
Now when you understand what nagalase really is, you understand that adding it to vaccines would not produce any ill effect. In fact it does not make any sense to do so. On the other hand now you can easily understand my point of view on dietary glucose toxicity and the problems we expose our body to when we eat heat treated starches.
Think next time before eating any of the above foods. Missing from the picture are rice, roots, bread fruit and legumes. If you wonder what can you eat safely? There is a simple rule; if you cannot eat it raw, it is not meant to be your food.

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  3. So, if a patient had cancer or was undergoing cancer treatment – then putting them on an all animal fat diet.. and now adding oxygen treatments to help kick start their mitochondrias into full burning power again could be a good thing?

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