How to deal with parasites that feast on our skin?

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Several types of parasites can affect the human skin making our lives very uncomfortable.

Some parasites enter the skin through a wound, some get injected into the skin through an insect, and some will be transferred by direct contact.

This article is devoted to parasites that invade our skin, live on and in it, and procreate there as well.

Some are easily identified since they are big, like the lace or flee, for example.

Some are very small and burrow into the skim creating scabs and eczema and we call them mites.

The one thing that is common for those skin parasites is that they live off the dead skin cells and the toxic debris of the skin. They do not feed on the living cells.

In this way, they are very similar to the pathogen organism of our blood (the bacteria and fungus), but unlike the bacteria, the skin parasites that I have mentioned are multicellular organisms that do not stimulate cellular cleansing. They simply feast on the dead cellular matter and the cellular toxins.

From our experience we know, where there is food, there will be the predator that feasts on it.

An abundant source of food will stimulate abundant life.

This automatically points to the fact that when the skin is vibrant and healthy, it will provide a very small food supply and it will be very unlikely that parasites will choose to invade it.

Healthy human skin is well lubricated with cholesterol and the dead skin layer is small, making it undesirable to skin parasites, and very difficult to invade.

Skin parasites like fleas and lice can survive on healthy skin because they do not burrow and live in the dead-skin layer as mites do.

Our skin is loaded with sensory nerves and any movement on the skin will be registered triggering the alarm for defense.

Crawling bugs will create itchiness and frequent scratching will damage the skin. Scratching the skin can cause open sores and skin sensitivity.

These sores can be the door of a bacterial infection and other types of parasitic infections that are caused by flies and their larval phases that use our body as a vector in their larval process of development.

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Mites are particularly bothersome because they burrow into the dead skin layers, feed on the dead skin and its toxins, leave their eggs there so that the colony of mites can grow indiscriminately.

This can cause scabs on the skin. Scabs will cause irritation which creates itchiness since the skin will inflame as the result of being irritated with the toxic excrement of those mites.

Mites are very small and we do not notice them until a colony is formed and itchiness appears.

This is already an advanced stage of infection.

So, what can be done about it?

For one, it is easier to prevent the parasitic infestation than to eradicate it once it has taken its hold.

Personal hygiene is important and the same as with any other aspect of our health, a diet plays a very big role as well.

By eating correctly we minimize the pollution of our body.

Our body will produce the correct levels of cholesterol and lubricates our skin correctly.

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The skin itself will be well protected by cholesterol and no thick layer of dead cells will be needed to provide any additional protection.

Now, what to do once we are infected and miserable?

Crunch into a fetal position and cry!

No, not exactly although you feel like doing just that.

Things are not that bad and can be taken care of quite easily.

Doctors are quick to reach for a toxic medicament to kill those invaders but this action will cause further damage to your skin unnecessarily.

The drug that will be recommended is most likely Ivermectin.

Ivermectin has low toxicity to human health and is reasonably safe although it is not recommended to pregnant women, so if you are a woman and pregnant and infected with mites, you are “sc****d”.

Fortunately, not.

Actually, I do not recommend that you reach directly for the toxic medication. Instead, start with something that will not be absorbed into your body.

It is always best to treat things locally if possible and as far as those skin parasites are concerned, this is possible and desirable.

The one thing that is common to all multicellular parasites is their need for oxygen.

Those skin parasites breathe through their skin and they have to have an access to oxygen.

We can deprive them of oxygen by smothering them in mineral oil.

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Mineral oil is not organic and it will not be absorbed into our skin.

This is why mineral oil is used as a part of cosmetics to make the skin appear smooth. It is similar to wax o

n furniture, it polishes the skin but it also prevents the skin to access oxygen and in time forces skin adaptation by increasing the size of the skin’s pores.

Since the mineral oil will suffocate the skin parasites and their eggs, no toxic poisons have to be used.

Bedu’s were treating their camel’s skin parasites by smearing it with crude oil. That was their main use for the crude oil until the Gringos came.

I recommend the use of Vaseline since it is denser and thicker layer can be made. This is more effective and easy to handle.

Not to make your clothes dirty, one can apply a bandage over the Vaseline and leave it there for three to five days.

Sometimes a repeated treatment is needed but my experience shows great results.

I hope that you find this information valuable and practical. If you do not find Vaseline or mineral oil, a car lubricating grease and oil will do just fine.

Love and light to us all.

Disease management techniques.

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In my last couple of articles, I have explained the difference between virus and bacteria and fungus.

As a fast recap, the virus has no physical manifestation, it is just energy while bacteria and fungus do have a physical form.

Since a virus has no physicality, it does not have genes and it cannot be cultured or adapted to different tissues.

Bacteria and fungus do have a physical form so they do have proteins and genes and they can adapt to every frequency in our body.

Now, when we talk about diseases, what are the symptoms that indicate that we are sick?

We feel to be out of our normal self.

We experience discomfort, pain, nausea, indigestion, headaches, fever, sweats, shakes, painful muscles and joints, and a lack of energy.

We may experience itch, eczema, hair loss, and skin discoloration.

There could be a tissue proliferation and the appearance of cysts and tumors.

As far as viruses, bacteria, and fungus go, the symptoms are always similar and basically revolve around a lack of energy, nausea, indigestion, fever headache, and painful muscles and joints.

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How do those pathogens cause those symptoms?

They do it by stimulating the cellular cleansing. The higher is the cellular toxicity, the stronger will be the symptoms of the disease, and the symptoms have nothing to do with the type of the pathogen in question.

Pathogen’s change the cellular environment, they acidify it. This prompts cells to cleanse themselves.

To do this, cells have to have water/plasma.

Unfortunately, the cells have become toxic because they did not hydrate and their reserves of plasma are minimal so to be able to cleanse, first they have to hydrate themselves.

Cells have not been hydrating because their environment/blood is toxic which prevents the functioning of the osmotic cellular pump.

Since cells cannot hydrate through the osmosis, they will be forced to accept some plasma through the mechanically induced high pressure of their tissue. This we call the inflammatory process.

Every forced cellular cleanse has to start with forced hydration/inflammation so that there is plasma available to do the cellular cleansing. The inflammation is increasing the pressure on the local sensory nerves causing discomfort and pain.

Since symptoms of the disease are nothing more than symptoms of the blood’s toxicity caused by the release of the cellular garbage, no matter what pathogen is in question, the symptoms will be similar and depend on the amount and the level of toxicity that is involved.

Now, the question is how can we prevent the symptoms of the disease from manifesting?

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Well, there are several ways to do this.

What we are taught in medical school is to suppress the symptom, not to heal the body.

So how can we suppress the symptoms of diseases caused by pathogens?

You have probably noticed that I did not use the word pathogen organisms. This is because the virus is a pathogen but it is not an organism, it does not possess a physical form.

This does not make any difference as far as our cells are concerned because they do not perceive things the way we do, like chemicals. They perceive everything only as of the energy of a specific frequency.

Now the question is how can we suppress the cellular cleansing so that the blood does not become overly polluted and exhibit the symptoms of a disease?

This is simple. Put something into the blood that has a higher level of toxicity that the cellular toxin.

Since cells have to first absorb some plasma to be able to eliminate toxins, if the blood has a stronger toxin than the cell, the forced hydration will not take place.

We are all familiar with the guys who want to wash your windshield with a dirty cloth to make a buck. The dirty cloth smudges the windshield and makes the thing worse. I used to give them a dollar just not to touch the windshield on my car.

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So if you introduce a “dirty cloth” into the blood, the cells will refuse even the forced hydration/inflammation which will prevent their cleansing.

What is this dirty cloth?

Doctors use antibiotics. Most of the antibiotics do not kill bacteria but they stop the symptoms of the disease because they stop the forced hydration through their toxicity.

Alternative medicine uses natural poisons.

For example, if you pump the body with high levels of vitamin C or D, those vitamins become toxic, and just before they are too toxic and can kill you, they become medicinal because they stop the forced hydration.

Just ask the old people, how they have protected themselves from the flu. They will tell you, drink whiskey with honey.

Honey is just the excuse so that something healthy is entering the body but the toxicity of the alcohol will stop the forced hydration and cellular cleansing will be prevented.

Now you understand why Ibuprofen and antibiotics can prevent the symptoms of flu, but only if they are used in time. Once the blood becomes saturated with cellular toxins, introducing those “medicaments” only contributes to a higher level of toxicity and makes the situation worse.

Since doctors prevent the cellular cleansing, they actually prevent the body to heal making it more and more toxic. With the increased toxicity, the symptoms of detox change, and a different name is given since a new disease was encountered.

It is all just a sham.

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Another way to prevent the symptoms of cellular cleansing is to reduce cellular toxicity.

Since most of the cellular toxin is based on CO2 acidification, hyperoxygenation will help to cleanse the CO2 and drastically lower the cellular toxicity.

There are many ways to go about it like MMS, hydrogen peroxide, ozone therapy, and a variety of breathing techniques.

The best way to prevent the symptoms of a disease to manifest themselves is to keep your cells clean. As Jesus Christ has said, “keep your temple clean”.

The SHP (Self Healers Protocol) is designed to do just that.

The cleansing is based on providing an ample amount of plasma so that the blood can be cleansed. The clean blood is the prerequisite for the functioning cellular osmotic pump and the subsequent cellular hydration.

Well-hydrated cells will cleanse themselves of all toxins, heavy metals included.

Keep in mind that the presence of any toxin will stop the cellular osmotic pump. The well-known toxins are all medicinal remedies (garlic, ginger, turmeric..) included alcohol, nicotine, and phytotoxins from plants we eat.

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None of my clients who are strict on SHP have experienced any symptoms of COVID.

Regarding the virus, in my last post, I have mentioned that the electromagnetic imprint of the viral energy can be sponged out through the electromagnetic interference and by draining the energy with Keshe’s “one cup” plasma.

I have tried the one cup plasma on a couple of clients and it did the job. The symptoms of the virus did not reappear.

The main point that I am trying to explain is that our health depends on our internal cleanliness.

Eating correctly is one prerequisite, hydrating is another, and having ample salt and minerals is one of the most crucial things.

Maybe now you are becoming aware of why we are misinformed about salt.

The whole medical science is geared to destabilize our body and to make it toxic.

Many doctors are not aware of this but many are.

Never before was it as obvious as it is now with the Coronavirus as nobody has died from it but doctors are fraudulently claiming many deaths to be caused by it.

One cannot be tested for something that has no material form, no RNA.

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Scientists are heavily indoctrinated into their science of lies. This is why doctors have a hard time accepting the truth, but so are the rest of us.

Are you ready for the disclosure?

Are you ready to accept the truth?

Love and light to us all.

DISEASE, the great deception.

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There is nothing that parents fear more than their child catching some disease.

For many people, the fear of becoming sick prevents them from doing many things just because they are not “safe”.

When the child is borne, we are instructed to bundle it well so that it remains in a warm environment.

We are instructed to wash it frequently so that it does not get in touch with pathogens and does not “catch” some disease.

Mothers are instructed to disinfect their nipples before breastfeeding their children.

Children are instructed to wash their hands frequently, especially before they eat to prevent contact with germs.

On the other side, mothers are instructed to use the baby formula to supplement the mother’s milk.

As soon as the teeth start to emerge, mothers start introducing their babies to dietary starches which nowadays does not create so much problem with diarrhea as it did in the past.

The reason for this is the introduction of babies to starch through the baby formula.

Young children are given cooked and processed foods and instead of water, they are given juices and flavored toxic beverages.

Their bodies cannot cleanse properly and they start becoming toxic.

What we have achieved is a new breed of human that has become dependent on comfort and had lost the innate ability to adapt to their environment.

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Instead of allowing the body to adjust to the changes in the weather, we try to maintain the same environment by dressing up, putting warmer clothes.

This makes our body lazy, and it stops adapting. Then we are surprised that we become sick when we fail in time to counter the environmental change and we “catch” a disease.

We get caught in the rain without a raincoat, we are caught in a cold wind without a sweater, or we eat a sandwich without washing our hands, and what happens?

We catch a disease. Why?

Animals do not react to those changes the way we do because they do not disable their program of adaptation the way we do.

Now as people have started to dress-up their pets, and to feed them with processed food from the “stupidmarket”, their pets are coming down with the same problems as their owners are.

What is happening?

As the change in the environment happens, our body does not respond by adapting to it because it is accustomed to being taken care of by us.

The initial reaction is a shock/stress which creates a surge of additional energy from the glycogen. This will maintain the body warm giving it a chance to adapt. Since it is used to be taken care of, it does not react, it waits for us to react.

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If we do not protect it in time, the drop of the energy caused by the initial stress, weakens the vibrational field of the cells making them susceptible to change. The cellular vibration is being altered and our brain is presenting this as a change of our reality.

We are becoming sick.

While resisting this new energy, cells start eliminating toxins, and the more toxic they are, the more polluted the blood becomes and the more complicated symptoms we are going to experience.

We call this dis-ease the flu, and we blame an invisible/non-existing organism for it.

We have named this nonexistent organism, a virus.

The change of the environment can affect the whole body or just some parts of it.

When there is a change of frequency in one tissue, the change of our reality will be presented in that particular tissue.

Since the virus has no physicality, it does not have genes.

This means that the virus cannot adjust to any other frequency. For this reason, the virus will always affect the same type of tissue/cells that resign in the same environment/frequency, and it will not be able to affect other tissues in the body.

If you have experienced herpes on your lip, every time your energy is low or you have experienced a stressful situation, herpes will re-emerge but in the exactly same spot.

You can transfer it onto another person but again it will emerge in the same place as it emerges on your lip. It can only affect the same frequency, the same tissue, and the severity of the manifestation/disease will depend on the level of the toxicity of the cells in this tissue.

The higher is the toxicity, the bigger will be the blisters.

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I have proven the fact that when we cleanse the affected cells, the manifestation of the virus disappears.

The electromagnetic imprint of the false energy/virus is remaining but no symptoms of the disease occur.

If we pollute those cells again, the manifestation of the disease returns.

We can sponge out the electromagnetic imprint of the virus so that this deviation of energy stops affecting these cells. This can be done by using electromagnetic waves o a particular frequency. Sophisticated instruments can be used or we can instruct our brain to take care of it.

Dr. Keshe’s “one cup” plasma also changes the field of energy and disarms the virus. I have tested it and it worked well.

Whenever there is a strong eruption of viral disease, you can be sure that the person that is affected is very toxic on the cellular level of this particular tissue.

When it comes to bacteria and fungus, things are different.

Bacteria and fungus do posses a material form, they do have their proteins, and they do have the genes.

This makes them adaptable to changes in the environment.

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Since there are different types of environments in the body since every organ and every tissue has its particular frequency, the virus cannot spread around but the bacteria and fungus can.

Through their genetic system, they can adjust to other frequencies and survive in every organ and tissue of our body.

For the bacteria and fungus to be able to survive, they have to have food available.

Since every living organism is positively charged on the outside, it is radiating a positive magnetic charge.

Our cells are also positively charged which prevents fungus and bacteria to feed on them, they are dependent on debris which we call the toxic cellular garbage.

The more toxic garbage our cells contain, the more bacteria and fungus will be produced to deal with this garbage.

The high electromagnetic potential will create a strong magnetic field over the toxins as well and the multiplication of the pathogen organisms will be slowed down.

The same as with the virus, stress will lower the electromagnetic potential, lowering the magnetic field and allowing the pathogen organisms to reach their food.

The pathogen organisms also produce toxic acids that will induce the affected cells to “vomit”. The same as it is with the virus, the more polluted are the cells, the more toxic material will end up in the blood causing the symptoms of a blood’s cleansing. Now when we can isolate what pathogen organism is involved, we name the symptoms by the name of the pathogen we had isolated, or we give it some other name. For example the brucellosis we have named the Malta fever or the Mediterranean fever.

As you can see, no pathogen organism creates symptoms that are specific just for it.

The symptoms are related to the type and the amount of toxicity of the body, and the pathogen organisms are just an instrument that triggers the cellular cleansing to which the symptoms that we experience are related to.

Once we understand this, we also realize that we can stop the symptoms from occurring by having our cells and our blood clean, by preventing our body to react to the changing environment and to change our environment and match it to the new environment to prevent the genetic adaptation and the consequent cellular cleansing respond.

In the following article, I will explain the different ways we can implement to prevent the symptoms of a disease to manifest themselves.

Please, if you find my work to your benefit, support it through donation.

Love and light to us all.

From Brucella to COVID


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According to this video that my friend Ronda provided, the USA population will be purposefully infected with brucellosis so that the COVID-19 scarecrow stays alive and the restrictions remain in place.

Now, would the government do such a thing to its own population?

Whenever a generalized statement is made, it does not mean that the entire government or the entire race, or country is involved. It is always a selected group within the government or race or country that is involved and usually, those who are involved are above the law.

The selected group of Americans who are presently above the law are the “Demoncrats”.

They know that it is impossible for them to win the election so they have to continue cheating and this time around, cheating has to be done in a big way.

A couple of million false votes would not be enough. The only way to get rid of President Trump is to delay the results of elections.

Mail-in voting has proven to be disastrous so this is what has to be implemented.

The only thing that can prevent people to go to the voting stations to cast their votes is to keep the pandemic alive.

When we analyze the situation, it all makes sense and even the pathogen that was selected makes a perfect sense.


Brucellosis is caused by bacteria called Brucella. This bacteria can be spread from an animal to a human and we are being told that the spreading of brucellosis is done through the ingestion of infected animal products such as are meat and dairy.

This was common in Mediterranean countries where the disease was given a name the Malta fever.

How do we know that we have the Malta fever? What are its symptoms?

The symptoms of Malta fever are fever, chills, headache, sweats, weakness/fatigue, muscle/joint pain.

If we would get those symptoms in America, we would call it Lyme disease. The symptoms are exactly the same but the bacteria are different.

Looking at the symptoms, what other “diseases” come to the mind?

If you say it is the flu, you are 100% correct.

This means that brucellosis can be easily mistaken for the flu. This would reignite the COVID-19/400 sham, and keep the quarantine alive.

How can brucellosis/Malta fever, spread through the population?

By eating infected meat and dairy.

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Since bacteria are a low life-forms, they survive freezing temperatures. Their frequency will be dampened by freezing but as soon as the meat thaws, the temperature rises, and with it, does the frequency of the bacteria.

The bacteria is not causing the symptoms of the disease. The symptoms of the disease are caused by the blood’s toxicity and its detoxification.

As I have explained when I was writing about the virus, only a toxic body can experience the flu symptoms.

A virus is a frequency change that our brain is not programmed to manifest in a form of matter.

Since it has no matter, it does not possess genes. This means that virus cannot adapt to its environment.

When it comes to bacteria and fungus, the situation is different. They do have their DNA which makes it possible for them to adjust. This is why they can affect different types of tissues.

I will explain this in the next blog so that you can better understand the difference between the virus and bacteria, although, they all have the same purpose which is to force the cellular cleansing.

We are under the impression that the bacteria attack our cells and cause the symptoms of the disease.

This is false knowledge.

The bacteria cannot survive in a clean body. It feeds on the cellular garbage/toxins.

The more garbage there is in a cell, the more bacteria will replicate causing a shift of the frequency that forces the cell to “vomit” and cleanse itself.

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Now, this cellular toxicity becomes the main source of the blood’s toxicity that the body has to get rid of, and the symptoms that follow are the symptoms of toxic blood and the symptoms of blood’s cleansing, the same as what happens when the virus is in question.

If the government is going to poison us through the food is irrelevant at this point since it is trying to poison us in many different ways for years and we are still here and fiercely resisting.

Overcooking the food will minimize the risk of infection, but keeping our bodies clean, will eliminate the risk of symptoms altogether.

To cleanse the body on the cellular level takes time, but even partially cleansed cells are going to greatly minimize the symptoms of the infection with any type of bacteria, fungus, and even the virus.

Help your body with its cleansing process by loading up with plasma (water with sea salt). Since plasma is a crucial element of this process.

Everything that Cabal is throwing at us is having the opposite effect.

Instead of scaring us into submission, what the Cabal is doing is actually making people realize the truth. People are starting to see the big picture.

Instead of dividing us, we are being drawn closer together.

Those people that are driven by hate are divided by thousands of differences being it the color of their skin, the hundreds of genders, religions, ideologies, and above all their fear, fighting among themselves, and destroying each other.

Those of us that are driven by love, are getting closer together, helping each other while celebrating our differences, seeing them as a part of the whole.

Welcome to the awakening, my friends and family.

There is nothing to be scared of if your path is righteous, your thoughts pure, and your heart full of love.


Q is the symbol behind which people of the entire planet are uniting.

Love and light to us all.

Avoid Fish Oil – BioFAKE

Best Krill Oil Supplements - Top 10 for 2017 Reviewed

It is the time of awakening and disclosure is a big part of it.

On this site, for years I am disclosing the fake knowledge that is provided through the indoctrination/schooling system which prevents doctors from doing good.

As people started noticing that under the doctor’s care, their health deteriorates, many have turned to alternative medicine.

Since the basic knowledge of the doctors in alternative medicine is the same as of the licensed allopathic doctors, not much has changed. At best, the poisoning was slowed down a bit.

Instead of becoming a pill junkies, patients of alternative medicine became supplement junkies, not realizing that everything they are being told about supplements is wrong.

A couple of weeks ago I have dissected the fraudulent advertising of collagen, and now I will do the same and the topic will be the fish oil.

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The same company by the name of BioTRUST whose modified header I have used for the name of this article.

Here is their fake narrative with my corrections.

The advertising is completed with my comments which are in [ blue italic lettering and parentheses].


Hi, Dr. Jaime Hope, MD, here. I’m a dual-board certified physician and ER doctor who has dedicated my life to helping good people like you look and feel your best… and live a long life doing it.

 And by now, you’ve certainly heard that fish oil is essential for a healthy heart, brain, immune system, eyes, and joints, and for hormonal balance and good moods.

[There is nothing essential about it. We can live healthy without ever eating a piece of fish.]

 However, here’s something you may not know…

 Research shows fish oil may also be THE most effective way to revitalize your skin, nails, and hair so they look their healthiest and most attractive.

[Minerals do this, not oil.]

 Yes, fish oil really can be like the fountain of youth in a bottle – helping you to recapture the beauty of your younger years.

[Only if you are vegan or vegetarian. In this case, even nuts will be your fountain of youth.]

 HOWEVER, that’s only true if you choose the right type of fish oil, that we are offering to you.

 And on that note, here are the two very big problems you need to know before you ever take any type of fish oil.

 To understand problem #1, imagine a small fishing boat where 30 fishermen ALL move to one side of the boat. What happens?

 The boat tilts dangerously close to the water, it doesn’t function properly, and it possibly capsizes, causing very serious problems.

 Well, along those lines, MOST people’s “boats” are about to tip over today…

 Dangerously Light on the Omega-3 Side

 The #1 nutrient in fish oil that makes it such a powerhouse for your health – and to look your amazing best – are called “omega-3s.”

 Omega-3s are a family of very healthy fatty acids that include EPA and the even more important DHA.

[People are overloaded with omega 6 oils because they use them for cooking their food. Omega oils are unsaturated fats and our body produces them when it needs them, they are not essential. Fish have them because they are cold-blooded animals and saturated fat would solidify in cold temperatures. We are warm-blooded and saturated fats south us better.]

 These omega-3s are critical to your health in many ways, such as supporting a healthy inflammatory response, which is critical because unhealthy levels of inflammation are involved in so many serious health issues and “old-looking” skin.

[The omega fats have nothing to do with inflammations other than causing them by intoxicating our bodies if they become rancid.]

 However, the body cannot produce omega-3s on its own, so you must get them in your diet.

[If this would have been the truth, people could not live in areas where there are no fish. Some people never eat fish or crustacean and they live just fine.]

 Now, the primary source of these EPA and DHA omega-3s is fish, krill, and other sea life, and therein lies big problem number one…

 Because while our ancestors ate plenty of these foods, today most people are consuming FAR TOO LITTLE of them and are severely deficient in omega-3s.

[Vegans could be deficient in fat since they do not eat any, and often they do not eat enough cooked vegetables so there is not much glucose that body can use to create the fat it needs. Nuts will provide them with some fat but they are difficult to digest and create digestive problems.]

 In fact, 90% of people who do eat seafood don’t even eat the minimum amount of two 3 ½-ounce servings of fatty fish and seafood each week recommended by the American Heart Association.

[The American Heart Association is composed of the same fraudsters as the one writing this advertisement.]

 And 20% of Americans don’t eat any seafood at all!

[There is nothing wrong with that. As long as they eat animal protein and fat, they will be fine. Of course, no dietary glucose and eating things raw is the key].

Dangerously Heavy on the Omega-6 Side

 Meanwhile, most people today are consuming FAR TOO MUCH of another type of fatty acid called “omega-6.”

 In excess, these omega-6s are proinflammatory, which can lead to a range of serious health issues and early aging including skin, nails, and hair that look “old” far too soon.

[The omega 3 is as pro-inflammatory as the omega 6 or 9, if not more. There are more double bonds making the omega 3 oil more susceptible to oxidation.]

 You can blame today’s typical dietary habits for the vast overconsumption of omega-6s, such as eating far too many processed and packaged foods loaded with refined oils high in omega-6s.

 And the big problem, as you can tell, is that the balance of people’s omega-6 versus omega-3 is WAY off.

 In fact, the typical American today has an omega-6 to omega-3 ratio of around 15 to 1.

 Meanwhile, the ideal ratio should look closer to 4 to 1!

[There is no such a thing as an ideal ration when it comes to oils. They are unsaturated, they become rancid easily especially in a warm environment. We are warm-blooded, has any of those “experts” noticed that?]

 In other words, people’s “boats” are tipping over because of far too many omega-6s and not nearly enough omega-3s.

 And people are paying a steep price in terms of everything from feeling “blah”… to looking much older than they ought to look… to setting themselves up for some very serious health issues.

[The only boat that is starting tipping is the fraudsters medical “science”. People are looking older because they have faith in their doctors and follow their nonsensical instructions.]

 So, how can YOU tell if your “boat may be tipping over”?

10 Common Signs Your Omega 3 to 6 Ratio May Be Off

 1) Dry skin, rough patches on skin, otherwise prematurely “old-looking” skin, [those are the signs of dehydration]
2) Dry hair and/or dandruff, [dehydration, and toxic blood].
3) Brittle nails, [lack of minerals]
4) Dry eyes, [dehydration]
5) Trouble focusing or concentrating luck of energy.[ Typical for glucoholic/carboholic between the meals.]
6) Irritability, [the brain lacking energy and forced to perform].
7) Mood swings, [glucoholic/carboholic after the meal feels ok and when forced to concentrate on empty stomach, becomes irritated as the brain lacks the energy.]
8) Fatigue / low energy,[ the same as above
9) Poor/unsatisfying sleep, [toxic body and brain].
10) Joint discomfort / joint issues, [glucoholic/carboholic when consuming a lot of starches, produces a lot of uric acid and if salt and water are inadequate, this acid cannot be cleansed and causes those problems.]

Now, the very good news is this problem is easy to solve, but it’s vitally important to take the right type of fish oil supplement or it won’t solve it at all and could even make it WORSE.

[Yes it is easy to solve by correcting the diet and hydration and not by consuming this bogus worthless product.]

 Which leads to the other big problem you need to knowan empty bank account.

 As an M.D. with deep interest in this area, from my experience nearly ALL fish oils, krill oils, and other omega-3 supplements out there today range from what I call “fake” to downright risky.[The same as your product]

 And here are the four key reasons you will want to AVOID THEM:

 #1. False Claims and Impotency: According to the International Fish Oil Standards (IFOS) program — the only 3rd party testing and

certification program for fish oils — so many fish oil supplements do NOT even contain the amount of EPA and DHA claimed on the label.

 For example, a recent study published in the journal Scientific Reports found that less than 10% contained the amounts of EPA and DHA listed on the label! Even more jaw-dropping, most (69%) of the supplements contained less than two-thirds of the amounts claimed on the label.

[“Falls claims”, here we can finally agree on something.]

#2. Not Enough Essential DHA: Both the EPA and DHA fatty acids in omega-3 are important, but DHA is easily MOST important.

Yet when you look at typical fish oil / krill oil / omega-3 supplements, you’ll see so many make the big mistake of providing considerably more EPA and not enough DHA.

You see, DHA generally exceeds EPA by 5-fold to 30-fold in most tissues of your body. In fact, DHA is the most predominant fatty acid in the brain and eye tissue, where it is several HUNDRED-fold more abundant than EPA.

For example, in a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, DHA was shown to improve both memory and reaction time.

And other recent research, such as that published in the British Journal of Nutrition, shows that DHA appears to be superior to EPA when it comes to promoting a healthy inflammatory response, which is important for everything from avoiding health problems to early aging.

Bottom line? Research strongly suggests DHA may have more profound benefits than EPA, so make certain your supplement provides more of it.

[I wonder, how do herbivores deal with this problem? Does anybody use their brain for thinking? The fake science at its worst].

#3. Rancid and Unstable: Ever had fish oil that tastes “fishy” or produces those dreaded “fish burps”? You should NOT have to tolerate that.

You see, omega-3 fatty acids (such as DHA and EPA) are polyunsaturated fats that are delicate and susceptible to oxidation, which occurs when unsaturated fats are exposed to oxygen, heat, and light. This leads to the production of free radicals and harmful compounds, as well as rancidification — which results in that unpleasant smell and taste.

Unfortunately, most companies don’t test for rancidity or take the additional steps necessary to protect these delicate oils.

In a study of the quality of popular omega-3 supplements published in Scientific Reports, researchers found the vast majority exceeded recommended levels of oxidation markers. In fact, they found that 83% of the samples tested exceeded the recommended levels for peroxide values (PV), which is an indicator of freshness.

[Here we agree. Unsaturated fats are easily oxidized which makes them a bad source of fats for warm-blooded creatures.]

#4. Contamination: If their ineffectiveness and rancidity are not enough, get this: so many supplement makers do ZERO independent testing of their products. And so many omega-3 supplements are therefore contaminated with heavy metals and other dangerous toxins like mercury, PCBs, dioxins, furans, and more, which can be harmful to your health and can lead to endocrine, neurobehavioral, and developmental disruption.

[We have been way healthier when we ate fresh meat than we are now with all of that testing that’s going on.]

Now, with such serious issues plaguing so many fish and krill oils, what about plant-based omega-3s?

 Unfortunately, they won’t do the trick.

 That’s because they contain a DIFFERENT type of omega-3 fatty acid called ALA which is not equivalent to and does not provide the EPA or the DHA your body especially needs.

 So, you now know the big problems.

 However, I wouldn’t be a very good doctor if I didn’t share the right thing to do about it.[ You are a good fraudster and prescription writer, that’s for sure].

 Because taking the right type of omega-3s is mission-critical for the health of your heart, brain, immune system, eyes, joints, and moods.

 AND the right type of omega-3s are mission-critical for combatting early aging. For example:

  • A major study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that women with the highest intakes of omega-3 fats showed the appearance of better skin aging, including less wrinkles, dryness, and skin atrophy.
  • Multiple studies have shown omega-3s can help the appearance of sun-damaged skin, help with dry, red, scaly and patchy skin, help increase skin elasticity, and help balance out oily skin.
  • A study published in The American Journal of Human Genetics found that supplementing with an omega-3 supplement helped women combat hair loss and improved hair density and diameter.
  • Research has shown that omega-3s can protect, even lengthen, telomeres, a key biomarker of aging, which is critical for anti-aging because telomeres generally shorten with age.
  • They are all bogus studies where the results are interpreted using incorrect information/science. The results are adjusted to fit the narrative.

So, what exactly is the only omega-3 solution I recommend to my own patients?

 It’s called OmegaKrillTM. That he is selling.

 And it’s the unique 2-in-1 fish and krill oil supplement that provides your body the right research-backed types and proportions of omega-3 fatty acids and astaxanthin.

 That means guaranteed fast and maximum results for you.

 BEFORE you head below to take action on this opportunity, though, I want you to know exactly WHY OmegaKrill works so fast and so well…

 You see, OmegaKrill earned the prestigious 5-STAR RATING from the International Fish Oil Standards program.

 This is the only independent fish oil testing and certification program that sets the world’s highest standards for potency, purity, and freshness.

 And here are the 6 top reasons why OmegaKrill earned this elite distinction:

 1) The Ultimate Potency: OmegaKrill provides you 1300 mg total of omega-3 fatty acids — including 120 mg EPA and 1040 mg of DHA — a rare and powerful combination for optimal full-body benefits.

 2) Highest in DHA: Both DHA and EPA fatty acids are important, but as we’ve covered, DHA is considerably MORE important. OmegaKrill provides you a whopping 1040 mg of DHA, supporting maximum results for both health and anti-aging!

 3) Maximum Absorption: OmegaKrill provides you omega-3s in their natural triglyceride form. This best preserves the delicate oils and enhances absorption, once again supporting maximum results in the body versus it going to waste. In fact, research published in Prostaglandins, Leukotrienes and Essential Fatty Acids shows that omega-3s in this triglyceride form are up to 70% more bioavailable than the common ethyl ester form so many other fish oil supplements use!

 4) No Rancidity, Instability, or Gross Fishy Taste or Fish Burps: OmegaKrill incorporates the meticulous process known as “Supercritical CO2 Extraction,” which purifies and concentrates the omega-3 fatty acids without the use of heat. This results in a stable shelf-life with guaranteed freshness – and zero “fishy taste” or disgusting “fish burps.”

 5) NO Worries About Contamination: BioTRUST ensures OmegaKrill is tested by 3rd party labs to ensure purity, potency, and safety. That means OmegaKrill is SAFE and not contaminated with potentially dangerous levels of heavy metals and other toxins that plague so many inferior fish oil / omega-3 supplements.

 6) Small, Easy-to-Swallow Capsules: So many other fish oil supplements are like hard-to-swallow horse pills. OmegaKrill softgels are smooth, about the size of a Tic-Tac, and are simple to swallow. And all you need to do is take 3 capsules daily!

 PLUS, there’s one more very powerful extra for maximum anti-aging you need to know about with Omega Krill…

 Each serving provides you a powerful serving of AstaREAL® Astaxanthin, the premier form of one of nature’s MOST powerful antioxidants for anti-aging.

  • This astaxanthin is known as the “beauty-from-within” nutrient because it can access all skin layers to enhance overall skin health and greatly improve skin moisture, elasticity and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
  • In a study in Carotenoid Science, women who supplemented with AstaReal Astaxanthin experienced significant improvement in skin moisture and elasticity.
  • Another study in Acta Biochimica Polonica showed that women supplementing with astaxanthin experienced a significant reduction in the depth of fine and line-like wrinkles.
  • Yet another study in Experimental Dermatology showed that astaxanthin may provide superior sunscreen-like protection.

[Everything that is mentioned above is based on expectation and wishful thinking.]

A Miracle Cure - Cartoon 535

Vegans who could benefit from the krill oil will not buy it since they do not eat animal-based products and other people do not need it.

If you eat incorrectly and if you are low on plasma (water with minerals), you can drown in fish oil and your skin will remain wrinkled and old-looking.

As you can see, if you buy this product, you are wasting your money. Correct your diet and hydrate. Health and youth will come to you.

Do not misunderstand me. Some of the products like the Krill oil and the collagen are ok. They are not toxic and it is better to consume them than eating bread and pizza. What I oppose is fraudulent advertising and the false science that is promoted to sell those products.

Love and light to us all.

Get to know yourself. Part II

RAISE YOUR ENERGY VIBRATION - Subliminal Guided Meditation ...

From the quantum point, every change of frequency will be decoded by the brain and presented to us in a different way.
A small deviation of frequency will be shown as changes of the matter in question, a large deviation of frequency may cause drastic changes including the transformation of one type of matter into another one. 
This we have named alchemy.
To us, changing lead into the gold may seem impossible. They are completely different types of atoms.
In the quantum field, they are the same energy of different frequencies.
Since the brain can reproduce any frequency it is familiar with, it has no problem creating or transmuting one frequency into another.
What we can visualize, we can experience as our reality, but only if the mind can be convinced that this is the most probable/expected result.
Our entire reality was and is created from ideas/imaginations and the expected result is presented through our senses. This is why the robot/body was created.

Through our eyes, we are being shown those frequencies as the soil, water, plants, and animals.

The minute changes of their frequencies the brain will show as injuries, diseases, pain, fear…

When we heat up things, their frequency changes and according to this, our brain will show them to us as being melted, burned, smelly, or they vanish/transmute if the brain has no program for it to present it with light as it is the case with fire.

Since energy is conscious of its existence, it resists every change.

If the environment changes slowly, the existing frequency of the energy is going to try to adapt to those changes so that it can survive in its existing form.

The information on how to do this is stored in the form of genes.

If done slowly, the body can adapt to just about anything since everything in its essence is just energy.

When our body is exposed suddenly to an energetic change, the cells do not have the time to adjust and the cells are rejecting this energy through their magnetic field. The stronger is the magnetic field, the more stable will be the existing frequency.

When the frequency of the environment changes an energetic shock is created and the cells may expel some of their own energy which is interpreted by the brain as cleansing.

The more toxic energy there is in the cell, the more of it will end up in the blood creating a shift in the frequency of the blood.

This stimulates the blood cleansing and the symptoms that occur we have named the symptoms of the flu.

On Toilets, Guns and Weather – Life Unscripted

In a short period of time, the new frequencies will affect the corresponding genes. Those genes open their instructional blueprints and direct cells in how to maintain their vibration in this new energetic field.

This adaptation to the new environment we have named the acquired immunity. It is the immunity to the vibrational change.

If the released toxicity was strong, the frequency of some cells or organs could have been altered. This will our brain present to us as a disease.

Before this happens, the cellular magnetic field has to weaken, the cellular electric voltage has to drop.

For the body to survive in a changing environment the gene expression has to change.

Often we bring into our body frequencies that do not resonate correctly to some of the cells or organs. This forces those cells and organs to change their frequency.

Our body may be now influenced by different frequencies and the appropriate genetic blueprint will be opened that may not be fully compatible with the general frequency of the body.

We have become sick.

As you can see, every disease is preceded by genetic changes so blaming genes to cause diseases is the same as blaming guns for gun violence.

Who Liberals Blame For Massive Chicago Gun Violence

The gene is not to blame. It is the environment that brings on the changes.

Once we understand our body from the aspect of quantum mechanics, we become aware that all that will take for the cell/organ/body to heal is the reestablishing of the proper frequency.

Yes, we can utilize certain medicinal plants but as those plants help one organ, they negatively affect another organ. This is why they can be used only for a short period of time, never longer than 21 days.

A way a more efficient way of correcting those frequencies is by utilizing electromagnetic waves, sound, light, and even scent.

No matter what method we use, the genetic realignment has to be achieved for the healing to occur.

This is why it is wrong to think that if you have a gene present that is related to some disease that it is inevitable for his diseases to occur.

Adjust the frequency and the gene will be deactivated.

For years, I am instructing people how to correct their genetic expression through the correct diet since for this type of healing we do not require any equipment other than our will to change what we eat.

Since the brain is easily influenced by fear, and it can create any frequency it is familiar with, the thought of disease will create the frequency/environment for this disease to manifest.

The fear of the disease will drain the electric current and lower the cellular voltage of the organ in question.

A change in vibration will occur and the disease is born.

If the wrong energy persists and if there is a gene that corresponds to this frequency, this gene will become active and a genetic health problem will occur.

As you can see, not every wrong frequency/disease will be triggered by a gene. This means that genetically triggered diseases have a purpose and our robot is prepared for them.

What is the purpose of cyst and tumor you may ask?

They cleanse the blood. This is why they are crated in areas where the blood enters a tissue or organ.

They are the emergency blood cleansing stations.

Correct the frequency and cleanse the blood, and there will be no more need for the emergency cleansing station.

Our body does not support what it does not need and it will destroy them and cleanse them out.

We are told that some people have a genetic predisposition to a disease.

Yes, the gene that is activated may be transferred to the new body but this can be prevented.

Most genetic problems are created in the body and they stay in family because of the same habits.

Change the habits and you will change the genetic history.

Reestablishment of the correct frequencies will calm the brain as well. Many mental problems can be resolved by correcting the diet.

The electromagnetic imprints of emotional experiences can be brought to the surface and cleansed as well although often some additional energetic work has to be done.

As you can see, having “bad” genes is not a taboo and something that is cut into the stone.

Genes can be easily influenced by the resonance of the environment and they can be activated and deactivated by changing the frequency.

The new methods of healing will be all based on electromagnetic impulses but as I often repeat, get to know yourself and instruct your brain to create the frequencies needed.

Love and light to us all.

Get to know yourself. Part I


2018 】 ???? PISCES IMAGES - class pisces images ⭐ pisces ...

I often refer to our body as being an electronic robot.

Why do I do that?

Again, we have to immerse ourselves in the field of quantum mechanics in order to have a clear vision and understanding.

This will help us to understand better who we are, this reality, disease, health, and above all, knowing will eliminate the fear which is preventing us from living our highest excitement.

In the previous article, I have mentioned that sacred geometry is the key without which we cannot unlock the mystery of life.

One simple process of a wave expansion and interaction creates Vesica Piscis.

The expansion of Vesica Piscis creates the magnetic field. The force that is trying to prevent this expansion is called the gravitational force.

Where the gravitational force meets the magnetic force, a spark is created.

The parks from the two opposite ends of Vesica Piscis are drawn to the center of the gravitational field which creates the light.

As the light waves collide in the center, they are driven towards the strongest magnetic field and back to the center of gravity. This movement we call the electric current.

As you can see, the quantum field is based only on waves that were created by an impulse/sound.

There is no matter anywhere to be found.

Merkaba Vector Clipart Illustrations. 362 Merkaba clip art ...

The light wave is the only visible manifestation of the sacred geometry.

A program had to be created that will use the waves of energy and convert them into the matter and sensations.

This program was implanted into the brain and it allows us to feel and see this quantum energy as what we call our reality.

The brain converts the light into a particle we call photon.

The photons create electrons, protons, atoms, molecules…the matter.

There is no such thing as antimatter or the dark matter.

There is only the presence or the absence of light.

Nasim Haramein explains that energy is conscious of itself. It is a constant movement, a loop of infinity with infinite potential.

It expends and collapses into itself and with every process, it gains a new experience.

In the quantum field, there are no feelings, no senses, and sensations.

To become aware of those, the matter had to be created first.

Here comes the question. What was first the chicken or the egg?

Without the brain, we cannot manifest the particle. We cannot create the matter, so how can the brain be created if we need the brain to create the matter/brain?

The brain is a manifested by conscious energy. We gave this conscious energy name.

Some call it the great spirit, some call it God, Allah, Krishna, Chi, our higher self…

Jesus Christ called it Father.

You see, calling the priest Father, is utter nonsense and total misinterpretation.

Once the brain was created, infinite opportunities of manifestation were created with it, but what is the most important is the fact that the only way to experience emotions of pain, fear, and love is through the physicality.

We are always told that God is love.

God Is Love Royalty Free Stock Photography - Image: 30400197

This is incorrect. The supreme energy of consciousness only experiences tranquility, bliss, nirvana, peace, stillness…it is all one and the same.

The brain’s duality creates the sensation of fear. The brain will fear any change that it is not familiar with. Everything that is unknown to the brain creates fear.

The brain is bipolar. This bipolarity creates a doubt. This is why we cannot have faith in fear.

The emotion of love is created by the brain of the heart which is unipolar.

There is no doubt. Love brings faith.

Humans have been given permission to create.

The brain was creating chaos that the heart had to deal with.

Little by little, through multiple experiences, the love grew stronger and stronger until it became so powerful that it would willingly sacrifice itself for a benefit of another.

This is something new in this Universe, it brought a piece of new information to our Father. We have co-created a new powerful emotion.

Love is the superior emotion way more powerful than any other.

By achieving this strong emotion of love, we have completed the mission given to us.

The fearful and easily deceived mind was conquered by the love of the heart.

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One game is over and another game is being constructed as a part of the infinite possibilities that lay in front of us.

To be able to experience our reality a sophisticated robot was created.

We call this robot our body.

Since everything there is it just vibrating energy in a variety of frequencies, the brain was programmed to present those vibrations in a particular way.

Every atom, molecule, cell, organ, and the body as the whole are all specific frequencies which the brain projects through our eyes utilizing light. It can be perceived not just through our eyes but also through the third eye shown as the header of my blog.

The emotions are processed as feelings and cannot be seen. No light is involved in their creation.

The vibrational stability of the energy that creates our body depends on the voltage. Higher is the voltage, more stable is the vibration/frequency.

We call this resistance to change the immunity.

When our body vibrates correctly with the frequencies of the creation, we are healthy. Any deviation in the frequency will be interpreted by the brain as anomaly/sickness.

Since our body is immersed in a field of energy we call the environment, any deviation of the energy of the environment will have a profound effect on the frequencies of our body.

This means that a mechanism had to be created that will maintain the same vibration even if the vibrational energy of the environment changes.

This was achieved by the creation of a variety of blueprints that give instruction to the body (on the cellular level) about how to maintain the original frequency in an ever-changing environment.

Those blueprints we have named genes.

Genetic Code Stock Images - Download 1,204 Royalty Free Photos

The article is getting too long so the continuation will be published in the following blog.

Love and light to us all.

Learn and reprogram yourself

Numbers of the Mind stock illustration. Illustration of ...

When we look at the creation from the aspect of quantum mechanics, all we experience is energy.

Energy is a movement. This movement we call vibration.

The vibration can be presented in a variety of frequencies.

This means that what creates our Universe is energy expressed in a variety of frequencies.

What creates the various frequencies is an impulse, and this impulse is transmitted through the sound.

This means that sound + vibration + frequency = creation

The Bible explains the creation by presenting the dormant/unstructured energy as darkness.

Then came the sound (God), then the light was created, and from the light, the Earth/Universe was created.

The interaction of the waves of energy will create sacred geometry. Drunvalo Melchizedek wrote two books about the sacred geometry.

From the interaction of two waves that were created by sound, Vesica Piscis will form.

Vesica Piscis is the most important form of sacred geometry because from there magnetism, gravity, light, and electricity are formed.

vesika piscis 2

In quantum mechanics, everything is in the waveform, particle and this means the matter, do not exist.

To create particle and matter we need a program that is inserted into the brain.

The brain will then receive the information of vibration and frequencies and according to its programming, it will decipher them into particles and senses.

This is how our “reality” is created.

By changing the frequency, we can invoke changes in our reality.

The most effective way to change the frequency is by utilizing sound and electromagnetic pulsation.

Here is a great video that gives you a visual effect of what I am writing bout:

I wrote several articles on this thematic and I have recorded a few videos explaining this hidden to us knowledge.

This is the type of knowledge we should have been learning in schools, instead, the schools and the scientific community are brainwashing us and preventing us from learning the needed truths.

The same way, as the wheel is turning in one direction, it can be turned in the opposite direction.

This means that as the brain can receive frequencies and create our reality, it can also receive a picture and convert it into the frequencies.

This is what I have meant by saying that our brain can reproduce any frequency with which it is familiar with.

It is becoming more and more obvious that everything is a manifestation being it what we call our “reality”, our dream, or simply imagination.

Busk Cartoons and Comics - funny pictures from CartoonStock

Any picture and thought will stimulate our brain to convert them into electromagnetic impulses that represent those thoughts, dreams, and imaginations.

This means that they can all become our reality.

It just depends on our mind to select what is the most probable, the most acceptable, and logical interpretation and according to its calculation, it will expect a certain outcome.

This we call a manifestation.

Whenever something is being sold, it is heavily advertised.

In detail, it is explained what this thing will do.

In this way, the brain receives a lot of information about what to expect will be happening.

The brain will use all of the information to calculate and manifest the outcome.

This is the reason why often people benefit from bogus products although they do not make any sense from the scientific point of view.

For example, when the collagen supplement is advertised, you are told what the collagen does in the body.

Although we do not absorb the collagen, only the amino-acids, and this means that absolutely nothing of what is advertised will happen, some people do experience some of the advertised effects.

The brain had accepted the information as truth and used it in its calculation. Since the truth is what the brain accepts to be the truth, the expected effect took the place.

The mind got convinced and that’s all that matters for the “reality” to be created.

This is what we call the placebo effect.

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The media, schools, religions, science, and the entertainment industry, are all used to implant information into our brains which will support the agenda of the Cabal.

Some of us did not take well this information we have been given.

We are the black sheep of the society, and the same as with everything else, the black is actually the light.

Although it may seem that the darkness is spreading through our planet, it is just the opposite.

The light has chased the darkness to the surface so that it can illuminate it.

Once illuminated, it will disappear forever.

Drop the fear. Hold the light and illuminate the darkness around you. This is why you are here.

Love and light to us all.

Happy Healthy Vegan versus the meat-eater Dr. Baker


Child Is Very Unhappy With Having To Eat Vegetables Stock ...

Since things are not as simple as the majority of people think when our diet is in question, this video that my friend Stefan sent, makes a great platform where many confusions can be clarified.

The blood report of Dr. Baker is confusing and resembles more a health state of an obese “carboholic” than a physically active meat-eater. Why?

You can watch the video and then I will go step by step, explaining what is actually happening.

The Happy Healthy Vegan, I believe that his name is Ryan, has been corresponding with Dr. Baker for some time and now as Dr. Baker exposed his blood-work, Ryan is using it to show how the meat diet is toxic to the body and how he as a vegan, is in much better shape as the health goes.

Before I go into it, take a look at both men. You will notice that both of them have dehydrated skin, and Dr. Baker’s hair is thinning out.

We are told that Dr. Baker had lost his medical license. 
This could be because of dispersing narcotics but it could also be because he was actually healing people which is forbidden by the medical cartel.
Since we do not know what was the reason, this is irrelevant.

Pharmacy Cartoons - Glasbergen Cartoon Service

Ryan and Baker are of the same age and this is visible, they seem to be both dehydrated, but Baker has less hair and bigger muscles than Ryan.

The blood analysis:


The fasting blood glucose is 127 which is elevated. We call it diabetes.

The hemoglobin A1C test shows that Dr. Baker’s red-blood cells live shorter lives, nothing more. It has been noticed that elevated blood sugar affects negatively the hemoglobin, but so do some drugs and deficiencies as well.

Blood urea nitrogen was higher than in an average person. Many people have this problem and have nothing to do with how much meat you eat. It has to do with how well are your kidneys working. When we are low on blood plasma (dehydrated), the kidneys have to save water and minerals which makes the elimination of urea and uric acid difficult.

I bet the color of Baker’s urine was dark as the body waits for a higher concentration of toxicity before it will release the precious water from the blood.

Cholesterol levels are higher because the cells need more building material. Dr. Baker is lifting heavy weight and his muscles are growing. The cholesterol is absolutely crucial for this growth so here everything is normal. There is no such thing as good/bad cholesterol.

Testosterone low. This could be a consequence of blood’s toxicity from drugs which as we relate it to the high blood urea point to Baker using drugs, possibly anabolic steroids.

The steroids may also be the reason for the elevated sugar since steroids will release glucose from glycogen and the liver will then release the glucose into the blood.

Hormone Levels Cartoons and Comics - funny pictures from ...

Vitamin D is very low, 30. It should be at least 50 nanograms/milliliter.

Vitamin/hormone D has very little to do with eating meat. Vitamin D is fat-soluble so it will be accumulated in the fat and most people who eat meat try to avoid eating the fat.

But more than this, vitamin D is produced in the skin under the influence of the sunlight.

Unfortunately, we are not exposed enough to the sunlight. We are covered and when we go to the beach, we put sunblock which prevents vitamin D synthesis.

This could be the reason why Ryan also has low vitamin D blood levels.

Also, vitamin D goes through two changes. The skin converts some cholesterol into, vitamin D3 called Cholecalciferol. Cholecalciferol is in the liver converted into calcifediol (25-hydroxyvitamin D), and before it can be used, it is again converted, now in the kidneys, into the active calcitriol (1,25-dihydroxy vitamin D). As we can see, if the kidneys do not work properly, there will be a problem with vitamin D in the body.

Ryan is mistaking if he thinks that he gets his vitamin D from the plants he eats.

Plants have a different type of vitamin D which is not based on cholesterol but it is based on cyanide. Unfortunately, many doctors do not know this and are prescribing vitamin D2 (plant-based vitamin D) as a supplement. Totally useless if not straight out toxic.

It is obvious that Dr. Baker is not a good individual to test any kind of diet on, be it the meat or the vegetarian diet. He is inflamed, dry, and toxic. His skin shows this and the hair loss proves it.

Why does Ryan appear to be in good health and with normal blood sugar levels while getting most of his calories from the dietary glucose?

First, as you can see, he is not overeating and he is physically active.

When we eat small amounts of dietary carbohydrates, our cells can use them for energy production and store the rest as fat.

Although the genome is being changed and the cells are adapted to use glucose for energy production, if not too much dietary glucose is absorbed into the blood, the body can handle it and burn it.

If the person does not snack frequently, the longer period of glucose deprivation (between the meals) will force more mitochondria to stay active, and fat can be used also to produce the cellular energy during the fasting period.

People used to live relatively healthy into their 90-s and 100-s eating reasonable amounts of dietary glucose.

The more dietary carbohydrates we eat, the shorter and sicklier will our lives be.

Ryan would feel even healthier if he would use more sea salt but his skin and cells would continue to dehydrate and the aging will continue to show because the cellular health is compromised by the phytotoxins which prevent the cellular hydration.

Sooner or later he is going to encounter health issues and when one of the symptoms shows up, the cascade of other symptoms will soon follow.

This is my experience with vegetarians and especially with vegans.

Glucose poisoning of the body is a slow process that is directly related to the amount of glucose being ingested, but glucose is not the only bad thing that vegetables provide.

Health and Medical Cartoons - Randy Glasbergen ...

A variety of phytotoxins that they provide is undermining our health in various ways.

I wrote about them many times. Some of them, people use as spices eating them daily.

As an example, I will mention garlic, turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, and black pepper.

When our health is undermined, increasing meat consumption will not heal us.

A complete change of diet is necessary so that the genome can return to its proper expression.

I am sure that Dr. Baker had diabetes before he started to eat more meat which will not help to heal his body. It will just slow the progress of his diabetes since he is still consuming dietary carbohydrates.

After I have made a comment that glucose cannot be our principal fuel since we cannot store glucose as an energy reserve, Ryan had replied the usual way, “haven’t you heard about a glycogen”?

Glycogen is our secondary fuel. Its purpose is to give us a spurt of energy if our life is in danger and steroid hormone has to be released to break the protein-glucose bond so that the glucose can be released.

Douchie Phil Simms Puts Atl On Upset Alert! - Page 5 ...

You can read about it in this article:

Using the knowledge given to us through the indoctrination/schooling process confuses us because we are not told the truth.

Welcome to the disclosure.

Are you ready to accept the truth?

Love and light to us all.

A lion’s diet to the rescue

Poachers Under Attack: 15 Times Animals Got Their Revenge

My friend Louisa sent me a video where a young girl by the name of Mikhaila Peterson talks about her father’s health issues and also about her health history and how she herself had by a process of elimination discovered that meat makes the healthiest diet.

Why is this video so interesting especially to those of us who know the truth about the false indoctrination system of schooling is the realization that the first thing we all want to do after we feel good is to go and eat again the same food that made us sick in the first place.

The first part of the video is about her father but from the 28th minute on it is about Mikhaila and her struggle with health and the terrible things that medical doctors put her through, all because of their false understanding of how the body works.

All doctors “know” that red meat acidifies the body and contributes to rheumatism. The first thing we are told not to eat if the uric acid is elevated is the red meat. Why?

Because we do not bother to check things out and even when we see that there is no change in condition after the red meat was taken out from the diet, we continue to give the same recommendations as long as we live.

A toilet paper is worth more than the medical Dr. diploma, at least it has a practical value.

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I do not need a license to keep me out of jail because I haven’t killed a person utilizing the approved methods of poisoning. Only doctors need those since they kill more people than all of the wars and accidents put together.

Not to mention how much suffering doctors cause. Every chronic disease is their doing because they directly or indirectly participate in creating those diseases through their wrong recommendations and actions.

Even now, when some doctors pride themselves on saving the lives of some people that had the symptoms of flu, they would not have those symptoms if they would have been told the truth and kept their bodies clean.

When you understand the symptom, you will not allow it to become a chronic problem.

The doctors’ incompetence is the most visible now during the COVID-19/400 “plandemic”.

From the narrative, “masks do not work, vaccinate yourselves, it spreads through a direct contact”, to “masks are obligatory, vaccines do not work or work just marginally, the virus is airborne”.

The doctors resemble the priests more and more. “An eye for an Eye, and a tooth for a tooth” and “if someone slaps you on one cheek, offer the other”. God loves you and is forgiving until you disobey him and then this loving and forgiving God judges you and makes you burn for infinity.

Which one is it? Make up your minds.

Do not be confused.

You will understand this once you wake up and free yourself from the lies that are inserted into every aspect of our lives by the biggest deceivers of them all, the “Semites”.

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Incidentally, the Semites have put the Bible together by using scrolls and historical events and changing the narrative to soothe their planes for the future enslavement of all people on this planet.

After all, the Bible that they put together says that God chose them to be the chosen people.

Ain’t that something?

It is like putting a thief in charge of bank security or making a lawyer the President of a country. Hillary, rings the bell?

Since we are all forced to go through the indoctrination process, we have to go to authorized schools where we are all loaded with the false beliefs that are very difficult to change.

This is why Mikhalila is trying to incorporate a vegetable diet back into her diet, knowing that the meat diet was what has healed her body.

Her medical practitioners (they practice their medicine on people while being protected by license), cut out her knee and ankle and replaced them with plastic that will have to be replaced whenever it wears out since it cannot rejuvenate itself.

They have created a permanent patient, and healing was not done because the knowledge is missing.

Mikhaila could have healed her leg if she would know then what she knows now.

The meat does not acidify the body, carbohydrates do.

She is still not aware of the full extent of the harm carbohydrate diet presents so she is trying to “normalize” her diet by incorporating vegetables into it.

Also, Mikhaila is not aware of the necessity of plasma for the process of cleansing and hydration.

Still, even with this marginal knowledge, she knows more about healing than most of the licensed doctors do. She has managed to improve her health although now, she is working on undermining her health by trying to “normalize” her diet.

Her experience destroys all of the narratives of the “experts” in nutrition who claim that the red meat is acidic and should not be eaten regularly.

As I always emphasize, any animal product will nourish us in a healthy way. Any kind of meat being it the fish, chicken, pork, beef, or an insect. Egg and dairy included.

The other important thing is that it all should be eaten raw or as raw as possible to maintain its correct frequency.

By eating the right food the correct way we are bringing into our body the correct frequency and by providing plasma (water with sea salt), we support our body’s cleansing mechanism.

Those are the bases of the Self Healers Protocol that has transformed many people liberating them from life-long “incurable” health problems.

I am happy to see that more and more people are realizing that eating meat is good for the body, but doctors have to be willing to look into what they are doing and stop blindly following those implanted lies. They so religiously hold onto.

Love and light to us all.