“Ageless turmeric”

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When we accept medical science the way it is presented to us, our medical knowledge becomes worthless.
This is why doctors do not know what causes health problems, and nutritionists do not see any difference between the medicinal plants, raw, and cooked vegetables, and no one gives any thought to the influence of our mind and the power our thoughts have in resolving or in creating health issues.
Many people who suffer from chronic diseases, do no longer trust their doctors and they reach for supplements to ease their suffering not realizing that all that they will get there is another temporary relief before things worsen again.
Wherever you look, the same false narrative will be repeated. The supplement industry is slowly encroaching on the pharmaceutical territory.
 Many people think that this is a positive thing when in fact, it is exactly the same bunch of lies that will end up with very similar results.

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Here is one of the advertising whose message is: “consuming turmerics will keep you healthy, and it will slow down your aging process”.

Is there even a shred of truth in that statement?

Where do these promoters of longevity get the idea that turmeric/curcumin will do such a thing?

Just browse through the Internet and you will find countless articles and advertisements promoting this idea.

I wonder, how come that they are allowed to do this and I am being warned that my claims are unsubstantiated and if I continue making videos like this, I will be permanently banned from YouTube and Facebook?

On the Internet, thousands of sites list the health benefits of turmeric.

Here are some of them?

“10 Proven benefits of turmeric”

1. Turmeric Contains Bioactive Compounds With Powerful Medicinal Properties2. Curcumin Is a Natural Anti-Inflammatory Compound3. Turmeric Dramatically Increases the Antioxidant Capacity of the Body4. Curcumin Boosts Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor, Linked to Improved Brain Function and a Lower Risk of Brain Diseases5. Curcumin Should Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease6. Turmeric Can Help Prevent (And Perhaps Even Treat) Cancer7. Curcumin May Be Useful in Preventing and Treating Alzheimer’s Disease8. Arthritis Patients Respond Very Well to Curcumin Supplements9. Studies Show That Curcumin Has Incredible Benefits Against Depression10. Curcumin May Help Delay Aging and Fight Age-Related Chronic Diseases

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Yes, there is some truth in those claims (turmeric has medicinal properties), but the action of turmeric on our health is contrary to what we are being told.

Turmeric has curcumin.

The curcumin is toxic. This is why it is used as a medicinal remedy. It prevents cellular hydration. Because of its toxicity, our cells will stop even the process of forced hydration we call inflammation.

Since inflammation is causing pain, the benefit of turmeric causes pain relief but not healing. Actually, since the process of hydration is being interfered with, curcumin contributes to increased cellular toxicity which in a long run creates chronic health issues.

This shows you that instead of making you younger, it accelerates the aging process and causes health problems.

I have explained this in my book and in my articles about herbs and medicinal plants.

You do not medicate yourself to prevent health issues because the medication will cause the appearance of health issues by itself.


Every disease that is being mentioned as being relieved by the ingestion of turmeric is actually being created by its frequent consumption.

As you can see, some products of the supplement industry are causing health problems, and some are only stealing your money through false claims that influence you to buy their bogus products.

One of such products is Keto Elevate from BioFAKE

The health “experts” from BioTRUST claim that you can continue eating carbohydrates and if you are using their Keto Elevate, your body will remain in the state of ketosis.

This is a pure lie and in this video, I explain why it is so.

For many years I am exposing the truth in the field of health and medicine but, the vast majority of people are ignoring it. It is hard to discard a lifetime of lies for a rant of some “lunatic”.

The disclosure is here. Are you ready to accept it?

Love and light to us all.

How scared are you?

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The level of fear you feel towards the Wu-flu “virus” you show through your behavior.

Do you wear a face mask?

Do you distance yourself from other people?

Do you embrace your friends?

Do you wipe your hands with a disinfectant after coming home from shopping or work?

How many times a day do you wash your hands?

Those are some of the indicators of your fear. Why did we change our behavior since the plandemic has started?

Because we are constantly reminded to do those things to be safe.

Safety over everything else, even over sanity.

In many people this fear borders with panic, a panic that is created from false information.

We have been indoctrinated to blindly trust officials.

In school, the official is the professor.

Professor got his knowledge from the same books we have to study and nobody can challenge the professor because he has read and memorized more so he has an advantage.

If you want to voice your opinion which may change something, you will be silenced because you are not the authority, no matter how valuable your information may be, and God forbid that you undermine the respect of the authority by proving them wrong.

This is not allowed.


Some if not most of the professors have mediocre knowledge and some of them are right out stupid so teaching/replicating messages from books, is the best that they can do.

I had such a moron teaching me biochemistry. When the old professor has resigned, this moron who was his assistant took over since there was no one else interested in this position. Often he had to check in the book if the answer you gave is correct or not.

After we graduate, we are eager to show everyone how smart we are and for many of us, the diploma we receive becomes our identity. This is especially true for medical doctors. All of a sudden Jim Johns became Dr. Johns.

When someone introduces himself or herself to me as Dr. so and so, I immediately transform this into a moron so and so.

Why am I telling you this?

People are fearful of diseases and death, and they trust their health experts will keep them healthy.

Politicians are hiding their agenda pointing to a scientific recommendation but the scientists they are referring to are the corrupt ones that they had empowered to represent the science, to be the none-disputed authority on that matter. Just look at Dr. Fauci and Dr. Briggs.

When it comes to the topic of viruses, every authority is wrong because they all follow the “scientifically” accepted theory that a virus is a single strain of RNA, but the fact that this RNA was never discovered is ignored by them all.

Every time the PCR test is used to amplify the presence of RNA in the blood, only the ARN of the host is found, but this fact is ignored by everyone.

Here is the article that was sent to me by my friend J.


In this article and the inclusive video, you can see that all of the attention is given to the fact that a 45 times amplification of RNA is being tolerated which makes the entire test one big joke on its own.


Now if the truth is added to this that viral RNA was never found (does not exist), and what was presented to us is the nucleic sequence of the human RNA and DNA, you have to be blind and deaf not to realize that you are being played.

Noe Rudy Giuliani has tested positive on COVID-19. Pure stupidity and deceit.

If you haven’t read my article on the virus, please do so:

Medical science was kidnapped by the Cabal/Illuminati and it was transformed into a science of creating diseases, suffering, and death.

Just about all World organizations like the United Nations, the World Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the World Health Organization… are created and controlled by the Cabal/Illuminati scum.

Whatever the WHO is doing or recommending always ends in disaster.

Millions of African kids were injected with toxic vaccines to create symptoms of HIV.

Hundreds of thousands of children in India came down with polio after WHO injected them with vaccines designed to “prevent” this disease.

After disobeying the WHO’s order not to examine the bodies of people that have died from the “COVID-19 virus”, Italian doctors have found that no virus was located in any of the bodies. The coagulation of their blood was attributed to bacterial infection instead.

This is a transcript in the English language of an Italian article that my friend Ph. have sent to me:


EYE ALERT Pass it on to all your family, neighborhood, acquaintances, friends, colleagues, colleagues … etc. etc. … and its environment in general …: If they contract Covid-19 … which is not a virus as they led us to believe, but a bacteria … amplified with 5G electromagnetic radiation which also produces inflammation and hypoxia. They will do the following: They will take aspirin 100 mg and Apronax or paracetamol … Why? … Because Covid-19 has been shown to clot the blood, which causes thrombosis and prevents blood from flowing and not oxygenating the heart and lungs and the person dying quickly cannot breathe.”

Although this article discredits the virus, it is falsely blaming the bacteria as the cause of the problem and death.

This is not being done intentionally. Instead, this is the result of the observation combined with the false medical science we are being indoctrinated with.


I have explained that bacteria feed on the cellular garbage, so when this garbage is excreted from cells, the bacteria show up. The more garbage there is, the more bacteria will be present.

Since doctors are indoctrinated with the false information that bacteria cause diseases, once bacteria is located, it becomes the culprit.

Why is antibiotic successful in stopping the progress of the disease?

Because the toxicity of the antibiotic will stop further cellular cleansing. This prevents additional blood poisoning by cellular toxic garbage.

This toxic garbage, since it came out of our cells, has a certain amount of genetic material which if it is found, is being blamed to be the virus.

Nobody is looking for the virus when bacteria or fungus are located, and even if the PCR test would have been implemented, there would have been too much genetic garbage (because of all of the bacterial or the fungal RNA/DNA) for anything else to be seen.

It is all smokes and mirrors my friends. The entire medical science is infected with lies and deceptions.


Get rid of the masks and resume your normal lives, but first, help to awake those who are still asleep, and let us get rid of the falsehood and the perpetrators.

To make sure to be healthy, cleanse your blood and your cells. There is no better way of doing this than following the SHP (Self Healers Protocol).

If this information helps you in any way, and if you are able, please support my work through a donation.

Love and light to us all.

The One Cup anti viral plasma of the Keshe technology

Mehran Tavakoli Keshe is an Iranian nuclear scientist who similarly to Nicola Tesla, receives information from beyond the veil and shares it with those who are interested to hear and learn the new science.

N. Tesla was focused on the electrical and the electromagnetic field, and his innovations were mostly related to those types of energy.

He has also noticed some of the effects that electricity and magnetism have on nature and the human body.

One of the things that are related to the present time is that Tesla could through the electromagnetic field induce on humans the symptoms of the common flu.

M. T. Keshe’s work is focused on explaining the mechanics of creation and the importance of the plasma in this process.

There are several types of plasma and the plasma Keshe is talking about is the energetic field that flows through the Universe.

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He explains that the basic stepping stone of creation on every planet is related to the magnetic and gravitational energy and their influence on minerals that are dissolved in water.

M. T. Keshe is teaching how a variety of different plasmas can be made, each with its specific values and properties.

Although Keshe talks a lot about a spaceship, and levitation technology, very little was demonstrated so I tend to trust Tesla’s work more on that topic, but the plasma technology dis how good results.

Keshe’s One Cup antiviral plasma showed to do a good job not only on the Wu-flu but also on some other viral energies such as is the herpes virus.

Keshe explains that the One Cup plasma draws the Wu-flu energy and de-powers the virus.

I see it slightly differently.

By applying the One Cup plasma onto a tissue that was infected with the viral energy of herpes, the reappearance of the symptoms of herpes ceased to manifest themselves even if those cells did not undergo their cleansing process.

This makes me believe that the electromagnetic frequency imprint/virus that was lingering in the particular tissue was transformed and no longer affects those cells when the autoimmune defense of the body/voltage, drops.


After the One Cup plasma was applied onto the sores that were caused by the “virus”, no visible change has occurred, but once the sores have healed, they no longer appear even if stress is experienced that was triggering the appearance of those sores/herpes in the past.

Why is that, and why did I place a virus in quotes?

The appearance of sores and the intensity in which the sores appear are not related to the strength of the virus/viral energy. Instead, they are directly related to the level of the cellular toxicity of the tissue that is being affected.

If the virus affected cells are clean, the sores will not appear even when the drop in autoimmunity/voltage occurs.

If those cells became toxic, the sores will start appearing again, but if the One Cup plasma was applied before the stress was experienced, the sores will not appear even if those cells are toxic.

This indicates that the virus is no longer causing symptoms, or it no longer exists in this tissue.

If the One Cup plasma eliminates the virus, why don’t the symptoms disappear after the plasma was applied? Instead, the symptoms (sores) will linger for some time and the tissue will gradually heal as if the plasma has absolutely no effect on the virus.

If we apply a medicinal substance (acyclovir) on herpes sores, they rapidly disappear, isn’t that healing and the correct way to treat a health problem?


Remember how I have explained the action of colloidal silver on the infected tissue.

Although all of the pathogens die rapidly, the symptoms of the infection, the inflammation and pain, remain for some time after.

The reason for this is the fact that the symptoms are not caused by the pathogens (bacteria, fungus, parasite) but by the toxic material that is in the tissue of the affected area.

The inflammation is part of the cleansing process and this process will continue after the pathogens were killed and remain until the tissue is cleansed of the toxins.

After the detoxification is completed, the tissue will heal and the symptoms will disappear.

As it is with the pathogen organisms, so it is with the pathogen frequency we call the virus.

If the tissue that holds the viral frequency drops voltage (from stress), the cellular defense mechanism goes into action.

As I keep mentioning, the virus is not a microorganism, it is a shift of frequency that our cells interpret as being toxic to them.

Everything that is new, unknown to a conscious organism is being feared and resisted until adaptation to this new frequency takes place, and the conscious energy becomes familiar with it.

Remember, everything is fractal. We also do not like to lose the comfort of the known, and we become stressed in a new environment until becoming familiar with it.

The natural defense of our body is to reject the intruder.

To cleanse it out it needs plasma.

So if a tissue wants to cleanse itself it will first increase the volume of plasma it uses for this process.

It does this through a process we have named inflammation.

As the tissue inflames, the level of plasma increases. This increases the pressure within this tissue. Some plasma will be squeezed into the cells of this tissue and those cells will find the opportunity to eliminate some of their toxic load.


These expulsed cellular toxins will increase the toxicity of the affected tissue, and the symptoms of a disease will occur.

Since we are talking about mucous tissue and the skin. the expulsion of toxins will be done through the formation of sores.

These sores will burst and the toxins will leave our body.

The sores are a fractal expression of the bagged cellular toxic material known as exosomes/microsomes that our “scientists” refer to as being the virus itself.

A pure nonsense, a scapegoat to a lack of understanding.

Once the redness of the affected area or the blisters have appeared, the toxic load has been released and the tissue has to be cleansed to be able to heal properly.

Unfortunately, we are being told that it is better to stop the cleansing process with the use of medicinal remedies because only this way the healing can take place.


This makes absolutely no sense. By stopping the inflammatory process, we are trapping the toxic element inside of the tissue and inside of our cells making our body increasingly more toxic.

This will create a more severe situation in the future responses to stress and this is why the number of “diseases” is increasing.

As I have mentioned many times before, the medical knowledge we are forced to learn is a medicine of creating diseases and not a medicine of healing.

The indoctrinated health professionals confuse symptoms with diseases and instead of helping the body to heal, they interfere with the natural healing process creating more toxicity and the appearance of the most problematic health issues we call the chronic diseases.

The disclosure is here for those who are ready to accept it.

All it takes is rational thinking. Are you capable of it?

Love and light to us all.

The Butterfly Effect of healing

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What is known as the Butterfly Effect is the theory that a small disturbance of air in one part of the Earth will induce a strong effect in another part of this planet.

For example, when a butterfly moves its wings in Africa, this disturbance in the air will be then amplified as it travels through the forest and over the sea.

The local conditions, the difference in barometric pressure, will amplify this air movement and accelerate it into a full-blown hurricane.

Well, this may be a bit exaggerated but there is no doubt that one event leads to another and it becomes amplified during the process.

It is like the cascading process that builds up the avalanche that creates destruction in its path.

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Since everything is fractal, the same effect is being noticed throughout nature, in banking, in politics, and of course in our health.

In politics, we can clearly see it now with the disclosure of political fraud.

A small seemingly innocent cast of the fraudulent vote, a small manipulation with numbers, places the wrong person in political power.

This fraudulently “elected” person has to pay up for the services rendered to those small-time fraudsters who are controlled by big-time fraudsters and the sums to be paid grows.

This is how a country is being sold to the highest bidder.

The same avalanche process occurs in our bodies.

Let’s say that we eat garlic daily as a part of our food seasoning.

Garlic is a medicinal plant because it contains a strong neurotoxin sulphone-hydroxyl.

This makes garlic neuro-suppressive, it slows the nerve functions down.

The effect that we experience from it is a slower response (slower reflexes), slower heart contraction (a drop of the blood pressure), and a brain-fog.

Our body adjusts to this and we stop noticing this effect but it did not disappear, it is actually cascading into an avalanche.

When our cells realize that this is killing them, they stop absorbing the garlic. Since our cells cannot select what will be absorbed and what not, they simply stop absorbing everything, they stop their cellular osmotic pump.

The only thing that cells can absorb without activating their cellular pump are those who are taken in by the transporting process of transporting proteins and the only water that can enter the cells is the one that enters and exits without pressure as a normal mild flow.

If cells do not increase their pressure, they cannot expel toxins that they produce or that have entered during the time the osmotic pump was active.

Stopping the osmotic pump creates another effect that will cause a new avalanche that we call cellular dehydration.

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When we stop drinking water we still continue urinating but there is gradually less and less urine being eliminated and the urine becomes more concentrated, darker and darker, smellier, and smellier, as its toxicity increases until the urination stops completely.

The same thing is happening on a fractal scale with our cells.

As they lose water they become more and more toxic. No cleansing is possible and our cells shrink and become very acidic.

Every organ of our body will experience problems because they are all made from cells.

Blood vessels will become more rigid. This will make them less elastic but the blood pressure will not increase because there is a low level of blood plasma, and the heart is compressing slowly.

Everything seems to be normal although we feel worse and worse.

The toxic effect of one poison is affecting now many different areas of our body and our health problems are cascading.

Now if we drink an increased amount of water, the blood volume increases, and since the arteries are rigid, they do not absorb the increased pressure by dilating and our blood pressure rises.

To adjust the blood’s electro-conductivity, the amount of water has to be calibrated to the electrolyte availability and since we are low on minerals, the water level of the blood will be restricted to its content of electrolytes. This means that the newly absorbed water will be eliminated since the ionic levels had remained the same, and the blood pressure normalizes.

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The same way our body increases its toxicity and becomes fragile, it will reverse this process when the plasma blood level increases.

When we ingest water with electrolytes/sea salt, now the blood volume increases and remains optimal. The body will not eliminate the water because the electro-conductivity had remained optimal.

Now toxins can be expelled since there is enough water in the blood to do this job.

Now when we urinate, toxins are being eliminated and our blood is gradually becoming cleaner and cleaner.

Our cells are welcoming the clean blood and they start engaging their osmotic pumps and hydrating themselves.

The same as our body but on a fractal level, our cells start to cleanse themselves by ex-pulsing their toxins.

Those cellular toxins now pollute the blood all over again.

The more toxic are the cells, the stronger blood pollution occurs causing strong symptoms/disease.

Some people become frightened by this and stop providing their bodies with the necessary plasma blaming the salt’s “toxicity” on their symptoms.

Are there benefit in drinking carbonated water? – HEALYOURSELF

If plasma is not provided, this newly created blood’s toxicity cannot be cleansed out. The cells will not want to absorb it and they will stop their osmotic pumps so the toxins will be trapped in the blood causing health issues.

If we continue providing a sufficient amount of plasma daily and if we stop further poisoning of our blood through our diet, an avalanche of healing will take place reversing all of the ill effects that the toxicity has created in the past.

Again, it will be a cascading event, a Butterfly Effect of healing.

On the fractal level, our Planet is now undergoing the cascading process of healing, the Butterfly Effect of healing.

From the revealing of a fraudulently casted vote to the complete disclosure and take-down of the toxic, diseased, and corrupted system of this Planet.

From Joe Schmo who has cast a fraudulent vote, to the officer who had let it pass, to the lawyer who had ignored to stop it, to the politician who has accepted this fraud and organized it to take place, to the one who has corrupted this politician… all the way to the grandmaster of it all.

Cartoon – If you have to ask how much | HENRY KOTULA

The entire system is going to be cleansed, and great healing will take place because the people had awakened, they have united in the common cause, to become free.

The same as our body, if one organ, tissue, or even one cell are allowed to remain, there is always the potential risk of the blood to become polluted and for the cleansing symptom/disease to appear.

This is why the cleanse has to be thorough and as far as the body goes, every cell has to be cleansed and as far as our Planet goes, every human has to be cleansed from impurity.

Only then we can have Paradise on Earth again.

The avalanche of this purging process has started with the US elections and it will cascade through all states, countries, and continents.

The event has started and cannot be stopped.


Love and light to us all.

mRNA vaccine fraud

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mRNA stands for messenger ribonucleic acid.
For those who do not know what is ribonucleic acid (RNA), RNA is a single strain of a cellular protein that carries genetic information. Two strains of RNA form DNA which contain the complete genetic code of an organism.

Articles are popping up about the new miracle mRNA vaccine that will finally succeed in protecting the body from various “diseases” where genetic transformation/glitch has occurred.

Everyone who is following my work understands immediately that this is a big hoax.

Here is one of such articles that my friend Mark has provided, and I will use it to debunk the article’s claims, theories, and lies.


This article talks about the mRNA vaccine that is created to specifically target coronavirus that is causing plandemic of a “terrifying” proportion.

The article explains that the mRNA is going to instruct the cells on what protein to built to counter the genetic glitch that causes the disease in question.
The mRNA will receive the message from where exactly?

I have explained through my articles that our cells create proteins based on the genetic blueprint and which gene/blueprint will be read, depends on the frequency of the environment into which the cell is immersed.

Every cell does this naturally, but now a special mRNA is introduced.

To what frequency is this “message RNA” responding if not to the frequency of the cellular environment? Here we go quantum again.

Everything is energy in various frequencies and those frequencies can be transmitted through light, sound, and electromagnetic vibration.

Every change in the environment will cause a shift in genetic activation.

Some of the cellular responses will be in cells rejecting this vibration because they will sense it to be toxic. The affected cells will do not make a genetic realignment and the incorrect frequency will be understood as being toxic to those cells.

The affected cells will reject/vomit this energy, and if those cells contain some toxic material, their garbage and some of their RNA and DNA will be released into the blood.

The more toxic are the cells, the more polluted will the blood become.

The more toxic is the blood, the more severe will be the symptoms of blood cleansing we call disease.

Since the cellular RNA or DNA will be found when the blood is examined, this will prompt doctors to claim that the blood cleansing symptoms are caused by a virus.

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Every RNA has a genetic material that reacts to the changes in its environment so why do we think that we need this mRNA (message RNA)?

mRNA is a coded RNA that has a nanochip pasted to it which can be selectively affected through an electromagnetic signal.

If a special mRNA is created that will respond to coded electromagnetic signals, this can create a real problem in the body.

In the article, it is mentioned that now when the nucleic sequence of coronavirus that causes COVID-19 is found, the targeted mRNA can easily be activated to alter the cellular response, and to prevent the symptoms of flu from manifesting.

This would actually prevent the natural cellular cleansing from occurring but much worse things can come out of this.

Those of you who are reading my posts are aware that the nucleic sequence they are blaming to be the COVID-19 virus, is actually the nucleic sequence of the human chromosome 8 that is involved in controlling our intelligence.

So what is this 95% successful vaccine designed to suppress and destroy exactly?

All those pictures we are being bombarded with that look like the sea mines claiming to be the coronavirus are only microsome/exosome, a bagged cellular garbage, nothing else.

There is no microorganism present because a virus is an electromagnetic impulse that causes cells to vomit/cleanse themselves.

A virus has no protein of its own and does not exist in a form of a microorganism.

Electromagnetic Pulse Illustrations, Royalty-Free Vector ...

This electromagnetic impulse /virus can be transmitted through the cellphone antenna and through the cellphone itself.

Special microwave weapons have been invented called scalar weapons that can affect our DNA.

Why aren’t more people getting sick from this radiation/virus?

It was predicted that millions of deaths will occur worldwide from this virus.

The vibration of our planet has risen tremendously and our genes are adjusting to those changes. Now the 4G radiation is not high enough to stress our cells and the 5G is not ready to be used. Even the 5G will not present many problems since the Earth’s frequency is forcing rapid changes in our genome and this way in our cellular structure.

All of the planes of the Cabal are falling apart.

Yes, they can hit us with very high radiation and fry us on the spot, but this would be too obvious as they had discovered in China where people were dying like flies after being zapped, with their entire insides being microwaved.

The mRNA is nothing more than a chip controlled cellular response designed to alter the behavior of our cellular structure.

This is a merge of artificial intelligence with our cellular structure.

Basically, those who accept it are relinquishing control over their own body to someone who runs the artificial program.

This is just a step up from signing-up with the Devil which was done so far by accepting to serve Lucifer in exchange for favors.

Oh, Sleeper - Son Of The Morning (Satan) Vs. The Finisher ...

Until now, your acceptance was enough and you were ensured fame, money, and success.

I was given this offer which I had refused, but I can see how easily can people be tempted in accepting it since a huge amount of money, global recognition, and success are promised in return to your compliance and acceptance of Lucifer.

Since there are many people who do not want to accept Lucifer, this insertion of mRNA through vaccination will overpower their will.

This is the only reason why the vaccination is being implemented and actually forced on everyone.

The Cabal has been destroyed, now the sting operation was done to expose all the dark minions and their destruction has begun.

This is the last step. Be patient, it’ll be over soon.

General Flin has been pardoned and this means he was officially activated to serve the forces of good.

Until now he was working with his Lawyer Sidney Powell while a fake Durham and Bar investigation was permitted to drag along.

Welcome to the disclosure.

Love and light to us all.

Why are humans plagued with diseases like no other creature?

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This question was answered in my previous post.

For many years I am explaining that what we are being indoctrinated with during our education is a bunch of lies.
Automatically another question pops up and the question is, why?

Who would want to see humans suffering?

This question has now an obvious answer. Just look who is scarifying children, and using them as a part of Satanic ceremonies?
Who is drinking the adrenochrome?

I have told you that the mistakes in medical science are not random. They are the exact opposite of the truth which makes them deliberate, intentional.

The best way to explain why is this done is by reading the Protocol of Zion.
Why is it taboo to implicate Jews in any shenanigans?
The Protocol of Zion is eliminated from most of the Internet but you can learn about it here:


After watching this video, many things will become clear and you will understand what is happening now in this US election and why is Wu-flu paraded and freedoms stripped away.

Maybe this is making it easier for you to understand why the election trap had to be set.

Now you can see how deep is the Evil set in our society.

Now when most people think that Trump is finished, the true faces are emerging.

Just look at the transformation of Fox personal.
Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, The Five..all are changing the tune to preserve their pocketbook leaving their followers high and dry.

They do not realize that if this fraudulent election would be left to pass, this would be the end of freedom forever. The Evil would have been permitted to thrive.

Does anyone really think that Trump and the Alliance would allow this to happen?

Does anyone think that those 80 million Americans will fold and go back to sleep?

Start using your head for more than to hold your cap on.

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For a year now I am being reminded by some of my friends that everything is cyclical and what is happening will lead to destruction, but they are forgetting that we are battling the Evil utilizing Lucifer’s own play-book.

Yes, the events are coming as planned but the outcomes are different.

Are you too blind to notice?

It is all about faith my friends and family. Do not let them get to you.

You have been victorious but your fear prevents you to notice.

Faith will help you to conquer your fear. This is very important for your health as physical so spiritual.


Love and light to us all.

Do you understand the 5D-Chess that’s going on?

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There are protests going on in many countries as people are losing their freedom, their jobs, and their businesses.
What is happening now was planned many years ago and since it is the fight between the oligarch and the general population, some type of control mechanisms had to be installed through which the general population can be controlled.

Since fear is the most effective tool for controlling individuals, every institution that can take over the command of fear had to be hijacked to the service of the oligarch and the Cabal/Illuminate that they serve.

Since people are easily frightened by the unknown, religion was created that will use fear as its primary weapon.
As the original Christianity started breaking into various fractions where people were searching for the truth, science had to be kidnapped to serve the narratives of the religion.

Religious symbols Royalty Free Vector Image - VectorStock

Ultimately the medicine had to be hijacked because there is not a living being that is not afraid for its life.

David Rockefeller took the charge of the medical field and through his foundation, the entire medical profession became nothing more than a scripted play, the same as journalism.

Utilizing scientifically fabricated “truths”, the science of medicine became the creator of diseases and through a system of medicinal poisons, fear of diseases and death is being controlled.

Today’s situation with COVID is a clear eye opener although most people, especially doctors still refuse to see it the way it is.

For many years I am exposing the most obvious medical lies that can be easily debunked and are obvious to everyone who can see and rationally evaluate but until recently very few medical doctors responded to them.

If there is anyone reading this article who knows a medical professional who agrees that salt has absolutely no effect on an increase in blood pressure, please let me know because I haven’t met one yet and this is so obvious and easy to prove that it is laughable.

Much more complicated it is to prove that this Wu-flu is not a contagious pandemic because there is no way to prove or disprove the existence of the virus.

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Well, not so fast. To disprove something, first, you have to prove that it exists which with a virus of any kind it was never the case.

Yes, we have pictures and we have tests. We also have Nobel Prizes for Obama and Pasteur, total fraudsters.

None existent microorganism is being blamed on none existent pandemic and people have to stay in their homes and die because their government has decided that this has to be done.

People are pressured to take a bogus test which is actually used to mark them and to take a sample of their DNA.

Since a huge number of people are knowingly and unknowingly involved in this scheme, not really understanding what they are a part of before the system can be taken down and the guilty punished, an awakening of the general population had to take place.

Indoctrinated “experts” could not be convinced without actually experiencing things themselves.

This is the reason why was the presidential election in the USA allowed to be stolen.

People have to be shown the truth.


Those who will wake up will have the opportunity to save themselves relatively painlessly,

Those who will be unable to see the truth will suffer as more severe experience will be needed for them to wake up.

For those of you who are awake, here is an interesting video from David Icke that my friend Frank has sent to me:

I do not agree with some statements of Celeste Solum because I see the virus in a different light but the planes and the actions of the Illuminati she is exposing are real.

Through a variety of my articles, I am explaining that we are intentionally being poisoned through the food as the wrong food is being promoted and the correct type of food is being demonized.

In the last 20 years, we are being bombarded with nanotechnology and various poisons that are injected into our bodies through vaccines.

This toxic garbage is accumulating and our bodies are being prevented from cleansing themselves because the most necessary ingredient for this process is bashed, and that ingredient is the sea salt.

Not refined sea salt is hard to get and in some countries of which Peru is one, this kind of salt is illegal and cannot be sold openly since it is not certified by the Peruvian health administration.

Why is nanotechnology used?

Because it easily responds to slight electromagnetic stimulation. A cellular telephone signal can be used to activate it.

The slight electromagnetic stimulation becomes the virus.

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Now you see why masks will not save you, and people can be affected selectively. This is why their DNA is being collected.

Now, we are silenced by preventing our voices to be heard, but the system is getting ready to silence us for good, and the Illuminati/Cabal is letting us know that the third wave of the Wu-flu will be the deadliest and it will happen in February of 2021.

Fortunately, Trump and the Alliance are in the process of the final destruction of the dark Evil and its minions.

Now it will be exposed how few very wealthy people play with the lives of many and how they control us through lies and deceits. The fraudulent voting machines are used by many governments on this planet so what is happening in the USA is going to resonate all over this Planet.

We are being played as fools, “vote for whomever, we will place our leader anyway”.

I apologize for devoting so many articles to the political aspect and not zeroing only on health, but what is happening now with the “plandemic”, the media, and the US election is the most important thing in the history of our planet and our Universe.

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Understanding what is going on helps us to control our fear and as you know, the fear is responsible for many health problems we experience during our life.

In the USA, things may appear to move slow but as I have explained in some of my previous posts, the slower is the change, the less violent it will be.

If you have awakened and are impatient, sit in your lazy-chair, grab pork crisps and enjoy the show because nothing can stop what’s coming, nothing!!!

Love and light to us all.

Our body’s response to the change in frequency


7 Tips to Raise Your Vibration

Many people worldwide are lately experiencing symptoms that are usually related to some kind of sickness.

I am going to use my own experience to explain what is going on since my body is fairly clean on the cellular level and I do not have any chronic health issues that our “madsin” would recognize.

Before I start with the symptoms, I want to remind you that in our essence we are conscious energy in a spectrum of synchronized vibrations.

This spectrum of frequencies is part of a common energetic field which we call the environment.

Every move of our energetic body leaves a disturbance in its environment, and so does every change in vibration of our environment affect the frequencies of our energetic body.

By placing the observer/creator into this, a program is utilized that converts some of the frequencies into particles and some into emotions.

Now we are experiencing these energies as our physicality, and our reality.

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Since our physicality depends on the frequencies of our energetic body, every change in the frequency of our environment will create a reaction in our body as the frequencies act one upon the other.

So that our physicality does not change with every minor vibratory change of our environment, a system of genes was introduced that instructs our cells how to behave in the changing environment.

I see this as a computer update so that the brain does not show those changes as blemishes or diseases.

Sometimes, if the vibrational shift is stronger and persists, the genetic blueprint that is being read will actually manifest visible changes in accordance with the basic brain’s programming and animals will show changes that we call adaptations like for example they will grow a thicker fur, or lose some of their furs.

Most of the genes we possess are not being used. Actually, in our reality only proximately 3% of the available genes are active because this is what is required in this energetic field to present our present reality.

In my previous articles, I have been mentioning that our environment is rapidly changing. The frequencies are increasing. In particular, what is important to us is the Earth’s vibration we call the Schuman frequency because this frequency is directly stimulating our genes.

The Schuman frequency is replicated by our brain and we call it the alpha brain wave.

Healing Ourselves With Vibrational Medicine

Our cells are responding genetically to the increased Alpha brain waves and our body has started to mutate.

Any cellular adaptation is energy-hungry because one type of frequency is being transformed into another type of frequency which on the level of our reality requires tearing things apart and rebuilding them.

This is similar to what we call disease and healing.

So what symptoms do we experience when we are sick and healing?

Tiredness. We want to be left alone and sleep.

Headache, and muscle aches.

As we start eliminating the discarded cellular material/garbage, we may get nausea and diarrhea. Smelly urine, fever, sweats…

Depending on the severity of the cleansing that is taking place, symptoms may vary, especially if the cells also release toxins that they have been accumulating during a longer period of time.

Lately, I was feeling tired. In the morning I felt more tired than I was at night before getting into bed.

I felt pressure in my forehead.

A couple of days ago I felt shivers like if I was catching a cold so I bundled myself to preserve energy which would have been lost in heat production.

This has maintained my cellular voltage/immunity high enough so that my cellular vibration does not shift (I do not get sick), still, my body continued to cleanse and a slight increase in my body temperature occurred, and after that, the runs have started.

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This was a cleansing event, my physical experience of an energetic shift as my body is mutating into a different type of being.

Any suppression of those symptoms would make it more difficult to adjust to the high frequencies of our changing environment.

Modern medicine was concocted to brainwash us into believing that what are the cleansing symptoms, are symptoms of a disease that have to be stopped.

This actually prevents us from evolving.

Those who are brainwashed in believing that we have to eat carbohydrates/cooked vegetables to be able to ascend have it all wrong. This type of food is the Biblical “forbidden fruit” that took us out of Eden and now in this world of lies, we are being convinced that this is good for us.

It really does not make any difference if the symptoms that you are experiencing are the symptoms of a “disease” or the symptoms of elimination of the cellular discarded matter as a result of the reprogramming of your body.

We should help our body to deal with them and not to suppress what the body wants to do.

The essential ingredients our body needs in this process are structured water and minerals in the form of salts (sea salt).

When you feel hungry, eat your food with a minimal amount of heating so that you do not alter its frequency. What you cannot eat in a raw state, is not your food.

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The reason why I had experienced strong cleansing symptoms was the fact that last week I ate the wrong food. I had a pizza and ice-cream. Then, instead of cleansing the following day, I had chocolate and nuts.

On the third day, my body reacted to this abuse and went into cleansing mode.

Now, after the cleanse is done, I feel great again.

If I would have been strict with my diet, I am sure that the symptoms of changes in my biology would stay on the level of tiredness since there would have been way less toxic material to eliminate and my kidneys would be sufficient to do the job. No cleansing/symptoms of a disease would have occurred.

This is another proof that the more toxic we are, the strongest symptoms we will experience when the detox starts.

If I would go to see the doctor (depending on a current agenda), I would have been diagnosed with COVID, or Dengue, or Zika, or HIV, or any other none existent virus because my genetic material would have been detected in my blood.

As you can see, everything that we are told are a bunch of lies designed to lead us on the wrong path, to make us sick/misinformed, and dependent.

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We are all going to experience cleansing symptoms in this time of evolution and the cleaner we are on the cellular level, the easier symptoms we are going to experience.

Those people with the most toxicity already suffer from symptoms this toxicity creates (chronic diseases), and when the additional toxicity hits (caused by the vibratory shift), they will have a hard time to cleanse and adjust, especially if they trust the wisdom of their brainwashed doctors who have helped them to create those chronic diseases in the first place.

Use the SHP and cleanse. It may save your life, and if you do not feel sick, it will make your mutation/evolution easier.

Are you awakening?

Can you handle the truth or are you stuck hopelessly in the world of lies?

Love and light to us all.

Do we have to be vaccinated to prevent the lock-down of the economy?

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Many countries around the world are closing down as the second wave of the corona-virus is intensifying, as a new scare of a third, extremely deadly, wave of the corona-virus is predicted to hit our planet in February of 2021.

Even the most indoctrinated people have to realize that those are not predictions. Those are planned events.

We are going to be bombarded with the “news” about an epidemic whenever the Cabal/Deep-state wants to push an issue.

How is it possible that the entire planet goes into a lock-down at the exact same time when it takes the disease some time to spread around?

This what is happening has nothing to do with any virus, it is a planned destruction of the global economy and President Trump with the Alliance/White Hats is in the way.

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All global organizations are involved in this.

This means that every multinational corporation, the United Nations, the World Health Organization, religious organizations, the World monetary Fond…are involved in this shame.

The CEOs and selected members of those organizations hold meetings in DEVOS to synchronize their attacks.

Their planes are executed in every country exactly the same way.

In Germany, Profesor Christian Drosten a chief virologist in Berlin was selected/paid off to become the government consultant on COVID whose lies about the virus are going to be promoted as the truth.

Lothan Weiler a government health chief was bribed to support those lies.

Every opposition has been neglected or suppressed so that all that the German people can hear are those lies.

German hospitals were bribed with a lot of money for every diagnosed COVID death, so they keep on lying.

The media is spreading and amplifying those lies.

The political accomplices enforce masks and vaccination and shutdowns as the fooled population bows helpless.

In the USA, the scientific expert was Dr. A. Fauci, and the scientific political push was Deborah Brix.

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Every country on this planet that is a member of any global organization is following the same script.

Fortunately, people are awakening and lawsuits are springing up.

For this plan of Cabal/Depp-state to go forward, President Donald J. Trump had to be stopped. This is why a huge deep-state sham was concocted to steal the US presidential election so that the power comes back to the deep-state players.

There is no battle between the Democrats and the Republicans. There are a few good people on both sides of the aisle, but the scum is rampant everywhere.

Stealing elections was a long-time practice and the reason why Trump has won in the 2016th election was that the steal was prevented by the Alliance.

This time around, it was not. Instead, the stealing of the election was monitored and recorded so that it can be exposed for everyone to see.

Only after being exposed, people will wake up to reality.

Now the question that bothers most of those who are awakening is if this is true and the COVID virus does not exist, why was Trump sick, and why is he mentioning the vaccine and the military involvement in the vaccination?

Well, President Trump and his family were “sick” only a couple of days before miraculously emerging “stronger than ever”.

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I bet that most of you who are familiar with my work and my teaching on the virus are still uncomfortable in the presence of a “sick” person and most likely will put on a mask, “just in the case”, not to catch the bug.

Trump is being attacked as being an irresponsible lunatic. He has to play the role.

Almost everyone believes that there is this microorganism called Coronavirus so having masks is protecting them from it. This is why you can see so many masked people and no law is there to force them to use masks.

Since the President wants to maintain the economy opened and going, the people have to be reassured that it is safe for them to go out and to work and socialize.

This is why, in my opinion, a colored placebo/vaccine that is more than 94% effective is made available in a record time.

Those who are scared and wish to use it, can and their fear of contracting this nonexistent virus will disappear.


Those of you who know the truth and do not have fear of the virus, do not need the placebo/vaccine.

The B. Gates toxic COVID vaccine was ready to be used since 2018th and it is being implemented now on the unsuspected population in Peru and most likely elsewhere. People are dying from it, especially the elderly.

President Trump is not going to touch this poison, instead, a placebo is made available. Still, there is no way I am going to allow anything to be injected into my body, and I urge you to do the same.

Those of you who are still in doubt and in fear of D. J. Trump losing the election read this letter that Archbishop Carlo Vigano letter to President Trump


If you need more convincing, watch this video:

Nothing can stop what is happening, nothing!


Love and light to us all.

Our scientists have conquered all types of diseases but one

Political Cartoon: The unstoppable American virus

This year, the number of people dying from cancer, heart-related problems, and kidney-related malfunction was steadily diminishing, and now it is showing real success.

It looks that our scientists and our esteemed doctors have finally found how to deal with those “incurable” diseases.

The only problem that seems to be unsolvable and is again gaining pandemic proportions is the “Wu-flu”.

As the deaths from all other diseases are rapidly diminishing, the “Wu-flu” deaths are increasing at a rapid rate.

It looks like someone has changed the algorithm. It is like the US election but implemented on diseases.

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The situation is becoming so critical that everyone has to walk masked like Zorro, and most small businesses will have to be closed so that the mega-corporations can take over and take good care of us, small people.

Those world criminals (presidents of countries and their apparatus, the deep-state, and all those who are involved in this destruction) are nervously celebrating and congratulating themselves but do not worry, an icy shower is about to be turned on.

Everyone should have some water, sea salt, and food stored in their home.

Some popular companies are selling emergency food, but this is not good food especially for those who suffer from chronic health problems.

The reason for this is the fact that all the emergency food is pure dried carbohydrate. You will need a lot of water to prepare it and your energy will be coming from sugar.

This is bad especially for those with chronic diseases since they have those because of such food.

On the Internet, you can find recipes about how to store meat and other animal-based foods. This is so much better, more practical, and healthier.

Since we have a cat and a dog, we have to think of them so we have some can food (not for animals), pork lard, pork crisps, smoked fish… to last us a couple of weeks if necessary.

What is good for the animals is perfect for us.

We also have some cornflower and seeds (almonds, walnuts, pistachio) just in case things take a bit longer to calm down.

A fistful of pork crisps a day is enough to keep you in a good shape.

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If everyone would go to the street and refuse to obey, the pandemic would be squished instantly, but since most of the population gets their information from the Tel a lie Vision, they are brainwashed and in fear of getting sick.

Thank God we have Donald and the Alliance to do the bidding for us.

So if you are not going to the street, get comfortable, open the Internet, and learn what is really going on. Soon even this is going to be impossible. When the Internet shuts down, start to celebrate, the doomsday has come, only it will be the doomsday for the Cabal and its accomplices.

Donald and the Alliance are steadily hijacking the “Cabalist’s” planes of enslavement turning them against themselves.

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Be calm, do not allow fear to take hold of you, and be the witness of this Biblical event.

Pray, meditate, and hold the light to those who are directly involved in this fight.

This is it, my friends. The New Year is rapidly approaching and so is the New Reality that will be based on love, understanding, compassion, and cooperation.

Love and light to us all.