Goiter, hypo&hyperthyroidism

When we have a weight problem, being it overweight or underweight, the thyroid gland becomes the target of our suspicion.
Thyroidal hormones control cellular metabolism so whenever there is some issue with weight, the thyroid gland becomes the obvious target.

Since doctors do not understand the human body nor do they understand nutrition, they reach for pharmaceutical poisons. After all, this is where the money is.
Healing the patient would have been disastrous. It would lead to a decreased number of clients.
Fewer clients, lesser income, and no pharmaceutical perks, those luxurious cruises doctors became so fond of.

So, medication becomes the solution, and the permanent application of medicinal remedies creates a permanent client/patient.
The more doctors there are, the number of patients increases exponentially.

Doctors are the experts in the issues of health so what they say becomes the law, literally.
Just observe what is happening now with the non-existing virus. The doctor declares that a face diaper is obligatory to protect us from the non-existent virus, and the police are there to break your bones if you do not obey.

So, when a doctor tells you that you need hormonal therapy because your thyroid gland is not producing enough of the thyroidal hormone, or it is overproducing it, you better do it or else!


To sound knowledgeable, the good doctor will explain that you have a genetic glitch, or you are low on iodine, or your immune system got crazy and it is attacking its own organ, and there is nothing else to be done but to supplement the hormone in the case of hypothyroidism or to poison the thyroid with nuclear radiation to lower the hormonal production.

To show off its expertise, he/she will throw some big words like a Hyperplasia, Congenital, Grave’s disease, Hashimoto’s disease… and now when you are properly scared and confused, the doctor offers a miraculous solution, supplementation with artificially created hormone.

Often there is a visible swelling on the throat that has a more frightening effect and you are told that you are suffering from goiter.

Now, those of you following my work know instantly that there must be something wrong with the body’s environment.

Our genes respond immediately to changes in the environment and present cells with a working blueprint they have to follow if they want to survive in this new environment.

When we look at the situation this way, everything changes. The family genetics become less problematic.

And when we realize that inflammation is not caused by the fight of our body with a pathogen and instead, it is just forced hydration, the culprit immediately switches from a pathogen organism to a toxin.

Using this knowledge, we are going to come to different conclusions.

For one, we are gaining weight because of the wrong food we are eating.

This means that no caloric restriction is going to help us counter the consequences of the wrong diet.

This wrong food provides the wrong fuel to our cells and forces the cells to make changes.

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Those changes allow the survival of our cells but at the same time, it creates problems on many levels.

The body has to adjust to this incorrect environment so it changes hormonal signaling.

Since the cells cannot function correctly in this improper environment, extra toxic garbage is being produced that has to be eliminated.

On the other side, since we are being educated not to consume salt, the body becomes low on plasma which means, the blood volume is low. No proper cleansing can be done which increases gradually the toxic load of the blood, and subsequently, on the cellular level.

Internal organs become affected on the cellular level and those organs that have to work harder become more affected on the cellular level.

One of those organs is the one that is directly involved in cellular metabolism and that organ is the thyroid gland.

Since the thyroid gland has to produce more hormones, it increases in its size, and if it becomes critically acidic because it will not hydrate since the blood is toxic, a forced hydration/inflammation sets in increasing its size even more, and our experts have named this Goiter.

Now, instead of placing the focus on cleansing the blood and the cellular structure, and correcting the diet, our medical geniuses are correcting the hormone levels which our genes have deliberately altered to help the body dealing with the present situation.

So after our health wizards successfully adjust the hormone levels, the health of their patient goes to Hell, but don’t worry, the hormonal levels are perfect.

Since a culprit has to be found, doctors are instructed to blame low iodine. Low levels of iodine are being blamed and iodine supplementation is forced on us through iodized salt which becomes toxic.

If the individual has problems of being thin while eating a lot, we blame it on the thyroidal hormone overproduction so we are instructed to poison the thyroid gland with radioactive iodine, instead of correcting the environment.

Such a procedure is normal because every intervention of a doctor is based on the poisoning of the body to “help it to heal”.

Can you see the absurdity of the modern allopathic “mad-sin?”

So, how do we heal our body when we are being told that our health problems are caused by the diseased thyroid gland, and we are given medication to counter the problem?


First of all, change and correct your diet, load up on plasma (diluted seawater or water with not refined and not iodized sea salt, and then drop every medicament and supplement you have been given by your mislead poison provider/doctor.

You cannot heal while you are poisoning your body and as I have explained, nothing is wrong with your body other than the environment which you have changed in the wrong way by consuming incorrect food.

The other thing that you must do is to increase the blood’s plasma levels by drinking plasma and utilizing sea salt on your food generously.

Stop consuming iodized salt, and let go of hormonal supplements, you do not need them, and they will prevent your body from healing itself.

Not a single individual needed any supplementation while it was healing itself from “thyroid problems”.

Here is one eye-opening information.

Plants use cyanide in a similar way as animals use cholesterol.

For example, animal based vitamin B12, cobalamine, plants base on a cyanide and it is called cyanocobalamin.

Cyanide is a highly toxic compound to animals and humans and it is part of most plant based vitamins and proteins, and it is know poison that causes goiter.

Why do not people know about this?

Simply, follow the SHP and allow your body to heal.

Love and light to us all.

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