Slowing down the cleansing process

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The title of this article may sound strange.

Why would anyone want to slow down the cleansing process?

This question I am going to follow with another question which is, what can happen if the body is very toxic, and it goes into a detox process?

We know that the longer we live, the more toxic we become, and I have mentioned several times that once one chronic symptom shows up, the body is already very toxic.

The more toxic is the individual, the stronger symptoms of flu will have during the detoxification process, and deaths are not excluded.

Every year anywhere between 24 and 62 thousand deaths are being blamed on the flu in the USA.

If you are following my work then you know that there is no such thing as a virus. All those deaths are caused by the rapid detoxification of very toxic individuals.

Because of a sudden energetic shift and drop of cellular voltage, toxins that were stored within the cells are being released. Blood’s toxicity shoots over the body’s capacity to eliminate it and the system chokes.

Often, in an attempt to help the patient and to eliminate the “virus”, doctors implement toxic symptomatic remedies/medications which further raise the body’s toxicity and become the drop that spills the coffee.

Why are some toxic medicaments like Ivermectin, ibuprofen, antibiotics.. easing the symptoms of the flu?

Cells of the body want to prevent those toxic medications from entering into the cell so they produce stress/heat proteins and reinforce their cellular membranes.

In this way, cells prevent the blood and lymph from entering them and bringing the toxic medication with them, and at the same time, the existing cellular toxins stay trapped inside of cells and stop further blood pollution.

The blood slowly gets cleansed and the symptoms of flu disappear.

When cells are clean, no matter what type of stress we are exposed to, no cellular pollution will be released into the blood, and no symptoms of flu or any other disease will occur.

Knowing this, we would love to cleanse our cells so why would anyone ever want to stop this process?

Well, since we are being lied to and our health professionals are giving us all the wrong instructions and further are poisoning us with a toxic medication, as time goes on, we become more and more toxic on the extracellular and intracellular level.

The more toxic we are, the stronger detoxification symptoms we will experience once when our body starts detoxifying itself.

There are many detoxifications triggers one of which we call the virus because we do not know how else to explain the flu symptoms.

I wrote an article about it so I do not want to elaborate on the topic of a virus.

The focus of this article is on the detoxification process that was triggered and supported by the implementation of the Self Healers Protocol (SHP).

Since many people who are deciding to follow the SHP are very toxic and medicated, they experience strong cleansing symptoms.

The symptoms mostly consist of headache, nausea, diarrhea, fever, sweats, muscle pain, joint pain, skin sensitivity, water retention, increased blood pressure… but in very toxic individuals, symptoms may be scary, and also involve heart arrhythmia, tachycardia, dizziness, difficulties breathing, cloudy mind…

Why do such symptoms occur?

Every disease is related to toxicity and since what we refer to as a disease is nothing more than a symptom or symptoms of toxic blood and its detoxification, such symptoms are to be expected in very toxic individuals when the SHP is followed.

I do not want to scare you. A great majority has moderate symptoms resembling the flu but in very toxic individuals who have been medicated for a long time, strong symptoms may occur.

The alarming symptoms are debilitating water retention, very high blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmia, difficulty breathing, nausea, coughing…

I say alarming because they scare everyone. We are being told by our docotrs that as long as we keep the bodily functions in “normal” parameters we are ok.

This is why the only thing that doctors are focusing on is to “normalize” the blood pressure, normalize the heartbeat, the hormone levels, and all of the other values doctors check their patients for.

We are instructed to ignore what the body is doing and to simply label it with a symbol we call disease.

Those symptoms cannot be avoided if we want to allow the body to heal itself.

To be able to cleanse, the body needs to be fully loaded on plasma, this means that the volume of the blood in the body has to be optimal which was kept artificially low by the doctor so that the blood pressure does not increase when the blood vessels become dry and rigid.

Of course, once you start hydrating the body, the blood pressure will increase and it can be extremely high in very dry and toxic people.

We can openly say that every individual with a chronic symptom has compromised blood circulation. This is why symptoms such as water retention and increased blood pressure often occur.

This is why I recommend that elderly and chronically ill people have a consultation before implementing SHP, and allow me or someone else who has been through this to guide them.

Water retention, high blood pressure, and cardiac arrhythmia are what scares people the most and sometimes a medicinal remedy has to be used to help the body at the beginning of the detox period.

Since we are talking about hypertension and water retention, we have to slow down the hydration of the body with plasma and to force detoxification with low plasma levels, a diuretic has to be used.

Sometimes the family decides to stop the cleansing process because of fear and this is dangerous because now there is elevated blood toxicity and depriving the body of plasma will trap those toxins in the blood causing health problems.

Remember, you never want to deprive the body of plasma. It has to be able to cleanse those toxins out, but if you want to stop the detoxification process, you force the cells to close down and stop cleansing themselves. This you can achieve with the same drugs that stop the flu.

Often, by implementing a diuretic, the cells are forced into shutdown, and the symptoms calm down.

I hope that this information will not scare you from implementing SHP.

So far, medicinal remedies have had to be used only in several of my clients, but this is for you to know how to handle the situation and to remember that you never try stopping the cleansing process by plasma deprivation.

You do it the same way as your doctor does it. By poisoning your body.

The difference is, that you do not deprive salt and water to your body, and you are allowing for the blood to be cleansed. That makes a huge difference. This is the correct way how medicinal remedies should be used.

Love and light to us all.

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