Shining a light on water

Our brother Peter has sent me Dr. Thomas Cowan’s video in which Dr.Cowan talks about the miracle of water.

It s an excellent video and I highly recommend you to watch it.

The same as most scientists, Dr. Cowan analyzes objects from the finished product down what we call back-engineering. When things are done in this way, there are always things that are not answered because of a missing link.

It is like building a house from the roof down.

I am going to try to fill in some of those missing links by building them from the foundation and up.

Dr. Cowan explains how water is constantly being created new from atoms of hydrogen and oxygen, and that the atom of hydrogen has isotopes that determine the structure and the quality of water.

The proof that new water is being created we can see by analyzing how the amount of water on our planet is increasing with every evolutionary shift on this planet.

We find man-made structures in various depths in our Oceans, and a lesser amount of the land with vaster oceans, but the question is: is the water being created daily as some scientists suggest?

If this would have been the case, everything would have been steadily sinking, and this is not what is happening.

Another question is: is the water created under the pressure of the weight f the stone, or is it created by merging the hydrogen that is radiated from our Sun, with the oxygen from our planet, and is this fusion occurring in the lower atmosphere and contribute to the cloud formation?

Dr. Cowan explains how new water is being created within the tissue of living beings.

Well, there is no pressure involved there, so is pressure necessary to create the new water?

Here, the creation of water is being explained as a chemical conversion of sugar into energy, CO2, and water.

The third source of the creation of water is our RNA/DNA.

The DNA water is then used to explain the formation of the biological structure of living things.

Dr. Cowan explains that by mixing water with sand, you can mold it and create forms.

This is what I call simple reasoning, but then he said that consciousness can be involved in the creation of forms. This is where Dr. Cowan hits the truth button.

Now, we are going to peel away from the indoctrinated science, and we will go and build our castle/ water, from the foundation and up.

To do this, we have to go quantum.

In the quantum field, there are no particles. It is just energy vibrating in various frequencies.

The waves of frequency have an orbital nature. Their collision forms contact points which become the base of the sacred geometry which then becomes the source of our “reality”.

For the energetic structure to become the visible reality, light has to be created so that the reality can be seen.

The light is a product of the sacred geometry when Vesica Piscis is formed, so it is part of the quantum field but only in the waveform.

Vesica Piscis - IN-LIGHT-MENT

To convert the light into a particle, a program is needed, and this program is installed into the brain.

Now we have the consciousness of the creative energy and the consciousness of the creation/brain.

The brain creates forms and shapes, presents them through our senses and the visible shapes we then try to analyze them by breaking them down into ever smaller pieces of which the smallest piece we have named photon. The photon is the single particle of light from which everything is formed.

Once we understand the basic creation, now we can build on it, so, let’s build the water.

We are told that to make water we need two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen.

We are told that the hydrogen has isotopes and it can be heavier because it may contain neutrons or two which will then change the weight of the water.

In the quantum field, no particles exist so what are atoms?

Atoms are energetic vibrations of particular frequencies with their corresponding electromagnetic fields. They can have stronger or weaker fields/movement, and higher or lower vibration/frequency.

Translated into the world of articles, the frequency will determine the nature of the atom, and the strength of its field will determine its electromagnetic force.

Hydrogen will represent the frequency and the strength of its electromagnetic field changes its weight/gravitational field. This is what is the difference between hydrogen, deuterium, and tritium. The stronger impulse, the stronger will be the electromagnetic field and the heavier will be the atom/object.

Dr. Cowan is demonstrating the water-created double helix. This is just an image.

A Russian scientist PeterGariaev demonstrated that if the Earth’s creative vibration the Schuman frequency is introduced into the water, DNA is formed.

Our brain produces the same frequency and we have named it the alpha brain waves.

Water is the representation of the quantum energy field of consciousness expressed in the field of particles where we can see how frequency produces sacred geometry, light, electromagnetic field, and life itself when it is being influenced by sound frequency.

Understanding the frequency, we can clearly see that everything there is, is conscious energy in a spectrum of various frequencies and strengths of the vibrational field and it all starts with the conscious energy of self-awareness of the creative energetic quantum field.

No, water is not what creates life. Water is what life has created, and life is the conscious energy of I am.

This is why everything is alive, everything is part of the creation, conscious of its existence, created by the I am of the conscious energy.

We are the part of the I am that is, was, and always will be.

We are the creation and the creators, and we use our brains to manifest what we create.

The only restriction to our creativity is the lack of ideas.

As we become aware of the real mechanics of manifestation, our experiences will be more fun and beautiful.

We are entering into a new world of infinite possibilities and instant manifestation.

Welcome to the fifth-density.

Love and light to us all.

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