Heart murmurs


Heart murmurs used to be experienced by old people, but the same as any other chronic health issue, heart murmurs are becoming more and more commonly seen in ever younger people including children and newborn babies.

What causes heart murmurs?

A healthy heart when it’s idling (when we are calmly sitting or standing) makes no murmurs. We can only hear the valves closing producing a sound that resembles “dupp”.

When we are active, there is an increased heart rhythm and faster blood flow which we can hear as a heart murmur. It is like when you are near a slow-running river, there is no sound, but if you approach a place where the river flows faster, then you can hear the water moving as it passes through places of obstruction.

These places of obstruction in the heart are the entrances to the ventricles and atrium of the heart. Those are also the places where the heart valves are situated.

This type of murmur/sound is normal but it can be more pronounced in some people but if it does not show any visible symptoms, doctors refer to those murmurs as being normal.


Doctors consider for the murmur to be abnormal when it is exaggerated and when symptoms of a poorly functioning heart occur.

These symptoms could be bluish skin, especially at the end of the extremities, shortness of breath and cough, swelling especially of legs and arms, dizziness, fainting…

A fetus, since it does not breathe through its lungs, has a hole between the heart atrium which closes just before the baby is being born or soon after.

In some babies, the opening remains which allows that the arterial and venal blood to mix. This interferes with the proper oxygenation of the body and creates shortness of breath, especially during the activity.

This is being referred to as a hole in the heart or heart hernia.

Any structural anomaly of the orifices and heart valves will change the sound that the blood produces while passing through them.

The stronger is the sound, the more of the problem is there in the heart tissue but it is being ignored and deemed to be normal until a physical symptom shows up.

Doctors are trained to allow worsening of the situation to the point of a physical manifestation which then they can visibly control through medication.

What will increase the sound of a murmur?

A harder barrier.

This means that as the orifices and the heart valves are hardening the murmurs are becoming stronger and stronger.

Also, the orifices (the openings in the hear through which the blood enters and exits the heart) can start to reduce their volume and this will increase the heart murmur as well.


The heart valves may become harder and with jagged edges and not close properly which will create a murmur as the blood starts seeping backward.

As you can see, many reasons can increase the murmur of the heart but they are all ignored until physical symptoms appear, ad then, what is being treated is the physical symptom.

Why do doctors wait for the physical symptom appearance?

Because they are not being told the truth and they have no clue how to stop the deterioration of the heart, and when the physical symptoms appear, the treatments that are being given are based on suppression of the symptoms and not healing the heart.

So if you have a heart hernia, you are being instructed not to move much so that the symptom of the lack of blood’s oxygen do not show up.

To lower the heart murmur if there is heart stenosis or leaky valves, the heart gets drugged not to compress so hard. People are given beta-blockers or garlic.

When the symptoms become difficult to suppress, a knife becomes the answer.

The heart hernia is stitched and the heart valves are replaced by plastic ones or pigg’s valves are being used.


All of those are costly and dangerous procedures that often have to be redone since nothing that is being installed by surgeons lasts.

Why do implanted organs deteriorate?

The same as the original body parts that had deteriorated in a toxic body, the implanted parts will have the same destiny.

Does this mean that if the body is being cleansed, that the damaged body parts would have recovered?

Exactly, this is what it means.

The reason why doctors are not being told anything about toxicity and how to detoxify the human body is to allow for the diseases to develop.

Once we detoxify the body, the body begins to heal itself.

This knowledge flushes the entire medical and pharmacological industry into a toilet.

The trick is in knowing what does the body needs to be able to detoxify itself, and what will prevent the cellular osmotic hydration from occurring?

Here is where nutrition is used against us by providing us with fraudulent studies and leading us in the wrong direction.

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Do not ask any “expert” in nutrition for advice. They have no clue since their knowledge comes from faulty books. The same, you will get by following the supplement pushers, and alternative medicine practitioners.

They all use the basic misinformation as the base of their theories and they are all wrong. If they use plant medicinal remedies, they are fiddling with your symptoms, nothing more.

By suppressing your symptoms, they make you feel good/healed, while in a fact, you are continually being poisoned and your health is continuing to deteriorate.

Until we learn to use our mind to heal us, or until the healing beds are available, use the Self Healers Protocol and heal yourselves.

To achieve healing, you have to follow the protocol to the very detail.

Any seemingly minor slip may prevent you from achieving cellular hydration and the cellular cleansing depends on it.

So do not add, spinach, turmeric, garlic, ginger, cinnamon, celery, spirulina… to the protocol to “strengthen” it. You are doing just the opposite.


I strongly urge you to accept my guidance or let someone who did the protocol successfully guide you and the results will be there for you to experience.

Love and light to us all.

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