The truth behind heart arrhythmia

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According to the CDC, the most common chronic health issues are related to blood circulation, hypertension being the number one.

This is not surprising having in consideration the lack of understanding of the body due to the false knowledge we are indoctrinated with.

The more “educated” we are, the more misguided we become. This is why medical doctors are incapable of resolving any health issue and do not have the capacity of accepting the truth even when they see the results.

The present situation with the Wu-flu is starting to open their eyes but only a few are responding.

We live under a stress, and the stress has a big influence on our blood pressure.

I have explained that stress is a response of the body towards a dangerous situation.

The brain needs to find a quick solution, and the muscles have to execute it.

For this reason, the brain and the muscles have storage of a fast-burning fuel called glucose that is kept bonded to a protein so that it cannot be used by cells until the bond is broken by the stress hormone. This protein bonded glucose we call glycogen.

The only other organ that has small storage of glycogen, is the liver.

While the muscles and the brain cannot release their glucose into the blood, the liver, as a general donor, can. Under the influence of stress hormones, the liver releases glucose from glycogen and releases it into the blood.

The increased levels of blood glucose trigger the release of insulin from the pancreas so that cells of the body can absorb the glucose and increase their energy levels.

To speed up the distribution of glucose during the stress, the heart speeds up its rhythm and this causes the rise of BP (blood pressure). The entire body inflames slightly.

During the stress, the body will show anomalies.

Increased blood sugar levels, tachycardia (accelerated heart rhythm), anxiety, elevated blood pressure, perspiration (for cooling purposes), and if the stressful situation persists, tiredness, and hypoglycemia.

Each one of those things will be classified as a symptom/disease, and treated separately by the medical “expert”.

Understanding how the body reacts, explains the increase of BP during a stressful situation, but doctors do not care.

As soon as they discover an increase in BP, they start medicating the person to “normalize” the situation.

The tachycardia will be treated as well, possibly also diabetes and inflammation.

Just because we had a bad day at the office, we end up on 4-8 medications, which doctors will say are crucial for keeping us healthy.

Doctors are so far removed from reality that they really believe that what they are doing is correct and they spew their false knowledge onto their patients, frightening them into compliance.

Here is a video depicting a cardiac patient being lost in the outbacks of Australia and how the inability to medicate himself during the ordeal “cost him his life”, oh, I am sorry, actually he did great and had survived.

In my opinion, not medicating himself most likely has saved his life.

As I explain through my articles, by “normalizing” the symptoms, we are actually working against our body’s self-regulating mechanism.

Doctors are trained to disrupt this mechanism that I call the autopilot of healing, and instead of helping the body, they make it more difficult for the body to resolve the current situation.

Let us again use the car in explaining the workings of our vehicle/body.

When the car is not moving, its engine is idling.

To get moving, first, we have to accelerate the engine because more power is necessary to move the car.

The faster we want to go, the faster has to be the engine’s RPMs.

As we slow down, the engine slows down as well. If the engine continues racing, something is wrong and the mechanic has to find the problem and correct it.

Temporarily, we can solve the problem by restricting the airflow to the carburetor or by restricting the fuel supply.

The engine RPMs will go down but the performance will go down as well. At least, we are preventing the overheating of the engine.

On the other hand, the bad air and fuel mix are producing fumes and choking the engine. Unless the mechanic finds the cause of why the car raises and corrects it, the car will perform poorly and its days are numbered.

What happens to the car can happen to our bodies.

When we are steady and calm, our heart has a “normal” heartbeat and a “normal” BP.

To be able to do any movement, the heart has to accelerate, and this immediately increases the BP.

Even blinking of the eye or opening of our mouth will trigger this reaction.

The stronger is the movement, the stronger will be our bodies respond accelerating the heart rhythm and increasing the BP.

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The biggest user of energy in our body is the brain.

This means that if we are under a stress, the energy demands and the necessity of cooling are high making our heart accelerate its rhythm. The BP raises and depending on the severity and the duration of the stress, other symptoms of stress may show up.

The same as a mechanic, the doctor should look for the cause of the stress but instead, as a perfectly trained puppy, he/she will start with the symptomatic medication regimen of each symptom, the same we would do on our car to slow its RMPs.

Instead of healing, they do a total disruption of the systems just to “normalize” something that by its nature should not be normalized until the culprit is removed.

If the body increases the BP, it has the reason why it is doing this and the increased BP is what is required in those circumstances so that the body can work properly until the real culprit ( in this case the culprit is the stress), is removed.

The same is happening with the heart rhythm.

If the tachycardia has occurred, something is happening with the body, and faster blood circulation is required. “Normalizing” the blood pressure through forced dehydration with diuretics or, the forced blood vessels dilatation through the beta-blockers is actually working against the body’s attempt to cope with the stress.

Tachycardia is not what should be dealt with, the reason for the tachycardia should be focused on, but this is not how doctors reason. The indoctrination prohibits rational thinking, only the procedures have to be obeyed.

The alternative medicine realizes where the problem is but it is duped into a false understanding of diet, and stupid dietary recommendations are implemented.

As you can see, pure sugar and toxic medicinal remedies (garlic and onion).

This is exactly the type of food that causes health problems, and now, it is being recommended to heal the body, oh, yes, and do not forget to do your cardio-exercises!

We have so many “experts” that follow the newest studies and discoveries. The only thing that they do not follow is the most important tool that they have, which is their experience and rational thinking.

I can go on and on, but I guess, you’ve got the picture.

Are you ready for the disclosure?

Can you accept the truth?

Love and light to us all.

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