Confusion is the first sign of awakening

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We base our opinions on the information we had received.

As children, we believe everything we are being told. Our brain is empty, no programs are there that can proofread the incoming information and verify its truthfulness.

The more information our brain gathers, the more newly received information can be vetted.

If the new information differs from the previously stored information about the same subject, the mind will automatically question it and discard it as being false.

The information that we are going to use as the filter, will be the one we have been provided by the “trusted authority”.

This is why the molding of our mind starts at home then at the church (or any other religious dwelling), and finally, at the indoctrination centers, we call our schools and universities.

The more “educated” we are, the more respected we become not knowing that with every information we have received, we have been dumbed down since most of the information we receive is false and designed to serve the system and not the individual.

The only information we are supposed to trust as being truthful is the one that we receive through direct experience.

I am fortunate because from an early age I was questioning everything, including the patience of my parents. My mother used to say, “where the Devil cannot go, he sends you”.

Of course, a beating followed as my curiosity was being satisfied.

When I had realized that the knowledge given to me in school, especially in medical university, is not adequate, I have dropped the profession and I have used more than a decade to relax my brain.

I had acquired two more professional titles and I have spent over 25 years sailing and thinking.

My body had deteriorated from heavy drinking but it took my dog Sailor to become sick before I decided to return to the medical field again.

To my astonishment, I have noticed that 20 years later, medical science has gone backward.

Today, doctors know much less than they knew when I was young.

Since I have lost even the little trace of confidence in medical science that I had, I have decided to look into the reasons why are we being lied to.

Since the books and the studies cannot be trusted, I had to go within.

When you decide to focus on a particular thing, you will always be supported by the universe (God) in your pursuit.

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I have learned to trust my intuitions (messages from within) and confirm them through experimentation/experience of my own.

The results of this I am publishing directly to anyone who is searching for truth, through my articles and my books.

The truth is stranger than fiction. Just about everything we are being told is a lie, contrary to the truth.

The present events in politics are forcing people to pay attention because they are directly experiencing a fraud being done and exposed in front of their eyes.

Doctors themselves are being shown the absurdity of the plandemic, their inability to achieve any positive result if they continue to follow the instructions of their authority.

They are being forced to question, and they are confused.

Confusion is the first sign of the awakening of the mind.

Many people are awakening now as they are put into a situation/experience that is shattering their implanted beliefs.

The filters are coming down.

To control the damage, the Cabal is inserting doubts into the truthful information.

Now the confused and revolting mind eagerly attacks the truth.

Such is the thing with the “Flat Earth” theory.

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The first rumors about the Flat Earth came from NASA.

This should tell us something.

Just about every claim that Flat Earthers present I can easily dispute, and if there is something you want me to comment on, let me know and I will gladly do it.

One of the most common questions is, “if we are in the constant spin and in the spiral movement, how come that the sea is calm, the wind blows in any direction, and no effects of this Earth’s motion is noticed at all?

You can go into the airplane and once you are flying put it into a constant spin. You will adjust to the movement and if blindfolded, you will not realize that you are inside of a moving object.

If you smoke a cigarette, the smoke will move upwards as if you would be sitting in your own house.

Only sudden changes in the spin or in the velocity would create changes in your ambient.

Another question being frequently raised is, “why plains do not fly over the South Pole as they do over the North Pole?”

The North Pole is an integral part of the northern continents, and getting from one continent to the other, sometimes is faster by crossing the Pole.

On the other hand, the South Pole is far removed from the southern continents and it is closer to fly directly from one continent to the other than by crossing the far removed South Pole. Just look at the globe and tell me if it would have made any sense to fly over the South Pole?

You would not gain anything by it, only a chance of getting into strong turbulence, and no place to land in the case of an emergency.

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Being a sailor, I have witnessed many times a discrepancy between what my eyes see when approaching land, and what the chart was telling me.

Expecting to see a certain shoreline, and confused it with another one that is behind as the taller mountains of the further island become visible before the closer, low-lying island comes into sight.

Many sailors have gone aground because of this.

The direct experience beets any theory. This is why we are supposed to learn through our experiences and not from rigged books.

All established systems on our planet are in a process of being destroyed, and a completely new society will emerge.

This turbulence we are experiencing now is filled with new information. The confusion that this creates will force people to think again and to stop blindly following what they are being told.

We are seeing the emergence of the new humanity.

The humanity that is not divided. Instead, it is united in the common interest, and support of each other.

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We are here to power this change, and we do this by holding the light.

I will write more about this in the future.

In the meantime, enjoy the holidays, Happy Christmas, and a joyful ride.

We are blessed to be here et this time and have first-hand experience of this very rare process.

Love and light to us all

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