From the tears of pain to the tears of joy.

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The biggest sting operation that the world has ever seen is continuing but the positive outcome is becoming evident to all who are aware of what is going on.

The sting operation has started way before the 2020 US elections.

It has started with the announcement of the brewing of the Wu-flu pandemic.

Why did President Trump close the border to China flights as soon as one case of the planned Wu-flu case has occurred on the soil of the USA?

He knew the plan. The script had to be controlled.

We are all participating in the largest casted movie in history and we should be all nominated for the Oscar since we act better than our Hollywood stars, we act as if we are actually experiencing it.

The name of this movie is “The Liberation Of Planet Earth From Evil”.

This site and all of my articles are the results of my work in the field of health so I am apologizing for being political again, but this has its reason.

To those of you who are following my work, no additional knowledge is needed to heal or to stay healthy. Everything was explained through my articles and my books.

You know that the science we are indoctrinated with is false to deliberately confuse us and to prevent further improvement in knowledge.

The most corrupt science is medical science because it is used to enslave people through the fear and suffering that every disease brings.

Since the bacteria, parasites, and fungus can be isolated and confirmed because they have a physical manifestation, they are organisms, not much lying can be done if they are used as the source of a disease.

When we can see them we know if they are present or not, and we can fight against them and monitor the results.

This is why some other bogyman had to be invented which will be a mystery.

Something that will create the symptoms of a disease, but cannot be proven or disproved.

The “virus” was born.

The virus has no physicality and no matter who says it and how much recognition is given to them or to the virus itself, one truth remains. Nobody had ever managed to isolate or to see any viral RNA, but we are duped into believing that it exists.

It is something very similar to Devil, and the same people have created them both.

Do not believe in what you see (or not see), believe in what you are being told by the “authority”.

The virus is the perfect weapon.

It can be instantly created, spread, and stopped.

No laboratory is necessary, and the cures and vaccines can be made instantly.

How contagious it is, and how fast it is spreading depends on the script that follows it.

What is good about the virus, we know when it will attack, and how fast it will spread.

Here in Peru, the military is on the streets already because it is known that the virus will attack during the Christmas Holiday.

The alarm is on throughout the world and we all have to remain locked indoors during the Christmas Holiday with masks on our faces.

Only the police and the military can walk around because it is a known fact that the virus is not attacking the police, the military, and the violent protesters.

That is the fact, and if you did not know it, just watch the News.

Everyone has to be tested so that they can be told about the presence of the nonexistent virus in their body.

Since a virus is not a microorganism, what causes the symptoms of a “disease” in some people?

What triggers the flu season each year?

An energy change. This is why the flu season is in the Fall and in the Spring.

The Summer and the Winter do not create much energy change and the instances of flu are rare.

A huge frequency shift is made artificially and dispersed through the cellphone antennas. People that are living next to them have much higher rates of “infections”, and that is a fact that nobody is reporting on.

Every time an increase of infected people wants to be achieved, simple signal has to be sent and the toxic people will come down with symptoms of flu.

The plan is to eliminate many people and since the natural immune system is protecting us from pollution, the fastest and the most effective way of poisoning is done by directly injecting the poison into the body.

People are not that stupid to accept this being done to them, or are they?

Roll up your sleeve and receive the vaccine that will “protect” you from the nonexistent virus.

The fear of the Wu-flu is doing exactly what it was supposed to do. It is scaring people into asking to be vaccinated.

As soon as you become “protected” another strain of the virus will pop up making your immunity from the previous virus inadequate, and this “new strain of Wu-flu” is in London already. It has the name VUI202012/01, Sir Patrick Vallance has revealed.

Now, another vaccine has to be created, or have we been lied-to and any mRNA vaccine can take care of it?

Oh, yes. The mRNA vaccine can be programmed to adjust to any virus and possibly pathogen. This means that no additional vaccines are necessary, just send a different signal.

Is there anyone who cannot see what is going on?

They do not need the mRNA vaccine to create symptoms of a disease but those symptoms will continue appearing vaccinated or not, as long as the frequencies of our environment will be shifting, and as long as our cells are toxic enough to cause heavy blood pollution and the consequent symptoms that this crates and we call the flu.

There are two ways to heal and none of them involve vaccines.

One way is to stop listening to what we are being told, get rid of the cellphone antennas and cellphones.

The other way we can stop manifesting the symptoms of flu even when the environment frequency changes is to cleanse our cells so that the cellular cleansing which occurs as the consequence of the vibrational shift does not produce toxic cellular waste. The blood will remain clean and no symptoms of toxic blood and its cleansing/flu will occur.

Every declaration of viral testing is a 100% fraud. No one can confirm non-existing RNA no matter how many times you amplify the sample.

Whatever RNA is located, it is always the RNA of the host, and not of the virus.

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Every viral infection has stopped manifesting once the person was cleansed on the cellular level. Here I include herpes and the HIV, polio… “viral diseases”.

I can, and I have proved this with many clients.

If you fear the virus, follow the SHP. This protocol will cleanse and heal you and I promise, you will never have any significant symptoms of toxic blood/flu, and you will start recovering from any chronic health issue that was bothering you for years.

On top of this, as your cells become clean, your telomeres will extend and you will start getting younger.

What a perk!

Many people have had very bad experiences, living in fear, not understanding what is going on. The tears of sorrow were the emotion of helplessness.

Now, everything is changing and the tears will be the expression of another emotion that is much stronger than the one of fear.

The emotion of happiness and bliss will start to flow.

The good has won and an incredible future is starting to emerge.

Merry Christmas

Love and light to us all

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