What is the fundamental problem behind every disease?

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Peter sent me an article in which a professor explains what is the fundamental problem behind every disease.


Those of you who are familiar with my work will immediately understand why doctors are unable to help. If your basic understanding of inflammation is wrong, you will be stuck.

Add to it a false understanding of the immune system, and ignore the knowledge about the plasticity of genes, you end up with total confusion.

I have been mentioning that as far as our body goes if we look at it from the point of quantum mechanics, our body is an electronic robot, controlled by frequencies.

For ease of understanding, let us compare this robot of ours with a car.

Every car has various components.

It has the engine that propels it (muscles), the chassis (the bone structure), the wheels (extremities), oil (plasma), injectors (the heart), electronics (the nerve system), battery (energy reserve), fuel (the cellular energy supply), coolant (the immune system), and the driver (mind) without the car does not function.

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Of course, there are many other components such as the braking system, suspension, clutch… and they have their components and fluids but I am going to make this simpler for ease of understanding.

So, when the car is new and all the liquids are optimal, the filters clean, the proper fuel supplied, the car will start easily and it will perform correctly according to its design.

Let us say that it is designed to use gasoline as its fuel/energy.

If the fuel is bad, has water in it, this will cause more condensation, and the fuel lines and the injectors will rust. A disease is forming but it will not be detected until it affects the performance of the car. We will not know that there is a problem with the water in the fuel until the car start to have a problem starting up and a loss of power and failing in combustion in some of the cylinders.

The same happens when there is a presence of some toxic element in our food. One of the toxins we can use as an example is alcohol.

We can drink moderate quantities of alcohol, two beers a day, and we are not going to feel any problem for a while but since alcohol prevents cellular hydration and becomes processed in the liver creating fat and uric acid, this will cause an effect on the way our robot/body will behave.

In time we will experience fatty liver, kidney stones, arthritis, problems in blood circulation, mental problems, muscular problems… just read my articles or my book and you will see what are the consequences of the cellular dehydration, nerve suppression, and excess of uric acid.

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A good mechanic will locate the source of the car problem and if the quality of the fuel can not be improved, a fuel additive (a medication) will be recommended to disperse the water so that it does not settle down and cause rusting. Now the water will be eliminated during the combustion phase and turn to vapor. In the cold weather, white vapor that rapidly disappears will be noticed at the exhaust pipe (a symptom of the unresolved disease). The car will have to be “medicated” until the proper fuel is supplied ( that is the cure).

A doctor will look for the cause of the health problems but he/she will look at the symptoms and start treating each symptom separately because such a small level of alcohol is thought not problematic and cannot in any way cause all of those terrible health problems.

So fatty liver, hypertension, kidney stones, insomnia, glaucoma, cataract, hernia, arthritis… will all be medicated separately increasing the toxic load of the blood and creating more health problems and faster destruction of the overall health.

Another set of problems will occur when a wrong fuel becomes mixed into the correct fuel.

Let us assume that a bit of diesel is mixed into the gasoline.

The gasoline/diesel mix will burn slower and incompletely causing loss of engine power and smoking of dark exhaust fumes.

If the fuel cannot be changed (healed), then the mechanic will have to do some readjustments to the engine to increase its performance.

The timing has to be changed so that the spark ignites the fuel a bit earlier so that better use of the slower fuel explosion can be utilized. This will increase the performance and slightly reduce dark smoke, the fuel will burn better.

This will not solve the problem of the bad fuel but it will dampen it, suppress it, or make it less noticeable.

In time the carbonization of the engine the cylinders will occur.

A small piece of carbon can become loose and scratch the cylinder. This will cause a loss of pressure and the engine will start smoking more.

The life span of the engine will be greatly reduced.

The carbon buildup can affect the engine valves which will also result in a loss in pressure and a wrong fuel and air mix. This causes bad combustion and further loss of engine performance.

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A mechanic will know that diesel should not be mixed with gasoline (petrol), and will advise us to change the fuel.

If we do not do this, then as a problem occurs (symptom) the mechanic will have to treat it individually.

If the valves start leaking, they will have to be polished or replaced.

If the cylinder becomes scratched, it can be temporarily sealed with special heavy oil (medicated), but eventually, the cylinder will have to be polished and the piston replaced…

When we use the wrong fuel/food, the same things happen with our health.

We are designed to use fat as our cellular fuel, and when we do this, our body functions extremely well.

When we start mixing the wrong fuel, the dietary glucose/cooked carbohydrates, our cells respond to this by automatically triggering an adaptation process so that this kind of fuel can be utilized.

Every adaptation is initiated through a genetic change/recalibration.

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Our cells have to start producing nagalase to be able to process glucose better.

The pancreas has to inject insulin to reduce the cellular membrane tension so that the glucose can penetrate into the cell.

More sugar transporting protein has to be manufactured as the number of cellular mitochondria diminishes so that the cell can receive an adequate amount of glucose to be able to produce the amount of energy needed.

Since the energy production from fat becomes greatly reduced because of the reduction in the number of active mitochondria, the necessity of a greater amount of glucose forces more GLUT transported to be available. This increases the sugar absorption and ultimately leads to an increase in the blood sugar levels. Diabetes is formed.

The constant irritation of the cellular membranes that is caused by the insulin, forces the cells to thicken their membranes.

The material for this is provided by cholesterol so the cholesterol blood-level increases.

The cellular membranes thicken and resist insulin. Full-blown diabetes shows up.

The thicker cellular membranes make the cells less flexible. The arteries lose flexibility and become rigid.

This causes problems in the blood circulation and increased blood pressure.

The problem in the blood circulation will affect glomerules and kidney problems start appearing.

The bad blood circulation will have a negative impact on all systems and we will experience a total system breakdown of our body from problems with vision, hearing, motion, heart, and brain (Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, headaches, insomnia, and stroke).

The doctor has no clue what is going on because in medical school they are teaching us that glucose/sugar is the primary and the most important cellular energy source/fuel.

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We, doctors, have to wake up to reality.

We have been lied to and our school obtained knowledge is deliberate misinformation to harm humans and to make us sick and dependent on this crooked system.

I hope that my colleagues are reading this and recognizing the truth that is being disclosed.

Fortunately, we do not need mechanic/doctor to heal.

We are designed to self-heal.

Cleanse and correct your diet, and your genes will do the rest.

The time has come, the disclosure is here. People are waking up.

Freedom is coming.

If you can, please make a donation and support my work.

Love and light to us all.

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