The WU-flu vaccine is here. Are we being saved?

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The distribution of the vaccine that “will save the world” from the Wu-flu plandemic has started in the USA. The vaccination of people is to be started shortly so is there a need to close local businesses?

When asked a similar question Bill Gates responded that it will take probably until the Summer of 2022 for things to become “more normal”.

What does “more normal” actually mean?

Well, it means that what will be considered as being normal will be different from what we know to be normal now.

B. Gates was talking about what the Cabal has planned for our future, fortunately for us, this has been stopped through the intervention of the Alliance/White hats and president D. Trump.

The victory was won, and what we are experiencing now is just a small portion of what was planned for us by the Cabal/Illuminate, so that it can be experienced because the great majority of people has to see it to believe it.

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Basically, the present events were allowed to go through so that more people wake up and avoid getting hurt during the mop-up action during which the bad actors will be rounded up to be judged.

This Wu-flu vaccine has a nano-chip pasted to RNA of the human chromosome 8.

Chromosome 8 is involved in controlling our mind, our intelligence. Through the nano-size chip/robot, the Cabal/Illuminate are trying to take over the control of our mind.

Through my work, I explain that RNA and DNA house the genetic makeup of our bodies which reacts to the frequency of their environment and provides the appropriate blueprint to the behavior of our cells in the given environment/frequency.

Since vaccines contain RNA, the genetic activity will be changing depending on where the vaccines are stored and by whom they will be handled.

To avoid reacting to the changes in the environment, the vaccines have to be stored in a very cold place.

As heat speeds up the vibration, the cold slows it down, making changes to the frequency of ambient to appear slowly.

Because of the rapid reaction of genes to changes in their environment, the vaccine has to be stored in a cold place until the moment it will be used so that the genetic shift does not occur until the RNA is injected into the body.

The difference between the RNA and the mRNA is not in the way they react to the environment, but in what environment will be chosen to react to.

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To clarify, we are existing within a field of various frequencies, and the frequencies that our cells are adapting to have been selected by a program that is stored as the basic program in our brain.

Our genes will react only to those frequencies that they have been programmed to react to and in which way they will react is written into their genetic blueprint.

Now, an artificial program has been inserted and spliced to the RNA molecule using a nano-size processor that is programmed to react to an impulse that is sent through a command module of a computer/telephone.

This would have been all nice and dandy if our generic RNA would not be reacting to this artificial signal as well.

So what has happened is when the artificial signal is transmitted, the messenger RNA will pick it up and adaptation is put in motion, but at the same time our generic system reacts to it in a defensive mode putting our cells in a state of alert, a state that Dr. Lipton calls a fight and flight response.

This response will trigger an increase in blood pressure, forcing more plasma into our cells. This will cause immediate elimination of some of the cellular toxic garbage that is trapped there.

This increases the toxicity of our blood and creates the symptoms we refer to as a disease, the flu.

The more toxic we are, the stronger will be the pollution of our blood and the symptoms of flu.

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As soon as our genes respond to the change of the environment, the cells become provided with a new blueprint that adjusts them to these new frequencies, and everything calms down.

We say that we have become immune to the “virus”.

Once this happens, the mRNA can assume its role in serving the artificial master without us showing any symptoms of flu.

Since we are all following a crooked science and eating toxic foods and receiving toxic vaccines, we are all polluted. This is why our reactions to environmental changes are violent and the same, even worse will happen after we receive the mRNA/Wu-flu vaccine.

The purpose of this vaccine is to control our mind and not to eradicate any disease.

On top of this, it is equipped with a GPS monitor and it transmits all the information about your body.

If you think that you have no privacy now, just wait till you are vaccinated. It will most likely be able to transmit even your thoughts.

No way out my friends, a total control.

Once we are going to be all mind-controlled, we will no longer know what “normal” means.

Under no circumstances accept any vaccine especially the mRNA one.

As the saying goes, if you repeat the lie numerous times, the lie becomes the truth. You start believing in it.

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This is the principle of our education and the reason why our doctors instead of healing, promote the creation and distribution of diseases.

The brainwashing is so thorough that even when seeing the disastrous results of their action, they cling to this “science” hoping to achieve a different result.

Some doctors have started to awaken. This obvious lies about the plandemic are penetrating even those indoctrinated minds but still, the false popular science is difficult to leave behind.

Doctors still cling to the lie that virus is a microorganism. The false knowledge is hard to change.

Do not pay any attention to what doctors and the media are saying about this virus.

At least, some doctors started to realize that some medications can eliminate symptoms of many diseases, not just one. The symptoms of a disease will be suppressed and since the symptoms depend on the toxicity of blood, slowing down or stopping the cellular cleansing will eliminate the symptoms of many diseases, not just one.

Again I want to emphasize that what we call disease are in most cases just symptoms created by the toxic blood or its cleansing.

Do not fear, stop watching and listening to the media. The truth is always the opposite of their narrative.

The good has won, and the cleanup is about to begin for all to see.

Love and light to us all.

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