Why are humans plagued with diseases like no other creature?

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This question was answered in my previous post.

For many years I am explaining that what we are being indoctrinated with during our education is a bunch of lies.
Automatically another question pops up and the question is, why?

Who would want to see humans suffering?

This question has now an obvious answer. Just look who is scarifying children, and using them as a part of Satanic ceremonies?
Who is drinking the adrenochrome?

I have told you that the mistakes in medical science are not random. They are the exact opposite of the truth which makes them deliberate, intentional.

The best way to explain why is this done is by reading the Protocol of Zion.
Why is it taboo to implicate Jews in any shenanigans?
The Protocol of Zion is eliminated from most of the Internet but you can learn about it here:


After watching this video, many things will become clear and you will understand what is happening now in this US election and why is Wu-flu paraded and freedoms stripped away.

Maybe this is making it easier for you to understand why the election trap had to be set.

Now you can see how deep is the Evil set in our society.

Now when most people think that Trump is finished, the true faces are emerging.

Just look at the transformation of Fox personal.
Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, The Five..all are changing the tune to preserve their pocketbook leaving their followers high and dry.

They do not realize that if this fraudulent election would be left to pass, this would be the end of freedom forever. The Evil would have been permitted to thrive.

Does anyone really think that Trump and the Alliance would allow this to happen?

Does anyone think that those 80 million Americans will fold and go back to sleep?

Start using your head for more than to hold your cap on.

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For a year now I am being reminded by some of my friends that everything is cyclical and what is happening will lead to destruction, but they are forgetting that we are battling the Evil utilizing Lucifer’s own play-book.

Yes, the events are coming as planned but the outcomes are different.

Are you too blind to notice?

It is all about faith my friends and family. Do not let them get to you.

You have been victorious but your fear prevents you to notice.

Faith will help you to conquer your fear. This is very important for your health as physical so spiritual.


Love and light to us all.

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