Do you understand the 5D-Chess that’s going on?

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There are protests going on in many countries as people are losing their freedom, their jobs, and their businesses.
What is happening now was planned many years ago and since it is the fight between the oligarch and the general population, some type of control mechanisms had to be installed through which the general population can be controlled.

Since fear is the most effective tool for controlling individuals, every institution that can take over the command of fear had to be hijacked to the service of the oligarch and the Cabal/Illuminate that they serve.

Since people are easily frightened by the unknown, religion was created that will use fear as its primary weapon.
As the original Christianity started breaking into various fractions where people were searching for the truth, science had to be kidnapped to serve the narratives of the religion.

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Ultimately the medicine had to be hijacked because there is not a living being that is not afraid for its life.

David Rockefeller took the charge of the medical field and through his foundation, the entire medical profession became nothing more than a scripted play, the same as journalism.

Utilizing scientifically fabricated “truths”, the science of medicine became the creator of diseases and through a system of medicinal poisons, fear of diseases and death is being controlled.

Today’s situation with COVID is a clear eye opener although most people, especially doctors still refuse to see it the way it is.

For many years I am exposing the most obvious medical lies that can be easily debunked and are obvious to everyone who can see and rationally evaluate but until recently very few medical doctors responded to them.

If there is anyone reading this article who knows a medical professional who agrees that salt has absolutely no effect on an increase in blood pressure, please let me know because I haven’t met one yet and this is so obvious and easy to prove that it is laughable.

Much more complicated it is to prove that this Wu-flu is not a contagious pandemic because there is no way to prove or disprove the existence of the virus.

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Well, not so fast. To disprove something, first, you have to prove that it exists which with a virus of any kind it was never the case.

Yes, we have pictures and we have tests. We also have Nobel Prizes for Obama and Pasteur, total fraudsters.

None existent microorganism is being blamed on none existent pandemic and people have to stay in their homes and die because their government has decided that this has to be done.

People are pressured to take a bogus test which is actually used to mark them and to take a sample of their DNA.

Since a huge number of people are knowingly and unknowingly involved in this scheme, not really understanding what they are a part of before the system can be taken down and the guilty punished, an awakening of the general population had to take place.

Indoctrinated “experts” could not be convinced without actually experiencing things themselves.

This is the reason why was the presidential election in the USA allowed to be stolen.

People have to be shown the truth.

Those who will wake up will have the opportunity to save themselves relatively painlessly,

Those who will be unable to see the truth will suffer as more severe experience will be needed for them to wake up.

For those of you who are awake, here is an interesting video from David Icke that my friend Frank has sent to me:

I do not agree with some statements of Celeste Solum because I see the virus in a different light but the planes and the actions of the Illuminati she is exposing are real.

Through a variety of my articles, I am explaining that we are intentionally being poisoned through the food as the wrong food is being promoted and the correct type of food is being demonized.

In the last 20 years, we are being bombarded with nanotechnology and various poisons that are injected into our bodies through vaccines.

This toxic garbage is accumulating and our bodies are being prevented from cleansing themselves because the most necessary ingredient for this process is bashed, and that ingredient is the sea salt.

Not refined sea salt is hard to get and in some countries of which Peru is one, this kind of salt is illegal and cannot be sold openly since it is not certified by the Peruvian health administration.

Why is nanotechnology used?

Because it easily responds to slight electromagnetic stimulation. A cellular telephone signal can be used to activate it.

The slight electromagnetic stimulation becomes the virus.

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Now you see why masks will not save you, and people can be affected selectively. This is why their DNA is being collected.

Now, we are silenced by preventing our voices to be heard, but the system is getting ready to silence us for good, and the Illuminati/Cabal is letting us know that the third wave of the Wu-flu will be the deadliest and it will happen in February of 2021.

Fortunately, Trump and the Alliance are in the process of the final destruction of the dark Evil and its minions.

Now it will be exposed how few very wealthy people play with the lives of many and how they control us through lies and deceits. The fraudulent voting machines are used by many governments on this planet so what is happening in the USA is going to resonate all over this Planet.

We are being played as fools, “vote for whomever, we will place our leader anyway”.

I apologize for devoting so many articles to the political aspect and not zeroing only on health, but what is happening now with the “plandemic”, the media, and the US election is the most important thing in the history of our planet and our Universe.

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Understanding what is going on helps us to control our fear and as you know, the fear is responsible for many health problems we experience during our life.

In the USA, things may appear to move slow but as I have explained in some of my previous posts, the slower is the change, the less violent it will be.

If you have awakened and are impatient, sit in your lazy-chair, grab pork crisps and enjoy the show because nothing can stop what’s coming, nothing!!!

Love and light to us all.

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