mRNA vaccine fraud

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mRNA stands for messenger ribonucleic acid.
For those who do not know what is ribonucleic acid (RNA), RNA is a single strain of a cellular protein that carries genetic information. Two strains of RNA form DNA which contain the complete genetic code of an organism.

Articles are popping up about the new miracle mRNA vaccine that will finally succeed in protecting the body from various “diseases” where genetic transformation/glitch has occurred.

Everyone who is following my work understands immediately that this is a big hoax.

Here is one of such articles that my friend Mark has provided, and I will use it to debunk the article’s claims, theories, and lies.

This article talks about the mRNA vaccine that is created to specifically target coronavirus that is causing plandemic of a “terrifying” proportion.

The article explains that the mRNA is going to instruct the cells on what protein to built to counter the genetic glitch that causes the disease in question.
The mRNA will receive the message from where exactly?

I have explained through my articles that our cells create proteins based on the genetic blueprint and which gene/blueprint will be read, depends on the frequency of the environment into which the cell is immersed.

Every cell does this naturally, but now a special mRNA is introduced.

To what frequency is this “message RNA” responding if not to the frequency of the cellular environment? Here we go quantum again.

Everything is energy in various frequencies and those frequencies can be transmitted through light, sound, and electromagnetic vibration.

Every change in the environment will cause a shift in genetic activation.

Some of the cellular responses will be in cells rejecting this vibration because they will sense it to be toxic. The affected cells will do not make a genetic realignment and the incorrect frequency will be understood as being toxic to those cells.

The affected cells will reject/vomit this energy, and if those cells contain some toxic material, their garbage and some of their RNA and DNA will be released into the blood.

The more toxic are the cells, the more polluted will the blood become.

The more toxic is the blood, the more severe will be the symptoms of blood cleansing we call disease.

Since the cellular RNA or DNA will be found when the blood is examined, this will prompt doctors to claim that the blood cleansing symptoms are caused by a virus.

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Every RNA has a genetic material that reacts to the changes in its environment so why do we think that we need this mRNA (message RNA)?

mRNA is a coded RNA that has a nanochip pasted to it which can be selectively affected through an electromagnetic signal.

If a special mRNA is created that will respond to coded electromagnetic signals, this can create a real problem in the body.

In the article, it is mentioned that now when the nucleic sequence of coronavirus that causes COVID-19 is found, the targeted mRNA can easily be activated to alter the cellular response, and to prevent the symptoms of flu from manifesting.

This would actually prevent the natural cellular cleansing from occurring but much worse things can come out of this.

Those of you who are reading my posts are aware that the nucleic sequence they are blaming to be the COVID-19 virus, is actually the nucleic sequence of the human chromosome 8 that is involved in controlling our intelligence.

So what is this 95% successful vaccine designed to suppress and destroy exactly?

All those pictures we are being bombarded with that look like the sea mines claiming to be the coronavirus are only microsome/exosome, a bagged cellular garbage, nothing else.

There is no microorganism present because a virus is an electromagnetic impulse that causes cells to vomit/cleanse themselves.

A virus has no protein of its own and does not exist in a form of a microorganism.

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This electromagnetic impulse /virus can be transmitted through the cellphone antenna and through the cellphone itself.

Special microwave weapons have been invented called scalar weapons that can affect our DNA.

Why aren’t more people getting sick from this radiation/virus?

It was predicted that millions of deaths will occur worldwide from this virus.

The vibration of our planet has risen tremendously and our genes are adjusting to those changes. Now the 4G radiation is not high enough to stress our cells and the 5G is not ready to be used. Even the 5G will not present many problems since the Earth’s frequency is forcing rapid changes in our genome and this way in our cellular structure.

All of the planes of the Cabal are falling apart.

Yes, they can hit us with very high radiation and fry us on the spot, but this would be too obvious as they had discovered in China where people were dying like flies after being zapped, with their entire insides being microwaved.

The mRNA is nothing more than a chip controlled cellular response designed to alter the behavior of our cellular structure.

This is a merge of artificial intelligence with our cellular structure.

Basically, those who accept it are relinquishing control over their own body to someone who runs the artificial program.

This is just a step up from signing-up with the Devil which was done so far by accepting to serve Lucifer in exchange for favors.

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Until now, your acceptance was enough and you were ensured fame, money, and success.

I was given this offer which I had refused, but I can see how easily can people be tempted in accepting it since a huge amount of money, global recognition, and success are promised in return to your compliance and acceptance of Lucifer.

Since there are many people who do not want to accept Lucifer, this insertion of mRNA through vaccination will overpower their will.

This is the only reason why the vaccination is being implemented and actually forced on everyone.

The Cabal has been destroyed, now the sting operation was done to expose all the dark minions and their destruction has begun.

This is the last step. Be patient, it’ll be over soon.

General Flin has been pardoned and this means he was officially activated to serve the forces of good.

Until now he was working with his Lawyer Sidney Powell while a fake Durham and Bar investigation was permitted to drag along.

Welcome to the disclosure.

Love and light to us all.

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