Instantly developed allergies

How does tick bite looks like on human (pimple) - YouTube

Many people have experienced becoming all of a sudden allergic to something that they had never been allergic to before.

Is it possible that an allergy can develop literally in minutes, and remain forever?

Like this video that was sent to me by my friend Peter shows, this is possible.

This video is talking about an allergy to a particular type of sugar that we encounter in red meat.

Once allergic, we are told that we are going to remain allergic for the rest of our lives and this does not have to be so.

Instead of focusing on the sugar Alpha galactose which is a chemical compound, we are going to perceive it the same way as our cells do, as the energy of particular vibration.

Although our body does not use it, we do receive it through many types of food because alpha galactose is present in almost every type of meat and animal products, but also in some plants people eat.

If we have been receiving it and had no problems, this means that our body can decompose it (restructure or digest it).

For this purpose, our body requires an enzyme we call glycoside hydrolase.

The followers of my work are familiar with it as it was renamed into Nagalase to better confuse us when cancer is in question.

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Now the question is, if we can manipulate this chemical/frequency, why all of a sudden we no longer tolerate it, and can we correct this, or are we doomed forever?

Something has been done that has made slight changes in the sugar frequency, and the enzyme can no longer manipulate this type of sugar which causes an immediate reaction of the body to expel it.

In the case of a tick bite, a slightly deviated energy was injected into the body and every molecule that has a closely resonating frequency in the body became affected/infected by it.

Since this altered frequency came from a tick and can adapt to the human body, it has to have genes. To have genes it has to have its own protein and we can identify it as a bacteria.

This means that for people to develop a tick influenced allergy to animal products that contain the Alpha galactose, the tick must have been infected with a particular bacteria/frequency.

Once this bacteria/frequency is in our body, it will prevent the body from processing the Alpha galactose.

Since alpha galactose is not something that our body requires and produces, we are not going to be affected negatively with this bacteria/frequency in our body until we bring the Alpha glycoside into the body through the food we eat.

This means that to remain symptom-free and infected, we can no longer consume things that contain Alpha galactose.

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Since doctors do not know how to rid the body from this bacteria/frequency, infected people remain intolerant/allergic to this type of sugar for the rest of their lives.

Becoming infected through tick bite is not the only way we can develop an instantaneous allergy.

!8 years ago in a restaurant I was served a steak. A couple of hours later the symptoms of food poisoning emerged becoming stronger and stronger. I was on my yacht and the vomiting became continuous with nothing more to throw out.

My wife had a vaginal suppository as the only antibiotic available so I gabled it down.

Soon the vomiting stopped and I have gradually started to feel better.

After this incident, I became allergic to beef.

First I could not even look at it, and later, even when the taste for a steak lured me into eating it, the stomach pain had returned together with diarrhea. For years I could not eat beef as this slight deviation of the correct beef frequency was stuck in the energetic field of my body and was interpreted by my brain as being toxic and was rejected by my body.

I thought that this was forever but miraculously after I did the Self Healers Protocol, this allergic reaction of my body to beef has gone away.

Now I can enjoy my T-bone steak again.

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Later, I have noticed that everyone who had followed the SHP has healed themselves from every allergic problem they were initially suffering from.

This is what prompted me into thinking that what we are being told about an autoimmune reaction is incorrect.

Converting chemicals and matter into frequency makes it much simpler and easier to grasp the overall picture of what is going on, and it makes it way easier to find a solution to the problem than converting everything into chemical and pinpointing what chemical does what and in which circumstances so that antidote can be concocted.

This is the reason why all of the new medical healing processes are based on the frequency and not on chemicals.

This frequency is applied through a sound, light, odor, and electromagnetic field.

Since here we are talking about changing, modifying toxic frequencies, and not about expelling them out of the body, no purging symptoms are created and this means no swelling and pain need to be experienced during the healing process.


This information is very valuable especially at this time when we are all going through strong energetic changes.

Our genome is changing but not the way as we are being told by our professors. A gene is never missing. It is, or it is not, active.

What activates the gene is the frequency that this gene resonates with.

This is important to know because when the doctor tells us that the gene that activates an enzyme is missing, meaning nothing can be done here, it is all wrong.

When the gene is inactivated and we have a health problem because of it, often a simple change in frequency can activate the necessary gene and the health problem is gone.

Ain’t that something!

Welcome to the disclosure, my friends and family.

Love and light to us all.

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