Did your health suddenly deteriorate?

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Many people are noticing that they do not feel that good lately.

Most people feel chronically tired and feel as if their heads are being compressed.

Some people that thought that their health is perfect, now experience discomfort realizing that there is something wrong.

Some of my clients and friends are surprised to see some of their old health issues returning and new issues appearing while they are continuing to eat healthy and hydrating.

What is going on? Is the virus returning, is it on steroids?

I have been asked by a friend what is he doing wrong? He eats much healthier than some of his friends and they do not experience problems that he does.

This is not surprising.

This is to be expected and the Cabal knew what is going to be happening in the year 2020 and especially in September, October, and November of this year.

This is why the Crown virus plan-demic was unleashed.

They had counted on it from the time they put the Bible together and had included it as one of their prophecies. It is a part of The Rapture but as we can see, the Rapture is not happening, we have stopped manifesting and we are now in post Rapture times.

We have passed the prophesized Armageddon and we are in the uncharted territory of unplanned future.

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How did the Cabal know about this?

I do not want to dive into this subject because there are people who research this topic more than I ever did and if you are interested, listen to David Icke.

I just want you to be aware of more occult things so that you understand better what is going on.

The more we know, the more we understand and this helps us to control our fear.

Our mind is afraid of the unknown, this is why the virus was chosen to be the ultimate bogeyman. Nobody understands it, especially the doctors, which creates a perpetual opportunity for misinterpretation and falsehood. “As long as the doctor said it, it must be true”. Really?

If it is not the virus, what is the reason why so many people feel sickly these days?

Again, without the quantum understanding, we are lost. No wonder that doctors are lost, they have no knowledge of quantum mechanics.

Our body is an electronic robot and it is governed by the laws of physics and not the laws of chemistry as we are being misinformed in the school.

Our galaxy is now in a particular place of the universe where it is exposed to higher frequencies.

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As I have explained before, our genes are blueprints that instruct our cells how to behave in a particular field of frequencies that surrounds them.

As the frequency of the cellular environment changes so does change the gene activation/genome. This ensures the survival of the cell/organism in this new environment of frequencies that surrounds them.

Not only that the frequencies have risen, there is a particular planetary positioning taking place which creates an additional vibratory change that is related to our emotionally energetic vibrational field.

Any sudden change of vibration of their environment our cells sense as being toxic. When we ingest something toxic, we become sick and throw up. So do our cells.

The more toxicity there is within our cells, the more stuff will come out from them and further pollute the cellular environment by changing the environment of the blood/plasma that surrounds the cells.

In my previous articles, I have mentioned that not every frequency is processed and presented in the form of matter. Those frequencies that create our emotions, for example, cannot be seen but they affect the cellular environment the same as any other toxic frequency and it will result in the same cellular reaction as if a chemical toxin would have been in question.

This means that the way you react towards some event will create an emotion that can be toxic to your cells and your body.

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Since we are talking about electromagnetic frequencies, they will leave an imprint in the environment which will stay there until it is consciously erased.

This means that we have to consciously focus on the issue first, we say that the emotion has to come to the surface.

Only after it had surfaced it can be consciously erased/let go.

Allow, accept, and let go.

Many of these emotional imprints are lingering in our genetic chain and in our tissues, and we are unaware of their existence because we are not focusing on them. We are not acknowledging them.

The toxic emotions are frequencies of low vibration. As the frequency of our environment rises, our genes are exposed to high frequencies and genetic reprogramming is taking place.

Since there is always a time-laps between the frequency change and the genetic response, our cells react as if they are being poisoned with these new frequencies.

Now, since the frequency of our environment is rising, all of the low vibrating energetic imprints are surfacing and affecting everyone.

Some people are incapable of coping with these energetic changes, some people do not want any change to take place, and some people are welcoming those changes, allowing them to take place and willingly raise their own vibration.

Depending on which way we respond to those changes, the symptoms of the change will be experienced.

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For example, what is happening to me?

The same as other people I am loaded with unresolved emotional imprints and I have noticed that when I eat chocolate that has a strong toxin in the form of glyphosate which is a part of the soy lecithin that is used to make the chocolate smooth, my body goes into a cleansing mode.

When I ingest it, I immediately feel that something is not right and during the night the cleansing kicks in and in the morning comes diarrhea but this toxic energy, the same as the virus or bacteria, create the forced cellular hydration/inflammation so that the cellular purging can occur and I get a low-grade fever and muscle pain.

This one toxic frequency has triggered many other toxic energetic imprints to be released to the surface. Instead of grabbing medicinal/toxic remedies to counter this process and keep it locked in my body, I allow it to continue.

This is exactly how medicinal remedies stimulate the cleansing process of our body.

I surrender, acknowledge it, and let it go.

Then I provide my body with plenty of plasma so that it can do the cleansing and in three days I feel like a new person.

Many pains and aches are directly related to those emotional imprints because they cause energetic barriers. Our body cannot raise its frequency unless those toxic frequencies are released and eliminated.

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We have to cleanse if we want to raise our vibration and this has nothing to do wit eating vegetables as the vegetables are more toxic than the meat.

We are all going to eat much less and we are going to cleanse to be able to survive in this new environment of high frequencies.

The more we fight/resist it, the more pain we are going to experience. Either we follow our planet or we are going to be left behind.

Again, the Self Healers Protocol can help us to go through this process peacefully knowing what is going on and accepting to change.

Love and light to us all.

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