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Whenever the Big Pharma or its alternative promoters of the “natural” supplement industry are promoting their bogus products, they reach for science to do their bidding.

“If you want to be healthy and have a long life, buy our Resveratrol tablets.

The Resveratrol will extend the telomeres and keep you healthy and young forever”, claims the Big Pharma.

The “health-oriented” alternative industry with their supplement market will warn you: “do not get the toxic pharmaceutical product. Get it from us, it is all-natural and you can get it by ingesting our 100% natural cacao powder, our peanut butter, and our red wine”.

Then the science is introduced that”proves” how the Resveratrol promotes the growth of telomeres.

Of course, the genetic pool has to be included, after all, those demons who can afford it are drinking the blood of young children so that a young genetic material is readily available to keep the body young.

So, is it the telomeres, or is it the young genetic material?

Who cares. None of them are keeping anybody young anyway. It is all just a theory on paper that is called the scientific study but the results do not support any of it.

Followers of my work know that the telomeres maintain their length, they just curl up in a tight curl or they extend themselves by releasing this curl.

The tightness of the curl is dependent on the toxic load in the environment and no amount of Resveratrol will make any difference. The supplements are all laced with toxic elements which make the claims of the supplement pushers 100% false.

The relaxed telomeres will be able to sense a greater range of frequencies which will provide more information to the cell. Those telomeres will relax in a clean environment.

The reality that we experience depends on the manifestation and not on the size of the telomeres although one can improve the action of the other.

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I wrote many articles on the topic of aging incorporating the quantum mechanics to be able to explain how things work, and now we have a schooled scientist Gregg Braden explaining how the science is proving things that have been known but could not be proven before.

Being a scientist, Gregg has the handicaps of schooled/indoctrinated lies which I will correct. If you are interested in how our mind works and what is this reality of ours, watch this video below I will mention my corrections to better clarify the subject.

All of this information is geared to reprogram your brain and prepare you for the upcoming times of instant manifestation, health, and indefinite lifespan.

The basic error is made when photons are classified to be a part of the quantum field.

In the realm of quantum physics, everything there is just energy represented through various frequencies/vibrations.

Light is the ultimate product of the quantum field but in it, it exists only in the form of waves.

For the light to transform itself into a particle called photon, a program has to be implemented that will transform those programmed frequencies into particles.

The basic particle of all matter is the basic particle of light we call photon.

Since all forms of matter are formed from photons, everything we experience is nothing more than the light itself.

The first experiment that is mentioned proves how our existing DNA manipulates the photons in replicating the existing impulse. The photons will place themselves according to the existing electromagnetic impulse of the DNA that was provided into the test tube.

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The second experiment talks about the telomeres and it proves what I had mentioned years ago. Telomeres do not shorten themselves with age (the cellular proliferation as we are being told in school), they curl up, and only appear to be shorter.

A clean environment and, positive energy, will relax those curls and extend the telomeres.

The emotional energies have a big influence on our environment and on the state of the telomeres. This is why ingesting the blood of young children has no effect on longevity since the toxic mind and body of the recipient will immediately curl the telomeres and no amount of Resveratrol or young fresh DNA will make any difference.

Since our thoughts are electromagnetic impulses, they can create structuring of photons which creates the physical manifestation of those impulses.

They create our reality.

This is explained through the famous experiment we call the double-slit experiment.

Ultimately, the photons will create an imprint that is expected by the participant/observer/creator.

The double-slit experiment proves that what happens in our reality is strictly related to what our mind expects will happen according to the information that is provided, and the installed program that will interpret the incoming information.

The science is proving that “the greater the amount of “watching”, the greater the observer’s influence on what actually takes place.”

This means that the science is now aware of the fact that the more information/opinion we have about the matter in question, the more precise will be the result.

We are actually experiencing that what we believe is taking place.

We are manifesting our expectation that is based on the accepted program/truth and the incoming new information.

In the first experiment, Gregg mentions that in the vacuum there are randomly placed photons. There are actually no photons there until the participant/creator creates them through his expectation.

No monitor/participant/creator, no photons, period.

The participant/creator creates everything and presents it through the particles of light as the reality of its creation.

Since we are capable of creating, we are the creators of our reality and our imagination puts the limit on our creativity.

Every time we are told not to do something or not to think in this way, we are being limited in our creativity and prevented from expending our reality.

On the other side, when we are told that a Coronavirus is present and spreading through the air, we are being programmed to manifest those things but scientifically this is not proven. No virus RNA was ever found and this creates sufficient doubt to prevent its actual manifestation.

Many people are falling sick just because they believe that they are being infected. This is what we call the nocebo effect which is the opposite of the placebo effect.

Since fewer and fewer people are falling for this false fear-mongering, no actual pandemic was created and false positives are used all over the place.

This obvious cheating is making it possible for at least some doctors to wake up and start realizing that they have been fooled. Once doubt is established, the mind starts accepting the new information and awakening takes place.

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Welcome to disclosure my brothers and sisters.

Love and light to us all.

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