Is the Crown virus spreading through droplets or is it airborne?

Everything we are told about virus through our education/indoctrination science, and everything we are told about it through the media being it left or right oriented is false.

We have to understand that what is happening is a battle of good against the evil.

As the politics goes, the most evil political system is by far the socialism/communism, and it has been created by the Cabal whose plan is to convert the whole planet into it.

The best indicator of how terrible it is to live in a communism is the fact that millions of people are risking their lives trying to change it, and being killed in the process.

Just look at what Stalin did and how many people he had killed just to be able to maintain communist Russia alive.

Mao was not any gentler and since China is still a communist country that has to get rid of the millions of people who are trying to change the system, every “pandemic” is starting there.

The world is shown those masses of dead people as being killed by “virus”, and then the media does the rest.

This is the secret of the viral origin, and the creation of the “pandemic” in which the pandemic causes many deaths only in China and nowhere else. Other countries have to fake the numbers to comply with the game although, democratic/communist governors in some states prove their alliance with the commies by eliminating the frail and the old.

Gov. Cuomo, New York's nursing homes death are on you: Goodwin

Now when we understand what is happening, we can go back to the virus itself.

No one had ever seen a virus. There was never a viral DNA or a viral RNA discovered.

The DNA that is attributed to the virus is actually the DNA of the host, the “infected” person itself.

Why is the infected in quotation marks?

Because we cannot be infected with a virus, we can only be affected by it and respond to it or not.

This is because virus is a vibration of energy that does not have any physical form. Our brain is not programmed to show it to us through the light.

Looking at the life from the quantum point, we can only experience energy in various vibrational fields we refer to as frequencies.

To convert those frequencies into our “reality” we need to process those frequencies through the brain which will decode them according to its programs, and present them through the light as our reality.

Since the brain is not programmed to show us the frequency of a virus through the light, we cannot find it in the physical form, but this does not mean that we can not experience it or that the virus cannot affect us.

Pain, odor, and emotion we cannot see either but hey affect us as we can sense their vibration and our brain shows them to us in a different way, and not through the light.

Since the virus is a vibration, and as such it has its electromagnetic field, it creates an energy disturbance in the field around itself. It leaves its imprint, a memory of itself.

Once this vibration changes the vibration of a tissue, the change of the vibration stays recorded in the field and remains there as an electromagnetic imprint.

Thin energy. With alpha channel.: Royalty-free video and ...

Let’s say that you have contracted a herpes virus.

This viral energy has a specific frequency and if it comes close to another tissue with a similar frequency whose energy/voltage is low, it will cause an interference in its vibration.

The brain projects it according to its programming as a sores on the skin.

Since toxins have been eliminated in the process, the more toxic the cells are, the bigger will be the sores on the skin.

When the energy field/voltage of this part of the skin increases, the correct vibration resumes and our brain shows this to us as the skin being healed.

Since the electromagnetic imprint of the previously altered vibration remain in the same area where it was created, every time the voltage of the tissue/body drops, the weak electromagnetic imprint will be able to change the frequency again and the symptoms of a viral attack return.

Since the weak vibrational energy cannot influence a tissue that is supported with a high voltage/energy, the virus will be “dormant”whenever we are happy and carefree.

In a dormant stage, since the energetic imprint of the electromagnetic field is very low, it cannot affect any tissue that is supported by high energy so healthy people will not contract it.

By affecting the energy field of a weak tissue, the viral energy becomes amplified by the host and becomes strong enough to affect vibrational field of another person if it comes close enough. Since it is still not a very strong energy, a direct contact is necessary.

Water can be easily affected by a weak vibrational electromagnetic fields. The water can easily absorb this vibration and if placed on the mucous tissue of another person, if its energy is weak, it can force vibrational changes in that persons tissue.

Since the vibration is of a specific type, it will affect only particular frequencies of the same vibration.

This is why it will always affect the same tissue no mater where it lands.

This means that if it was a herpes of a lip, this is what it will cause on the other person.

It is all related to the frequency.

If you hit an A note on the piano, an A tuned string on the guitar will start producing the A tone without being struck. The same vibration was transferred through the energetic space we call the environment. We can say that it was transferred through the air.It was airborne.

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To be able to make this transfer of a vibration from one instrument to the other, the particular frequency that is residing in both instruments had to be sent, and the signal had to be strong enough.

If you touch the piano lightly, no sound will be produced on the guitar. You have to make a loud sound enough to make this possible. The same is with the energy of virus.

Strong energetic changes in the environment will affect the frequency of genes.

This is why people get affected with the flu mostly during those strong energetic changes such as are happening during the Fall and Spring.

Since they affect our cells, they trigger a cellular cleansing. This is a part of our genetic programming.

The more toxic the cells are, the more toxic material will be pushed into the blood and blood’s cleansing will create the symptoms of flu and its complications.

We are being influenced by a very strong energetic vibration that is created by a specific planetary alignment. The Cabal knew about this many years ago and the Bible was created in which the “chosen ones” have placed all of their ceremonial holidays on those special energetic points and their visual manifestations.

All Jewish holidays and events are scheduled this way. Just remember of all those predictions what will happen during the red moon period, the eclipse, the solstice…

We have entered a period of a very specific planetary alignments and the energy on our planet is strongly affected by it.

Those incoming high frequencies will be further intensifying from 29th of July on, and all life on this planet will be affected by them. The Cabal and its minions are counting on them to create more health issues. this is why they predict more people being “infected” in the months to come.

People with a low voltage/immune system/ energy, will show more difficulty to cope with those energies because they will affect the weak field of underpowered genes resulting with more cellular cleansing/disease.

This is why the media is used to create a fear.

Fauci warns US is ‘knee-deep’ in first coronavirus wave

No vaccine can protect us from this and neither the masks, shades, and gloves will do us any good.

Keeping our spirit high. Laughing, dancing, having fun, and especially loving each other will hold our vibration steady.

The strongest vibrational field that can overpower fear is the emotion of love, still, when the body is clean on the cellular level no garbage is released from those cells and a weak or no symptoms of flu/cleansing will be experienced.

Now you know why all the hype is there about this “Woggie-Boggie virus”. Why the racism is promoted, and the violence spread.

Whoever mentions racism, safe spaces, and a division of any kind, who ever harms other person, promotes masks and distancing and fear, is part of this evil attempt to prevent us from rising our vibration and leaving this evil behind.

The media has to be dealt with if we want to save lives of those who are too brainwashed to see what is going on.

The schools have to change so that the poisoning of children’s brains stops.

Yes, this corona virus is airborne but it did not come from Wuhan. China is used to promote a fear.

Grieving families wait for last look - China News - SINA ...

Stop paying attention to those bad actors. Keep your faith because salvation is on the way.

When we are clean on the cellular level, no virus can touch us. This is why I am emphasizing for years how important it is to cleanse and eat correctly.

Use the Self Healers Protocol, cleanse your body, heal, and prevent future viral responses. No flu,virus can creates any symptoms when your body is clean. This is why wild animals do not show any flu symptoms, only the domestic animals do.

The information that I am sharing with you does not exist in any book or study.

If you find it helpful, please support my work by making a donation.

Love and light to us all.

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