The violet light of transformation

The politically steered and a media promoted second wave of a pandemic is supposedly about to hit the world.

“Surprisingly” the China’s pigs are already feeling the heat and it is just a matter of time before another wave of undesirable Chinese citizens will be affected by it for the whole world to see and fear.

As I have mentioned before, the planetary alignment is about to increase the energetic effect on planet Earth. This will affect our gene expression and changes in our genome will occur.

Every sudden change of the energetic field of our environment causes such changes and we are accustomed to call this an flu/influenza/disease.

We are schooled/indoctrinated to blame this on an invisible/nonexistent “creature” called virus.

In few days, the energies will increase and the Cabal is using this to create fear and death.

Since a far fewer people are dying than it was hopped for by the Cabal, false numbers of the sickly and the dead are presented just to keep the fear going.

Deaths from COVID-19 U.S. by state 2020

The followers of my work understand that the symptoms of disease, flu included, are nothing more than symptoms of a detoxification of the blood.

Since a sudden shift of energy in the environment affects our cellular structure until the gene realignment occurs, the cells frequency gets affected which often results with cells vomiting their toxins into the blood and the lymph.

The more toxic we are on the cellular level, the more polluted will the blood become, and a stronger symptoms of the detoxification/disease/flu will be experienced.

This is the reason why the elderly, those with a chronic health problems, and the obese/toxic are in the danger of showing a strong symptoms of a disease/flu.

In previous articles I have explained how even a toxic person can stop, minimize, or prevent the cellular detox by utilizing toxic/medicinal remedies, or by increasing the cellular voltage which will hold the cellular frequency stable and no cellular cleansing will occur.

Far better solution is to cleanse the cells because the toxic cell cannot hold electric charge and the possibility of future cellular cleansing is to be expected.

As not only the energy is changing but the frequency is rising, changes of a gene activation is unavoidable and the cellular detoxification will have to occur.

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The longer we remain toxic, the stronger will be the effect of those high frequencies and the more severe will be the effects on the toxic people.

I am warning everyone for years to please cleanse but few have been listening.

Still, it is not too late but are you awake to see what is happening?

We can cleanse on the cellular level by following the Self Healers Protocol but some emotional energies need to be tackled using additional tools like oxygenation, and light.

Oxygenation we can improve by using remedies such as are MMS, hydrogen peroxide (the food grade), and the ozonated water, or we can achieve it through special breathing exercises like the Wim Hof breathing exercise.

The most powerful cleansing frequency of light is the short wave violet and ultra violet light.

Now you understand why is the violet light blamed to be the cause of eyesight problems.

We are told to protect ourselves from this “toxic” light, to smother the skin with the toxic UV “protective” lotion, and to prevent this light to enter our eyes by using UV protected shades.

We are being duped into preventing this detoxifying and healing light to do its job.

Our trusted science is making us afraid of the God’s given healing power of the Sun.

The ultra violet light is used to sterilize water, so “it must be toxic”.


Think quantum!

The toxic frequencies our brain manifests as the bacteria, fungus, and the body experiences it as a toxic/viral energy.

Those are the frequencies that are vulnerable to the frequency of the violet light.

Many other toxic frequencies will be dissolved by this healing light such as are the frequencies of toxic thoughts, and toxic emotions such as is the fear.

I have been experimenting extensively on myself by exposing my eyes to a strong sunlight, staring into the violet light of a welding machines and my eyesight has not been negatively affected.

It is the time to add the violet light to the healing protocol.

President Trump has mentioned it and the sheep has attacked him for it.

We can use violet and ultra violet light for this purpose but much stronger will be the effect if we use the power of our brain to create this frequency and flood every cell of our body with it.

The best way to do this is through a guided meditation.

Remember that what you visualize has the same effect as what you experience as your reality if you convince your mind in its truthfulness.

Everyone who is meditating can easily achieve a great results by it.

Here are some of those guided meditations in English, Spanish, and Croatian/Serbian languages:

It is important for us to start using the power of our brain to our advantage instead of using it to manifest fear as we are guided by the media and the crooked politicians.

Free yourselves from fear, ditch the masks, the creams and shades.

The great awakening is hear.

Love and light to us all.

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