The Crown virus has mutated!

It is well documented that the COVID virus was basically affecting the old, and those with some chronic health problems.
Now a seemingly new strain of the virus has appeared and it is spreading rapidly.
The mechanism of its spreading is from TV onto the sheep, and the spreading of it is difficult to control.

It is more and more obvious that the initial “pandemic” had the same pathway, but as there are more and more people breaking away from the indoctrinated narrative, only the sheep is now remaining vulnerable and in the danger of becoming the victim of this TV/media generated virus.

The most effective medicine is a blackout for at least one week in the combination of at least 2 hours of the “Q” therapy a day, to gain an immunity to further false flag signaling.

This will stop the virus in its track, and no further pandemic would possibly occur.

This may sound funny, but this is the truth my friends.

All there is is just a mirror and smoke.

Stop parading in masks. Use earplugs and blinds as the prophylactic, and you’ll be just fine.

Those of you who are following my work understand exactly what I mean, and will have an easy understanding of things as the truth starts to flood the news.

You have already heard plenty of unbelievable information related to health and our reality, so that whatever hits you next will be just the continuation of your awakening process.

The great majority of people is still sleeping and those sheep will be hit hard.

It is up to us to help them.

Roll up your sleeves because the disclosure valve is about to be opened.

It is going to be a “very hot Summer” and no “virus” will survive, my friends.

Soldier — Stock Photo

Help your body by supplying it with plenty of water with sea salt, and lubricate it well with animal fats.

There is nothing to worry about.

Have faith.

Love and light to us all.


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