Do you have a relaxed brain?

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When we listen to our experts, our body is a very complicated thing and it takes a well-educated professional to keep it in the proper shape.

We assume that hospitals are healing centers where sick people enter and healthy people come out.

All that sophisticated equipment, highly educated experts, and 24-hour observation and care give us an inside of how much love and care is given to make us heal.

The health professionals/doctors are so eager to make us healthy that they will not take a no for an answer. After all, they know the best what is wrong with our health, and they are the only ones that can heal our ailing bodies, the law tells us so.

Incredibly, people know all of this and still refuse to get jabbed with the depopulation jab even when their doctors are telling them how important those jabbs are to keep them safe as long as they are not around the non jabbed people because those may infect them.

If this sounds a bit confusing to you, well, you are not the expert. Only health experts understand this, and journalists, and the Hollywood celebrities and entertainers, politicians, policemen/women…

So, when you get jabbed and you feel sick, do not worry about it, it is good for you.
After all, a similar thing happens when you eat your healthy meal of cooked vegetables.
You get bloated, your stomach becomes noisy, gas starts coming out of your body with a stench that can kill you but, nothing to worry about, you know that you ate a healthy meal. Your food expert/dietitian has told you so.

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After all, everyone knows that legumes are the perfect health foods. As the slogan goes, “with the fart to a good heart”.

Legumes are so good for our health that the top brands of dog foods are based on them and the result of this is increased numbers of sick dogs, but who’s counting. Statistics can’t be trusted, we are all aware of that.

We have been educated to know the truth the way it was presented to us.

There is an atom and an electron. The electron is orbiting the nucleus of the atom.

There is a Sun. Planets are orbiting the Sun. One of them is our planet Earth.

For some reason, planet Earth is flat. We have awakened and since we know we are being lied to, this is a logical conclusion.

Because we are awakening, we are now dividing ourselves into the round and flat Earth believers but we all know that the coronavirus is infecting us causing plandemic, although this or any other virus was never found, seen, or proven.

We all subject ourselves to testing for something that was never confirmed and we are accepting that there are various variants of this elusive virus occurring whenever another restriction has to be implemented.

Tapping further into this idiocracy, we have “proven” that spike proteins are protruding from the elusive virus that no one has ever seen.

We can prove the spikes but not the virus.

Unfortunately, I am too stupid to understand this sophisticated science so all I can do is laugh at it.

Here is a beautiful song that was written by my friend describing our times.

People are losing patience and nerve.

Many of those who were resisting, now fiddle with the idea to get it “over with”, and just get jabbed to get back to their “normal” life, totally accepting the status of being treated as slaves.

What is very disappointing to me is seeing smart people arguing about the shape of our planet while being sedated over the lies of the plandemic and capitulating under the pressure of fear of losing their slave obligations/jobs.

Thanks to Mark Dice, that makes me laugh exposing the sheepish attitude of people that cannot help themselves. They simply cannot exist if there is no shepherd to lead them.

A relaxed mind creates a simple reality.

It is obvious that many people have absolutely no clue of their imprisonment, so it is to be expected for them not to have a clue about what is going on in the world around them.

Sadly, they are participating in the most phenomenal time humanity was ever part of, and they are completely oblivious about it.

At any moment their world will crash and they will be obligated to watch and see the truth.

Their relaxed minds will be zapped with a beam of reality. I cannot imagine the shock this will have on them.

A bottle of champagne is cooling down in my refrigerator for way too long, but I can smell the disclosure coming. The time has come to get strawberries.

For those who are awake, and there are not many, I salute you for resisting the tyranny, for being strong, and for holding the light.

Love and light to us all.

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