Can grease be substituted with oil?

Vegetarians and vegans are taking over the world.

They are infiltrating every nation the same as communism because they are promoted by the same source.

The indoctrination centers/schools are spreading those ideas, and children gable them like honey.

Since “science” is used as an excuse to promote false theories, everyone coming out of the schooling system was prepped to follow lies.

Since the school obtained science becomes the accepted “truth”, everyone who has a diploma is handicapped/blindfolded and is the last one to accept the real truth when it is presented, no matter how logical it is.

This is the reason why there is not any substantial change between allopathic and alternative medicine.

The basic accepted truths are the same.

We can see this clearly when we take fat as an example.

The allopathic doctor will tell us not to ingest animal fats because they cause cholesterol buildup, and it is better to use plant-based oils.

Exactly the same will be repeated by the alternative medicine practitioners.

All supplement pushers are flooding you with information about which oils are the best for our health and for what reason.

All we hear is omega this and omega that while the truth (animal fats) is demonized because both, the allopathic and the alternative mad-sin experts have their minds poisoned with the fraudulent information obtained through the “final scientific studies”.

Fortunately, our perfect body can manufacture what it needs as long as it is not being poisoned and prevented from doing so.

The liver will transform glucose into fat and create cholesterol in any amount necessary, but when we eat incorrectly, and through direct intervention (vaccines and pharmaceutical poisons), an interference is done which the autopilot of natural healing/genetic system, has a hard time to override.

As soon as the body figures out how to counter toxic elements, doctors change the prescription/poison.

Diet plays a crucial role in the state of health being.

Through my articles, I explain how we have been hijacked into accepting plant food for our own nourishment.

The Bible explains that the forbidden food is what took us out of Eden, but it is not just the starch/glucose/carbohydrate/sugar.

The wrong oils play an important role as well.

With the exemption of coconut and palm oil, plants produce non-saturated omega oils.

Whenever there is hydrogen missing in the molecule of oil, a double bond of carbon is created that bent the oil molecule. This makes the oil less compact, more liquid, and at the same time, it makes the molecule susceptible to oxidation.

The double bond can be easily filled with oxygen which makes the oil rancid/toxic.

This reaction of oxygen bonding to the carbon in the molecule of fat is made easier if the oil is heated in the presence of oxygen.

This is exactly what happens in our warm bodies.

This type of science is being ignored and omega oils are being promoted in both, the allopathic and the alternative mad-sin.

Here is a video sent to me by my dear friend Blazey in which Clif High mentions the bad influence of vegetarian diet and vegetable oils on our health and responses.

Clif High is here talking about different life forms in the Universe and how we, humans, were created which may be disturbing to many people who are not aware that there are other intelligent life forms in the Universe and on our planet as well.

Do not take anything you hear as a truth or as a lie. Use it as information which you will be filing, and in the future, you can use this information when your brain is calculating and deciphering.

The more information we have, the better chance we have of discovering the truth.

To make it easier for those who are not interested in the alien stuff, on the mark of 15 minutes, Clif is explaining the confusion with our nobility and the reptilians.

If you are interested in why there is a war on a white male going on now, go to the time marker of 23 minutes. It is irrelevant if what Clif is saying is true or not. The “nobility” thinks that this is true and this is why the white male is being demonized and attacked.

If you have trouble visualizing a “Mantoid”, watch the movie The Predator with A. Schwarzenegger.

Predator Character Figurine. Large scale, extremely detailed and realistic Predator movie character figurine on a sophisticated toy and model store stock photo

On the mark of 53 minutes, Clif talks about a nervous system and the myelin coating which isolates it. Here we go into the importance of fats.

In 1h, 15-minute mark Clif is mentioning that we are being degraded through the wrong food.

That is something that I am pointing to for many years.

Clif explains that vegetable oils do not create myelin protection over the nerves which is true, but our liver manufactures the necessary fats from protein and sugars we eat.

The problem is that insulin creates disturbance and combined with phytotoxins, we dehydrate our bodies causing inflammations, toxicity… which weakens our body.

Clif is another individual that is talking from his experiences and putting things together.

Most likely there are mistakes, we all do make them but at least he is not hung on faulty indoctrinated science, and the same as I, he admits when a mistake was done, learns from it, and goes on trusting his experiences and making sense of them.

I hope that you will find this interesting as I did.

Love and light to us all.

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