Shortness of breath

Shortness of breath is nothing new. Most elderly people are experiencing it, and it is often present during a variety of sicknesses that involve lungs or blood.

I have decided to make an article on this topic because the nonexistent coronavirus is being blamed for causing it and this is so dangerous that it causes death because not even health experts like our doctors know how to handle it.

An extraordinary humanitarian that was very dear to me, Robert David Steele, was recently murdered by professional killers called medical doctors because of shortness of breath, so I have to tell you the truth about the causes of shortness of breath so that you do not make the same mistake seeking help from those who are trained to harm us.

There are many reasons why shortness of breath appears.

The shortness of breath is a result of an increase in the relative pressure of CO2 in the blood. This means that the relative pressure of oxygen is low and fresh, oxygenated air, has to be supplied so that the exchange of gases can take place.

If the blood is low on red blood cells, or if an obstruction will prevent the blood or airflow into the lungs, shortness of breath will be experienced.

People with asthma are well aware of it. So do people who suffer from bronchitis, cough, flu, and many other health problems, but because of the scarecrow named coronavirus or Wu-flu (COVID 1,2,3, delta, gamma, zeta, ditu, ritu…), I am going to clarify what causes the shortness of breath using the passing of R.D. Steele as an example.

Mr. Steele, like most people, had a poor diet and was dehydrated. His appearance was the proof of this.

He was swollen, had a loss of hair, was overweight, did not exercise, and was stressed.

This is the same condition that many people are living in, but Robert D. Steele was participating in a very exhausting tour so his energy levels became very low and a simple energetic shift will be enough to put his body into a defense mode.

Since he was very toxic on the cellular level, this mild shift, the cause of which could be some bad news, a chill of an evening breeze or a shower, a sudden surprise…) made his body to cringe.

Since his cells were very toxic, a substantial toxic load was released from his cells and has polluted his blood.

As he was low on blood plasma, his blood had difficulty cleansing. Most of the cleansing had to be done through the mucous tissue so nausea, diarrhea, fever, phloem, and mucus showed up as the symptoms of this event.

Just look at the symptoms and the symptoms of flu and you will find them to be identical.

The sudden increase of blood’s toxicity has lowered the electric conductivity of blood making the blood particles drop magnetic repulsion even more and the appearance of thrombus/small coagulates appeared.

Now add together the toxic blood with reduced electromagnetic potential, congested lungs full of toxic mucus, stuffed air passage, problems of blood circulation and it is very obvious why the shortness of breath had appeared.

How can we stop this process?

We can prevent further seepage of toxic stuff from cells by forcing the cells to reinforce their membranes. This will be achieved with any stronger poison such as are antibiotics, ibuprofen, anti-parasitic drugs, alcohol… which forces the cells to create stress/heat proteins.

Another help can be provided by helping the body to remove a lot of carbon and CO2 by increasing the relative pressure of oxygen in the body. Since the lung passages are closed, respirators will not do much, but oxygenation by MMS, chlorine dioxide, ozonated water… will achieve miraculous results.

Even simple thing as is drinking sea plasma will force a detox of the blood and elimination of symptoms so why is our friend Robert David Steele dead?

Because not a single thing that would help him was applied, instead, more toxic drugs that are promoted by Mr. COVID himself the little evil man Fauci were used to finishing his life.

We have to see to it that every doctor that is involved in this planned genocide is being arrested.

Do not worry about not having doctors available in hospitals because most of them will be behind the bars. They do not know how to help you, they only know how to poison you without you being aware of it.

Heaving them behind bars would actually be a relief and lives saved.

I wish that more of our brave patriots and humanitarians would be aware of the truth and follow the SHP, healing themselves instead of further poisoning their bodies through useless supplements and fraudulent procedures of our allopathic and alternative “mad-sin” practitioners.

Please, anyone who has contact with any truth-seeker, bring their attention to the SHP so that they can benefit from it.

No virus exists. It is all about toxicity and most of it is spread through vaccination.

Open your eyes, especially you, my colleges, and stop poisoning yourselves and others.

Learn the truth and free yourself from fear.

The time has come for the truth to come out, the freedom is here, open your arms and embrace it.

Love and light to us all.

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