Our scientists have conquered all types of diseases but one

Political Cartoon: The unstoppable American virus

This year, the number of people dying from cancer, heart-related problems, and kidney-related malfunction was steadily diminishing, and now it is showing real success.

It looks that our scientists and our esteemed doctors have finally found how to deal with those “incurable” diseases.

The only problem that seems to be unsolvable and is again gaining pandemic proportions is the “Wu-flu”.

As the deaths from all other diseases are rapidly diminishing, the “Wu-flu” deaths are increasing at a rapid rate.

It looks like someone has changed the algorithm. It is like the US election but implemented on diseases.

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The situation is becoming so critical that everyone has to walk masked like Zorro, and most small businesses will have to be closed so that the mega-corporations can take over and take good care of us, small people.

Those world criminals (presidents of countries and their apparatus, the deep-state, and all those who are involved in this destruction) are nervously celebrating and congratulating themselves but do not worry, an icy shower is about to be turned on.

Everyone should have some water, sea salt, and food stored in their home.

Some popular companies are selling emergency food, but this is not good food especially for those who suffer from chronic health problems.

The reason for this is the fact that all the emergency food is pure dried carbohydrate. You will need a lot of water to prepare it and your energy will be coming from sugar.

This is bad especially for those with chronic diseases since they have those because of such food.

On the Internet, you can find recipes about how to store meat and other animal-based foods. This is so much better, more practical, and healthier.

Since we have a cat and a dog, we have to think of them so we have some can food (not for animals), pork lard, pork crisps, smoked fish… to last us a couple of weeks if necessary.

What is good for the animals is perfect for us.

We also have some cornflower and seeds (almonds, walnuts, pistachio) just in case things take a bit longer to calm down.

A fistful of pork crisps a day is enough to keep you in a good shape.

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If everyone would go to the street and refuse to obey, the pandemic would be squished instantly, but since most of the population gets their information from the Tel a lie Vision, they are brainwashed and in fear of getting sick.

Thank God we have Donald and the Alliance to do the bidding for us.

So if you are not going to the street, get comfortable, open the Internet, and learn what is really going on. Soon even this is going to be impossible. When the Internet shuts down, start to celebrate, the doomsday has come, only it will be the doomsday for the Cabal and its accomplices.

Donald and the Alliance are steadily hijacking the “Cabalist’s” planes of enslavement turning them against themselves.

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Be calm, do not allow fear to take hold of you, and be the witness of this Biblical event.

Pray, meditate, and hold the light to those who are directly involved in this fight.

This is it, my friends. The New Year is rapidly approaching and so is the New Reality that will be based on love, understanding, compassion, and cooperation.

Love and light to us all.

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