11:11:2020, at the precipice of human awakening

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Those of you who are following my work through this blog site are aware that toxicity is the culprit of our ill-health.
As soon as the toxicity is being mentioned, we all immediately think of the food and the toxic chemical components in things that surround us such as are detergents, and other cleaning solutions, fabric softeners, waterproofing liquids, stain retardants…
Those of you who are following my work will also add all of the medicinal remedies and supplements and toxic emotions to that toxic pile.
By following the SHP (Self Healers Protocol) we can cleanse our body, and reprogram its genome so that the proper functioning of our cells re-establishes the optimal voltage/immunity which will restore the correct frequency resulting in healing and rejuvenation of our body.
There are glitches that remain until they are released from our cells and those are the suppressed often unknown toxic frequency that was created by our reaction to the experiences we had during our life.
Many times I have mentioned that an experience is just that, an experience. If this experience is going to be a positive or a negative event depends on how we perceive it.

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Having an accident and breaking a leg one week before the scheduled skiing trip may be a bad experience, but if your friends who have gone on this trip all died from an avalanche, all of the sudden this “bad” accident that prevented you from joining your friends becomes a good thing that had saved your life.

What is important is the way you had reacted to the event. Being deprived of going with your friends may have created a bad feeling/toxic frequency.

If your friends had fun, you would be suffering and blaming bad luck for what has happened to you.

In time, you will forget about it but the imprint, the stress that was created from this experience, your sadness, and the aggravation that was caused by it will remain in the form of a toxic frequency that will linger and interfere with the frequency of your cells.

This is called the trapped emotional frequency.

If your friends had an accident or had a bad time, your disappointment would have been diminished or even converted into a positive experience that

would not create any ill effects on your cellular frequency.

This is an example that shows how our reaction towards events in our life affects the state of our vibration/health.

Unfortunately for us, because of the fear and wrong programming, we look at our life the wrong way and we create many trapped energies. The older we get, the more toxic trapped frequencies are accumulating making us sick.

Those trapped frequencies can be easily cleansed out of our body but to do so, they first have to be acknowledged. By this I mean, they have to be focused on, they have to be brought to our attention or as we say, be brought to light.

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When the emotions surface, they often recreate the same feelings as when they were originally created. Our body senses them the same way since it feels the toxic frequencies as the toxic load that was released from our cells during the cellular cleansing process.

Many people, not being able to let go of them, are re-leaving the same agony day after day. We say that they are mental cases.

We see people rioting and destroying things without making any sense. They are programmed to react in this way by subconscious programming. They are not aware of the toxic effect such behavior presents to their bodies.

Just imagine how many toxic emotions are created during our schooling process, our work, by the supervisors, politicians, the banks, regulation, the injustice, and our helplessness to defend ourselves.

We are now standing on the precipice of a disclosure that will bring to light all of those suppressed emotions. Can you imagine what will this cause to most of the still sleeping and unaware population?

This precipice that I am talking about is the disclosure which is programmed to hit the light at any moment.

Do you really think that Trump was caught with his pants down?

How do you think he had managed to become the president in the first place?

The Alliance (White Hats) had disabled the rigged mechanism that was used to control who will become elected.

This has nothing to do with the Democrats or the Republicans. They are both controlled by the deep-state, Silicon Valley, and the media. They are in control and now they will be exposed.


If they did not succeed in 2016 to prevent Trump from being elected, why do you think they were permitted to succeed now?

Because they were lured into a trap to be exposed to the light.

What is happening now in the USA election is the most significant type of disclosure that will change the whole world.

To the awakened ones, this is the Greatest Show on Earth.

Embrace yourselves because the rage that this disclosure will bring could cause great destruction and the military may be called to control it.

The release of those toxic emotional energies will be part of the cleansing that is necessary so that the human race can raise their frequency and ascent.

Have no fear, nothing can stop what’s coming, nothing!

Our freedom is one step away.

Love and light to us all.

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