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I hope that you are not living in fear of defeat. The “demoncrats” have lost and they know it. This is why they are trying to brainwash as many people as possible to fall for their narrative and create chaos.

This will not happen, but I do not want to talk about the politic since I am in enough hot water because of disclosing the medical truth.

The reason why I have mentioned politics is the fact that this sting operation called the Presidential Election has brought to the surface the most hidden scum whose purging has become and as soon as they are imprisoned, the new technology can be presented for all to see and benefit from.

This means that as early as next year we are all going to have access to this marvelous fast healing stuff.

More and more I am leaning towards quantum mechanics when I am explaining our reality, our body, and the cause of disease. I am pleased when I see no objections. This tells me that you are ready and awakening at a fast rate.

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I have explained that our body is an electronic robot that is calibrated by various frequencies. When some frequency changes, our brain is showing it to us in a form of a symptom that we call a disease.

Since energy is a motion of vibration, in the quantum field it can be expressed or transmitted in the form of magnetic, gravitational, electromagnetic, and light form.

This means that any of those forms can be used to disturb or to correct the state of vibration within an energetic field.

In other words, when we are feeling sick, our frequency had changed and we can reestablish the correct frequency and heal the body by implementing the correct frequency utilizing one or more of the forms of frequency transmissions.

You have noticed that the sound frequency is not being mentioned.

To achieve sound, we need particles that will bounce one into the other, and for this we need photons.

To manifest photons, we need a participant/observer/creator, and this means the programmed brain.

Understanding this, we can now add sound to the therapeutic tools of quantum healing.

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The medieval times of “madsin” are ending, and the new, transitional time of healing utilizing electronic equipment has begun.

In this brief transitional time, we are going to be using electronic equipment to apply the correct frequencies to the ailing body.

This type of healing will be painless because there will be no need for the cleansing process in order for the body to heal. As I have proven to you, it is the cleansing process that causes the pain and all of the symptoms which we have named diseases.

Several years ago I have mentioned in some of my articles that a sophisticated computer program can communicate with our cellular structure and it can be used to heal our body.

The technology is advancing in an incredible rate of speed and today this program can be loaded onto the cellphone and we can easily correct the health issue at hand.

For those of you who do not know who Emery Smith is, he is ex “Man in Black” of a secret black project that works independently from the government.

Since the indoctrinated programs are interfering with our perception of things, even Emery is focusing on a surgery that is using organs that are made from stem-cells when it is obvious that by simple visualization, belief, and expectation, everything can be instantly manifested.

The best example of it is the medicine-less hospital in Beijing where they have in less than three minutes manifested the disappearance of bladder cancer.

The “madsin” or medicine as we know it, will disappear soon, and with it the pharmaceutical industry.

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Everyone who had tried to follow the Self Healers Protocol knows that medicinal remedies of any kind are just suppressors of symptoms and when taken, they actually prevent the healing process.

Medicaments and medicinal remedies we can use for the instant relief of symptoms but they do not have any benefit in the healing process, other than serving as a placebo.

Since everything is just energy in various frequencies, electromagnetic devices will be used but only until we become aware of our greatness and the fact that we are creators and that we can create and recreate not just our health, but everything about our reality that we want to change.

A friend of mine had an accident and she had cracked her Tibia (a bone in her leg). It is just a fissure, it is not a full break and it is not dislocated but her doctor wanted to operate.

There are some good doctors, but a great majority of doctors are ignorant and greedy and will do anything for a buck.

We gave her Beck’s Magnetic Pulser to use and now it is 6 days from the incident and the bone is healing nicely.

Her skin was just scratched but the doctor gave her strong antibiotics which is absolutely ridiculous.

We took them away and she is using nanoparticle colloidal silver and everything is healing nicely.

If the break would have been complete and the bone dislocated, the surgery would be recommended but not because it is the only way to align the bones, but because this is what doctors know how to do.

If they would have been told how to hypnotize people and make them manifest a healthy bone, this would have made the surgery unnecessary but at the same time, knowing to manifest would have made the entire medical and pharmaceutical field unnecessary. People would gain their independence and this would have been very bad for the ruling class.

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Now, this sting operation that is going on in the USA will expose all the evil players. This will open people’s eyes but more than that. This is what is necessary for the truth to come out and for all of the hidden science to become available for all to use.

In the meantime, the SHP is here to help you to regain your health and to better understand your body.

Everyone who is following my work will benefit greatly from it as the hidden technology is exposed because you will understand it and know instantly how to use it to your benefit.

You are the ones who will help those who are lost and live in fear, believing what they are being told on the Tel a lie Vision.

So, relax now and enjoy the ride because soon you will be very busy.

Love and light to us all.

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