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It is the time of awakening and disclosure is a big part of it.

On this site, for years I am disclosing the fake knowledge that is provided through the indoctrination/schooling system which prevents doctors from doing good.

As people started noticing that under the doctor’s care, their health deteriorates, many have turned to alternative medicine.

Since the basic knowledge of the doctors in alternative medicine is the same as of the licensed allopathic doctors, not much has changed. At best, the poisoning was slowed down a bit.

Instead of becoming a pill junkies, patients of alternative medicine became supplement junkies, not realizing that everything they are being told about supplements is wrong.

A couple of weeks ago I have dissected the fraudulent advertising of collagen, and now I will do the same and the topic will be the fish oil.

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The same company by the name of BioTRUST whose modified header I have used for the name of this article.

Here is their fake narrative with my corrections.

The advertising is completed with my comments which are in [ blue italic lettering and parentheses].


Hi, Dr. Jaime Hope, MD, here. I’m a dual-board certified physician and ER doctor who has dedicated my life to helping good people like you look and feel your best… and live a long life doing it.

 And by now, you’ve certainly heard that fish oil is essential for a healthy heart, brain, immune system, eyes, and joints, and for hormonal balance and good moods.

[There is nothing essential about it. We can live healthy without ever eating a piece of fish.]

 However, here’s something you may not know…

 Research shows fish oil may also be THE most effective way to revitalize your skin, nails, and hair so they look their healthiest and most attractive.

[Minerals do this, not oil.]

 Yes, fish oil really can be like the fountain of youth in a bottle – helping you to recapture the beauty of your younger years.

[Only if you are vegan or vegetarian. In this case, even nuts will be your fountain of youth.]

 HOWEVER, that’s only true if you choose the right type of fish oil, that we are offering to you.

 And on that note, here are the two very big problems you need to know before you ever take any type of fish oil.

 To understand problem #1, imagine a small fishing boat where 30 fishermen ALL move to one side of the boat. What happens?

 The boat tilts dangerously close to the water, it doesn’t function properly, and it possibly capsizes, causing very serious problems.

 Well, along those lines, MOST people’s “boats” are about to tip over today…

 Dangerously Light on the Omega-3 Side

 The #1 nutrient in fish oil that makes it such a powerhouse for your health – and to look your amazing best – are called “omega-3s.”

 Omega-3s are a family of very healthy fatty acids that include EPA and the even more important DHA.

[People are overloaded with omega 6 oils because they use them for cooking their food. Omega oils are unsaturated fats and our body produces them when it needs them, they are not essential. Fish have them because they are cold-blooded animals and saturated fat would solidify in cold temperatures. We are warm-blooded and saturated fats south us better.]

 These omega-3s are critical to your health in many ways, such as supporting a healthy inflammatory response, which is critical because unhealthy levels of inflammation are involved in so many serious health issues and “old-looking” skin.

[The omega fats have nothing to do with inflammations other than causing them by intoxicating our bodies if they become rancid.]

 However, the body cannot produce omega-3s on its own, so you must get them in your diet.

[If this would have been the truth, people could not live in areas where there are no fish. Some people never eat fish or crustacean and they live just fine.]

 Now, the primary source of these EPA and DHA omega-3s is fish, krill, and other sea life, and therein lies big problem number one…

 Because while our ancestors ate plenty of these foods, today most people are consuming FAR TOO LITTLE of them and are severely deficient in omega-3s.

[Vegans could be deficient in fat since they do not eat any, and often they do not eat enough cooked vegetables so there is not much glucose that body can use to create the fat it needs. Nuts will provide them with some fat but they are difficult to digest and create digestive problems.]

 In fact, 90% of people who do eat seafood don’t even eat the minimum amount of two 3 ½-ounce servings of fatty fish and seafood each week recommended by the American Heart Association.

[The American Heart Association is composed of the same fraudsters as the one writing this advertisement.]

 And 20% of Americans don’t eat any seafood at all!

[There is nothing wrong with that. As long as they eat animal protein and fat, they will be fine. Of course, no dietary glucose and eating things raw is the key].

Dangerously Heavy on the Omega-6 Side

 Meanwhile, most people today are consuming FAR TOO MUCH of another type of fatty acid called “omega-6.”

 In excess, these omega-6s are proinflammatory, which can lead to a range of serious health issues and early aging including skin, nails, and hair that look “old” far too soon.

[The omega 3 is as pro-inflammatory as the omega 6 or 9, if not more. There are more double bonds making the omega 3 oil more susceptible to oxidation.]

 You can blame today’s typical dietary habits for the vast overconsumption of omega-6s, such as eating far too many processed and packaged foods loaded with refined oils high in omega-6s.

 And the big problem, as you can tell, is that the balance of people’s omega-6 versus omega-3 is WAY off.

 In fact, the typical American today has an omega-6 to omega-3 ratio of around 15 to 1.

 Meanwhile, the ideal ratio should look closer to 4 to 1!

[There is no such a thing as an ideal ration when it comes to oils. They are unsaturated, they become rancid easily especially in a warm environment. We are warm-blooded, has any of those “experts” noticed that?]

 In other words, people’s “boats” are tipping over because of far too many omega-6s and not nearly enough omega-3s.

 And people are paying a steep price in terms of everything from feeling “blah”… to looking much older than they ought to look… to setting themselves up for some very serious health issues.

[The only boat that is starting tipping is the fraudsters medical “science”. People are looking older because they have faith in their doctors and follow their nonsensical instructions.]

 So, how can YOU tell if your “boat may be tipping over”?

10 Common Signs Your Omega 3 to 6 Ratio May Be Off

 1) Dry skin, rough patches on skin, otherwise prematurely “old-looking” skin, [those are the signs of dehydration]
2) Dry hair and/or dandruff, [dehydration, and toxic blood].
3) Brittle nails, [lack of minerals]
4) Dry eyes, [dehydration]
5) Trouble focusing or concentrating luck of energy.[ Typical for glucoholic/carboholic between the meals.]
6) Irritability, [the brain lacking energy and forced to perform].
7) Mood swings, [glucoholic/carboholic after the meal feels ok and when forced to concentrate on empty stomach, becomes irritated as the brain lacks the energy.]
8) Fatigue / low energy,[ the same as above
9) Poor/unsatisfying sleep, [toxic body and brain].
10) Joint discomfort / joint issues, [glucoholic/carboholic when consuming a lot of starches, produces a lot of uric acid and if salt and water are inadequate, this acid cannot be cleansed and causes those problems.]

Now, the very good news is this problem is easy to solve, but it’s vitally important to take the right type of fish oil supplement or it won’t solve it at all and could even make it WORSE.

[Yes it is easy to solve by correcting the diet and hydration and not by consuming this bogus worthless product.]

 Which leads to the other big problem you need to knowan empty bank account.

 As an M.D. with deep interest in this area, from my experience nearly ALL fish oils, krill oils, and other omega-3 supplements out there today range from what I call “fake” to downright risky.[The same as your product]

 And here are the four key reasons you will want to AVOID THEM:

 #1. False Claims and Impotency: According to the International Fish Oil Standards (IFOS) program — the only 3rd party testing and

certification program for fish oils — so many fish oil supplements do NOT even contain the amount of EPA and DHA claimed on the label.

 For example, a recent study published in the journal Scientific Reports found that less than 10% contained the amounts of EPA and DHA listed on the label! Even more jaw-dropping, most (69%) of the supplements contained less than two-thirds of the amounts claimed on the label.

[“Falls claims”, here we can finally agree on something.]

#2. Not Enough Essential DHA: Both the EPA and DHA fatty acids in omega-3 are important, but DHA is easily MOST important.

Yet when you look at typical fish oil / krill oil / omega-3 supplements, you’ll see so many make the big mistake of providing considerably more EPA and not enough DHA.

You see, DHA generally exceeds EPA by 5-fold to 30-fold in most tissues of your body. In fact, DHA is the most predominant fatty acid in the brain and eye tissue, where it is several HUNDRED-fold more abundant than EPA.

For example, in a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, DHA was shown to improve both memory and reaction time.

And other recent research, such as that published in the British Journal of Nutrition, shows that DHA appears to be superior to EPA when it comes to promoting a healthy inflammatory response, which is important for everything from avoiding health problems to early aging.

Bottom line? Research strongly suggests DHA may have more profound benefits than EPA, so make certain your supplement provides more of it.

[I wonder, how do herbivores deal with this problem? Does anybody use their brain for thinking? The fake science at its worst].

#3. Rancid and Unstable: Ever had fish oil that tastes “fishy” or produces those dreaded “fish burps”? You should NOT have to tolerate that.

You see, omega-3 fatty acids (such as DHA and EPA) are polyunsaturated fats that are delicate and susceptible to oxidation, which occurs when unsaturated fats are exposed to oxygen, heat, and light. This leads to the production of free radicals and harmful compounds, as well as rancidification — which results in that unpleasant smell and taste.

Unfortunately, most companies don’t test for rancidity or take the additional steps necessary to protect these delicate oils.

In a study of the quality of popular omega-3 supplements published in Scientific Reports, researchers found the vast majority exceeded recommended levels of oxidation markers. In fact, they found that 83% of the samples tested exceeded the recommended levels for peroxide values (PV), which is an indicator of freshness.

[Here we agree. Unsaturated fats are easily oxidized which makes them a bad source of fats for warm-blooded creatures.]

#4. Contamination: If their ineffectiveness and rancidity are not enough, get this: so many supplement makers do ZERO independent testing of their products. And so many omega-3 supplements are therefore contaminated with heavy metals and other dangerous toxins like mercury, PCBs, dioxins, furans, and more, which can be harmful to your health and can lead to endocrine, neurobehavioral, and developmental disruption.

[We have been way healthier when we ate fresh meat than we are now with all of that testing that’s going on.]

Now, with such serious issues plaguing so many fish and krill oils, what about plant-based omega-3s?

 Unfortunately, they won’t do the trick.

 That’s because they contain a DIFFERENT type of omega-3 fatty acid called ALA which is not equivalent to and does not provide the EPA or the DHA your body especially needs.

 So, you now know the big problems.

 However, I wouldn’t be a very good doctor if I didn’t share the right thing to do about it.[ You are a good fraudster and prescription writer, that’s for sure].

 Because taking the right type of omega-3s is mission-critical for the health of your heart, brain, immune system, eyes, joints, and moods.

 AND the right type of omega-3s are mission-critical for combatting early aging. For example:

  • A major study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that women with the highest intakes of omega-3 fats showed the appearance of better skin aging, including less wrinkles, dryness, and skin atrophy.
  • Multiple studies have shown omega-3s can help the appearance of sun-damaged skin, help with dry, red, scaly and patchy skin, help increase skin elasticity, and help balance out oily skin.
  • A study published in The American Journal of Human Genetics found that supplementing with an omega-3 supplement helped women combat hair loss and improved hair density and diameter.
  • Research has shown that omega-3s can protect, even lengthen, telomeres, a key biomarker of aging, which is critical for anti-aging because telomeres generally shorten with age.
  • They are all bogus studies where the results are interpreted using incorrect information/science. The results are adjusted to fit the narrative.

So, what exactly is the only omega-3 solution I recommend to my own patients?

 It’s called OmegaKrillTM. That he is selling.

 And it’s the unique 2-in-1 fish and krill oil supplement that provides your body the right research-backed types and proportions of omega-3 fatty acids and astaxanthin.

 That means guaranteed fast and maximum results for you.

 BEFORE you head below to take action on this opportunity, though, I want you to know exactly WHY OmegaKrill works so fast and so well…

 You see, OmegaKrill earned the prestigious 5-STAR RATING from the International Fish Oil Standards program.

 This is the only independent fish oil testing and certification program that sets the world’s highest standards for potency, purity, and freshness.

 And here are the 6 top reasons why OmegaKrill earned this elite distinction:

 1) The Ultimate Potency: OmegaKrill provides you 1300 mg total of omega-3 fatty acids — including 120 mg EPA and 1040 mg of DHA — a rare and powerful combination for optimal full-body benefits.

 2) Highest in DHA: Both DHA and EPA fatty acids are important, but as we’ve covered, DHA is considerably MORE important. OmegaKrill provides you a whopping 1040 mg of DHA, supporting maximum results for both health and anti-aging!

 3) Maximum Absorption: OmegaKrill provides you omega-3s in their natural triglyceride form. This best preserves the delicate oils and enhances absorption, once again supporting maximum results in the body versus it going to waste. In fact, research published in Prostaglandins, Leukotrienes and Essential Fatty Acids shows that omega-3s in this triglyceride form are up to 70% more bioavailable than the common ethyl ester form so many other fish oil supplements use!

 4) No Rancidity, Instability, or Gross Fishy Taste or Fish Burps: OmegaKrill incorporates the meticulous process known as “Supercritical CO2 Extraction,” which purifies and concentrates the omega-3 fatty acids without the use of heat. This results in a stable shelf-life with guaranteed freshness – and zero “fishy taste” or disgusting “fish burps.”

 5) NO Worries About Contamination: BioTRUST ensures OmegaKrill is tested by 3rd party labs to ensure purity, potency, and safety. That means OmegaKrill is SAFE and not contaminated with potentially dangerous levels of heavy metals and other toxins that plague so many inferior fish oil / omega-3 supplements.

 6) Small, Easy-to-Swallow Capsules: So many other fish oil supplements are like hard-to-swallow horse pills. OmegaKrill softgels are smooth, about the size of a Tic-Tac, and are simple to swallow. And all you need to do is take 3 capsules daily!

 PLUS, there’s one more very powerful extra for maximum anti-aging you need to know about with Omega Krill…

 Each serving provides you a powerful serving of AstaREAL® Astaxanthin, the premier form of one of nature’s MOST powerful antioxidants for anti-aging.

  • This astaxanthin is known as the “beauty-from-within” nutrient because it can access all skin layers to enhance overall skin health and greatly improve skin moisture, elasticity and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
  • In a study in Carotenoid Science, women who supplemented with AstaReal Astaxanthin experienced significant improvement in skin moisture and elasticity.
  • Another study in Acta Biochimica Polonica showed that women supplementing with astaxanthin experienced a significant reduction in the depth of fine and line-like wrinkles.
  • Yet another study in Experimental Dermatology showed that astaxanthin may provide superior sunscreen-like protection.

[Everything that is mentioned above is based on expectation and wishful thinking.]

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Vegans who could benefit from the krill oil will not buy it since they do not eat animal-based products and other people do not need it.

If you eat incorrectly and if you are low on plasma (water with minerals), you can drown in fish oil and your skin will remain wrinkled and old-looking.

As you can see, if you buy this product, you are wasting your money. Correct your diet and hydrate. Health and youth will come to you.

Do not misunderstand me. Some of the products like the Krill oil and the collagen are ok. They are not toxic and it is better to consume them than eating bread and pizza. What I oppose is fraudulent advertising and the false science that is promoted to sell those products.

Love and light to us all.

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