Get to know yourself. Part II

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From the quantum point, every change of frequency will be decoded by the brain and presented to us in a different way.
A small deviation of frequency will be shown as changes of the matter in question, a large deviation of frequency may cause drastic changes including the transformation of one type of matter into another one. 
This we have named alchemy.
To us, changing lead into the gold may seem impossible. They are completely different types of atoms.
In the quantum field, they are the same energy of different frequencies.
Since the brain can reproduce any frequency it is familiar with, it has no problem creating or transmuting one frequency into another.
What we can visualize, we can experience as our reality, but only if the mind can be convinced that this is the most probable/expected result.
Our entire reality was and is created from ideas/imaginations and the expected result is presented through our senses. This is why the robot/body was created.

Through our eyes, we are being shown those frequencies as the soil, water, plants, and animals.

The minute changes of their frequencies the brain will show as injuries, diseases, pain, fear…

When we heat up things, their frequency changes and according to this, our brain will show them to us as being melted, burned, smelly, or they vanish/transmute if the brain has no program for it to present it with light as it is the case with fire.

Since energy is conscious of its existence, it resists every change.

If the environment changes slowly, the existing frequency of the energy is going to try to adapt to those changes so that it can survive in its existing form.

The information on how to do this is stored in the form of genes.

If done slowly, the body can adapt to just about anything since everything in its essence is just energy.

When our body is exposed suddenly to an energetic change, the cells do not have the time to adjust and the cells are rejecting this energy through their magnetic field. The stronger is the magnetic field, the more stable will be the existing frequency.

When the frequency of the environment changes an energetic shock is created and the cells may expel some of their own energy which is interpreted by the brain as cleansing.

The more toxic energy there is in the cell, the more of it will end up in the blood creating a shift in the frequency of the blood.

This stimulates the blood cleansing and the symptoms that occur we have named the symptoms of the flu.

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In a short period of time, the new frequencies will affect the corresponding genes. Those genes open their instructional blueprints and direct cells in how to maintain their vibration in this new energetic field.

This adaptation to the new environment we have named the acquired immunity. It is the immunity to the vibrational change.

If the released toxicity was strong, the frequency of some cells or organs could have been altered. This will our brain present to us as a disease.

Before this happens, the cellular magnetic field has to weaken, the cellular electric voltage has to drop.

For the body to survive in a changing environment the gene expression has to change.

Often we bring into our body frequencies that do not resonate correctly to some of the cells or organs. This forces those cells and organs to change their frequency.

Our body may be now influenced by different frequencies and the appropriate genetic blueprint will be opened that may not be fully compatible with the general frequency of the body.

We have become sick.

As you can see, every disease is preceded by genetic changes so blaming genes to cause diseases is the same as blaming guns for gun violence.

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The gene is not to blame. It is the environment that brings on the changes.

Once we understand our body from the aspect of quantum mechanics, we become aware that all that will take for the cell/organ/body to heal is the reestablishing of the proper frequency.

Yes, we can utilize certain medicinal plants but as those plants help one organ, they negatively affect another organ. This is why they can be used only for a short period of time, never longer than 21 days.

A way a more efficient way of correcting those frequencies is by utilizing electromagnetic waves, sound, light, and even scent.

No matter what method we use, the genetic realignment has to be achieved for the healing to occur.

This is why it is wrong to think that if you have a gene present that is related to some disease that it is inevitable for his diseases to occur.

Adjust the frequency and the gene will be deactivated.

For years, I am instructing people how to correct their genetic expression through the correct diet since for this type of healing we do not require any equipment other than our will to change what we eat.

Since the brain is easily influenced by fear, and it can create any frequency it is familiar with, the thought of disease will create the frequency/environment for this disease to manifest.

The fear of the disease will drain the electric current and lower the cellular voltage of the organ in question.

A change in vibration will occur and the disease is born.

If the wrong energy persists and if there is a gene that corresponds to this frequency, this gene will become active and a genetic health problem will occur.

As you can see, not every wrong frequency/disease will be triggered by a gene. This means that genetically triggered diseases have a purpose and our robot is prepared for them.

What is the purpose of cyst and tumor you may ask?

They cleanse the blood. This is why they are crated in areas where the blood enters a tissue or organ.

They are the emergency blood cleansing stations.

Correct the frequency and cleanse the blood, and there will be no more need for the emergency cleansing station.

Our body does not support what it does not need and it will destroy them and cleanse them out.

We are told that some people have a genetic predisposition to a disease.

Yes, the gene that is activated may be transferred to the new body but this can be prevented.

Most genetic problems are created in the body and they stay in family because of the same habits.

Change the habits and you will change the genetic history.

Reestablishment of the correct frequencies will calm the brain as well. Many mental problems can be resolved by correcting the diet.

The electromagnetic imprints of emotional experiences can be brought to the surface and cleansed as well although often some additional energetic work has to be done.

As you can see, having “bad” genes is not a taboo and something that is cut into the stone.

Genes can be easily influenced by the resonance of the environment and they can be activated and deactivated by changing the frequency.

The new methods of healing will be all based on electromagnetic impulses but as I often repeat, get to know yourself and instruct your brain to create the frequencies needed.

Love and light to us all.

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