If we can manifest health, why can’t we eat whatever we like?


This article is based on the comment that was posted recently.
Iona wrote:
“Darko if we can manifest health like you say we should be able then to eat anything. I have family members who have lived to 101 on all the food experts say not to like carbs etc. It’s hard to figure it all out, my thoughts eat what your racial ancestors ate. Eskimo’s don’t eat what the French eat . Thoughts Iona”
For one, living 100 years is not an achievement. Most people have lived to be older than that but this is one of the things modern science is lying about.
What is the state of 100-year-old people? They are extremely dehydrated on the cellular level. This wrinkles their skin, make them acidic.
The cellular acidity makes it impossible for them to hold the cellular electric charge so their energy is dependent on the state of their mind.
If they live a peaceful life, the energy level is good and they live longer from those people who are under psychological pressure or stress. 
People that live in fear or some other type of stress are preventing the heart energy from reaching their cells and they show signs of disease.
It is very common that an old couple is enjoying their life and when one of them gets sick or dies, the other one follows soon as the depression sets in.

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To explain these things we have to go quantum again.

The quantum reality is all about vibration. The physical reality is a brain’s interpretation of those vibrations.

The health is observed when everything vibrates with the correct frequency.

A change of any of the frequencies, the brain will project as a blemish or a disease as we cal it.

The stability of any frequency depends on the strength of the field that sustains it. The cellular vibration is sustained by electric voltage. The stronger is the voltage, the more difficult it is to change the vibration.

In general, the resilience toward changing the vibration we call the immune system.

Using this approach, we now understand that the most important thing for our health is electric voltage or the energy as we call it.

Now you understand why are sickly people always complaining that they have no energy.

No amount of vitamin C, vitamin D, antioxidants, coenzyme-A, or any other bogus crap that our “scientists” attribute to a strong immune system is going to support the frequency. This means that the entire medical science is fake.

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When our cells have the correct Ph, and the correct cellular fuel is supplied, they can maintain the electric charge easily so even when stress prevents the energy from being supplied from the heart, the cellular voltage is high and no change of frequency occurs and no signs of disease will appear.

Everything changes when the cellular Ph drops and the cells can no longer support adequate energy levels. Now the stability of the frequency of a cell/organ/body depends on the electric charge send from the heart and distributed by the brain.

The more psychological problems an acidic person has, the more organs will be deprived of the energy that is channeled through the brain and the affected organs will have a low voltage and they will be susceptible to a frequency change/disease.

To control their acidity, the cells have to be well hydrated.

For the cells to be able to hydrate, the blood must be free of toxic elements, and oxygen, sodium, and energy have to be available.

For the blood to be clean, the blood must contain a large volume of plasma (water and minerals), so that the blood cleansing organs can properly do their job.

The major source of plasma is drinking water.

The best drinking water is underground water. It has many minerals dissolved in it.

Still, often, minerals are inadequate or missing. This is why all animals in nature have their sources of salt since salt is loaded with minerals not just sodium chloride like the table salt.

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Unfortunately, our “scientists” are telling us to refrain from using salt.

As you can see, it is fake science.

As the level of blood’s plasma drops, the blood cleansing organs start saving plasma and do not perform blood cleansing properly. The blood’s toxicity rises as the cellular hydration drops.

Dirty and toxic blood that is low on the minerals/ions is having a problem with its electric conductivity. The electricity/energy does not flow correctly.

The vibration of the blood is the cellular environment which is now undermined and weakened. We say that we feel sickly.

Again, our heart can support enough energy to maintain the frequency stable if the brain does not interfere with it.

Here you can see that we can basically eat very poorly, and drink incorrectly, but if our mind is happy, we will not experience a shift of frequency/disease.

Many people have proved that they can eat the poison that would have killed another man but they resist it.

Some say that their faith protects them.

Some say that God or their guru is protecting them. All in all, it is their strong belief and their faith that keeps the fear/doubt away. Their brain is not cutting off the energy supply and the frequency of their body stays unchanged.

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This explains why some people experience difficulty with some kind of food and other people can eat just about anything without showing any ill effects.

Since our reality is the most probable outcome of our brain’s calculation, our thoughts and beliefs will have a strong influence on every aspect of our life included the diet.

This is why the religious and spiritual people should always bless their food before ingesting it. Every thought is a vibration of potential creation. This is why Jesus Christ said, “be careful of what you think.”

We are born with basic brain programming. This programming as far as digestion goes does not include the digestion of dietary carbohydrates.

This is why babies have to be slowly introduced to them and even this makes them vomit and have gas and diarrhea at the beginning until the gene expression changes and the cells are adjusted to deal with this poison.

Now you understand why are babies burping and experiencing digestive problems when they are introduced to “baby formula”. Their poisoning has begun.

Our mind, the brain’s programming, our beliefs, and our expectation has a tremendous impact on the way our reality is unfolding and this is why we react so differently to the same stimulation.

This is why when we eat the “food of God”, the original programming sets in and we experience rapid improvement in our health.

Unless we change the original program, we are carnivores that also eat fruits and use plants to cleanse themselves if problems in digestion occur.

Since we understand now how this reality of our works, we can consciously protect ourselves from the effect of the toxic environment but this is possible only if our faith is strong which is seldom the case.

Love and light to us all.

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