Are humans participating in an act of self-destruction?

If the information comes to you in the way of the media, the TV, and the entertainment industry, you will be in a panic mode expecting the worst to happen.

If you are a firm believer in the Bible, what you see is what is described there and what follows (according to the Bible) will scare you to death.

Those who follow the alternative channels are desperately asking for the disclosure and are frustrated with what is happening, not realizing that things are being disclosed constantly without them realizing it.

Why do people not recognize a disclosure?

What is the disclosure?

Disclosure is the act or process of revealing or uncovering. This means that whatever we are being told is an act of disclosure, doesn’t it?

Trump shared a tweet mocking Biden for wearing a face mask ...

Well, many of us are being aware that what we have been told in many cases is incorrect so we are looking to find the truth and the truthful information we consider to be the disclosure. It is revealing of the truth.

This indicates that the revealing of truth can be only effective when people realize that they have been duped before and that what they have been told before was a lie.

I am disclosing the truth for the last 20 years and many have called me an idiot.

They know different “truth” and no contradicting information will be accepted.

We can disclose all the truthful documents, expose all the hideous crimes and none of it will make any difference to those who are believing in what they have been indoctrinated with.

This is why the seemingly ridiculous question is being asked: “Are you ready to hear the truth?”. Are you ready for the disclosure?

The disclosure is meaningless if we are not ready to accept it.

Just ask me, how many people have read my articles, and how many of them did use the information to heal themselves?

From every thousand people who read my articles, approximately 50 have tried the protocol and one did it correctly and had experienced all the benefits of healing.

Most people who try to follow the protocol quit after the first symptoms of detoxification appear saying: “this is not for me. My body does not respond correctly. This makes me sick.”

The reason for such reaction is the accepted belief that the vomiting, diarrhea, headaches, fever, and other symptoms of detoxification of very polluted blood are actually the symptoms of the disease.

They are convinced that the protocol is making them sick and they simply are not accepting other explanations. For such people, the disclosure is meaningless.

Today, almost everyone is convinced that a virus that came from China is creating a disease from which many people are dying.

Few scientists, me included, are disclosing that virus has no physical form and what is happening now is a natural event that is being weaponized by the Cabal to frighten the mislead population so that they eagerly accept vaccines that they had concocted to further enslave the people.

President Trump is playing along keeping the misinformation as he is using it to awaken people.

It is a very intricate game that is being played. Extremely smart moves that only a few people understand and only the faith in the process can keep us calm.

This is why Q-anon is frequently saying: “trust the plan”.

White House dodges 'QAnon' questions as conspiracy theory ...

Once the brain is programmed with certain information, it is very difficult to reprogram it.

Just think. How many Catholics would even consider the possibility that the Bible is a book that was created to mislead its followers?

How about the teenagers that are fresh from college loaded with a Marxist and Bolshevik utopia of a system that proved to be unsustainable and destructive wherever it was implemented but it offers riches without work and responsibility.

Now they are destroying their own country and aiding and abetting the enemy.

The only way for the programmed people to even consider another possibility, first they have to experience the consequences of those false believes. They are unable to accept contradictory information until they personally experience the consequences of their embedded beliefs.

For some people, unless the experience is frightening and life-threatening, the false beliefs will remain as the filters and disclosure/truthful information has no chance to take hold.

This is exactly what is now happening in the USA.

President Trump and the White Hats have to wait until people are scared enough to realize that they have been had. Only then will they consider and hopefully accept the disclosure of the truth.

This is very irritating to those of us who already know the truth and want to move on.

We have to be patient, hold the light, and wait to be asked for help.

To try and convince an indoctrinated mind to accept the contradictory information will only create conflict.

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Now we are all seeing how much suffering is needed for some people to finally realize what is happening, and some people will never realize it, they are just to far gone.

I am trying to awaken people to the dark side of medicine and the indoctrination students are going through before they are given the medical diploma.

Even today when more and more health professionals are realizing the fraud in medical science, some things I am talking about, such as the toxicity of dietary glucose, are bouncing of even the most progressive medical minds. How frustrating.

We cannot wait for everyone’s realization of the situation we are in. As soon as the absolute minimum is achieved, (the one hundred monkeys effect, or the herd immunity as they now call it) the truthful information will flood the media.

As of jet, this would have no impact at all.

The people are not ready, the absolute minimum has not been reached as of yet, but the awareness is increasing and I believe that soon the point will be reached for the disclosure to have an impact.

I hope that you did understand my message and that this is helping you to understand today’s situation regarding the virus and the politics behind it.

Keep calm, hold the light. Pray, meditate, and be ready to help those who ask for it.

Love and light to us all.

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