Are medical procedures humane or are they pure barbarism?

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Many medical doctors, especially the cocky young ones are openly laughing at most medical procedures from the past.

They see them inferior if not straight out ridiculous or stupid, not realizing that those procedures were way more effective and definitely more humane from those procedures that are in practice today.

No “modern” doctor uses clove, turpentine, sea salt, or baking soda as a healing remedy today.

Modern doctors rely on the power of a pill and without pills, they are lost and completely useless.

Although this is bad enough, it is not the subject of today’s blog.

This blog is about opening the mind of those doctors and bringing them back into the reality of how things are so that they can land back on the Earth and actually help save lives.

Every young cocky doctor is laughing at the medical procedure of bleeding the patient in an effort to lower the blood pressure and achieve the healing result.

They are taught to give a pill, a diuretic, and consider it to be a much better alternative, but is it?

If I ask the question, you already know that the answer is going to be NO.

When a diuretic is given in an attempt to lower one’s blood pressure, the body will eliminate a lot of water from the blood. In this way, it lowers the blood’s volume. Less water there is in a hose, the less pressure the hose will have.

A typical example of the simple child-like reasoning which is so common today among the “experts” of any kind.

As the body had eliminated pure water, all of the toxic garbage had remained in the blood making the toxic concentration higher.

As the blood becomes more toxic, the cellular structure refuses to hydrate with this toxic blood, and cellular dehydration/ acidity/toxicity increases. Much faster than if the bleeding procedure would have been implemented.

When bleeding is being done, the blood toxins are eliminated together with the blood. The blood pressure drops and so does the blood’s toxicity. The body will produce new blood to replace the lost one, but now, the blood will be a bit cleaner, and the body will be a bit healthier than it was before the bleeding procedure was done.

Everyone who donates blood experiences feeling better after getting rid of a pint of the toxic blood.

Women have the most experience with this procedure.

They do not realize that every menstrual cycle is eliminating some toxic blood from their body, but when they stop menstruating the whole hell breaks lose. We call this a menopause.

The cocky brainwashed medical “experts” blame those newly acquired symptoms on the hormonal changes and poison those women with hormonal treatments while the real culprit is the suddenly elevated blood’s toxicity.

When women’s blood is toxic, the menstruation is longer and more toxic blood is eliminated. This maintains women’s reproductive organs healthy.

menstruation cartoon

If the water level of the blood drops, the body will start saving the water and less blood will be eliminated even if the blood is toxic. If severe dehydration occurs, the menstruation can stop no matter of woman’s age.

Now, the toxic blood is not being used for cellular hydration and the active organs suffer the most.

The women of a childbearing age whose uterus is very active becomes acidic on the cellular level very quickly.

This triggers inflammation and the appearance of cysts and tumors/fibromas.

Chronic inflammation of the uterus will create a proliferation of the tissue we call endometriosis and can result in a prolapse.

The endometriosis is treated by the brainless “experts” in another barbaric way called: “Let’s scrape the shit out of it” or professionally known as the Ablation procedure.

The uterus is being scrapped in an attempt to maintain it thinner and the culprit is not touched at all.

No wonder that every health issue has become an unsolvable/chronic health problem that is impossible to cure.

Healing is absolutely out of the question since this word does not even exist in the medical vocabulary.

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This article is inspired by an email that I have received yesterday from a woman who has started following the Self Healers Protocol: “Godinu dana prije početka protokola sam imala endometrozu i uradili su mi kiretaže.

Ponovno mi se počeo sa protokolom

uspostavljati menstruacioni ciklus..

Imala sam menstruacije svaka otprilike

tri mjeseca.. Sad sam imala neprekidno

krvarenje 21 dan,. .Pa sedam dana bez krvarenja, i sad opet 21 dan krvarenje.. Uglavnom je to gusta materija boje trule višnje.. Sa tom gustom materijom izlazi i krv crvene boje.. Donji stomak napet ponekad..

Jeli OK tako dugo čišćenje? ”

Translated, the 49-year young woman had undergone the process of Ablation one year ago and had stopped menstruating.

After implementing the Self Healers Protocol, the menstruation has returned and now lately she was menstruating 21 days with some dark dense stuff coming out with some bright red blood.

She is asking me if this is the cleansing and if it is normal for it to last so long?

The answer to her questions is yes and yes.

The stuff that is being eliminated is the rejected extra tissue that was creating the endometriosis as her uterus is healing naturally.

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It is impossible to achieve healing of only one tissue or one organ.

Healing is a process that affects every cell in the body because healing is only possible when the blood and the cells of the body become clean.

To be able to do this, the environment of the body has to be adequate. Every cell requires the same things and as we help the body to adjust its environment, total healing of every cell in the body commences.

The only obstacle can be the brain’s interference by depriving a certain organ of its energy.

If this happens, everything in the body will heal except the organ in question.

We can better explain this by going quantum.

Every organ has its frequency that is supported through the energetic level we call the voltage.

High voltage maintains strong vibration that is difficult to change.

By draining the voltage, the vibration becomes weak and prone to the changes we call a disease.

Every thought has a specific vibration. If you think about the uterus, the vibration of the thought vibrates with the same resonance as the uterus itself.

Since thoughts are transmitted universally, a lot of energy is wasted on this transmission and now there is no energy left to be sent to the uterus itself.

The uterus loses its voltage and cannot heal.

The same will happen with any organ or tissue in the body.

The negative thoughts drain the power and the positive thought supply’s power.

How does this work, you may ask?

The negativity/fear is an emotion of the brain, and the positivity is the emotion of the heart.

Since the heart is the body’s energy turbine, stimulation of the heart will result in higher energy production.

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More energy, faster healing.

It is as simple as that, my friends and family.

Remain in your heart. Love everybody, be of service to others, sing, laugh, and enjoy your life and no disease can ever touch you even if you are toxic.

This is easier said than done because when we are toxic, we are unhappy, so please use the Self Healers Protocol, cleanse and heal your body and mind.

As you are enjoying your healing process, if you can, contribute to my work and help others to heal.

Love and light to us all.

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