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About 18 years ago I have started to realize that what was presented to us as a medicine or as the alternative healers would call medicinal plants, were all toxic and as such, they could not create healing processes in the body.

How can implementation of a toxic substance result in a healing of a toxic cell?

It is obvious that few are thinking. As I often point out, we are indoctrinated into trusting what we are being told and once we accept some information as being a truth, this information becomes a filter that will reject any contradictory information.

This is why a college educated people are mislead into believing that what they have been told by their professors is true. Once they have “learned” it, they will defend this knowledge no matter how ridiculous the information is.

As an example we can use what we know about salt and blood pressure.

Everybody and most of all doctors “know” that salt will elevate blood pressure in the body.

Have ever any of the “experts” that claim that this is true tried to see for themselves if this knowledge is factual?

Obviously, not.

Even without experimenting by themselves and drinking some water with sea salt and then measuring the blood pressure, we can all see that salt does not increase the blood pressure by simply observing a seawater swimmers and divers.

They all absorb huge quantity of salt and nobody becomes hypertensive.

People have confronted me by saying that the skin filters the salt, which is not true.

Just taste your urine when you get out of the sea and you will notice that your urine will be very salty.

Everybody knows that the sweat is salty. This proves that salt has no problem passing through the skin.

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If we can be fooled so easily by something that is so obviously incorrect, it is not surprising that an entire industry is profiting on our ignorance, and here I am talking about the supplement industry.

Daily I am receiving a “scientifically backed” promotions of supplements that will heal me and make me young again.

Recently I wrote about the lies behind collagen. We are now bombarded with a false advertising of the benefits that a consumption of a collagen will bring to our body.

At least, the collagen does not create a health problem like some other “health products” do.

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Today I have received an offer to get really good deal on a packaged stuff that is “much better than turmeric” as if turmeric would be good to ingest in the first pace.

“Naturally Honest” BioTrust has informed me that their chief Dr. Matthew Roberson is confirming this “exciting” news.

Their product is 4500% more effective than natural turmeric as if the natural turmeric is not toxic enough.

The standard lies about beneficial effects of turmeric (curcumin) are mentioned such as:

Young-looking skin

  • Peak energy
  • Healthy, flexible joints
  • A clear and focused brain
  • Low stress and good moods
  • Healthy eyes
  • A healthy heart
  • A powerful immune system

How can a toxic chemical such as curcumin which is a naturally occurring phenol, become an healing agent?

What are naturally occurring phenols?

Phenols are protecting the plants from the predators. To warn predators, they have a distinctive aroma and taste. Once animal eats it, it feels the toxicity and stops eating the plant that contains phenol.

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In a higher concentration, phenol will create a burn, so if we inhale it, it will burn our lungs, it oxidizes them, but we are told by our scientists that phenols are antioxidants.

How can something that causes oxidation become an antioxidant?

As I explain in my book and through the articles, most of the things we are being told are opposite from the truth and as we are now awakening, we can easily see the deception.

This is why I urge you to go back to my old posts if you have any health problem, and learn the truth about it. Once we know the truth, we can easily heal ourselves, and no medicinal remedies are necessary.

Stop paying attention to drug pushers.

Naturally occurring medicinal compounds are as toxic as the pharmaceutical one but they are most of the time less concentrated so their action will be less noticeable and their effect may be less noticeable, but in no way it can ever be healing the way that the promoters of it disclose.

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A mild suppression of the discomfort that was caused by a “disease” in our body will lower the fear of the disease. The energy level increases and the placebo effect is what ultimately creates healing.

All medicinal remedies are just toxic suppressants of symptoms we refer to as a disease.

If you do not have a “disease”, those suppressors will be suppressing your system and eventually, sooner or later, cause a cellular problem and a “disease” will occur.

Stop stuffing yourselves with turmeric (curcumin) if you want to be healthy.

The supplement pushers are not your friends. They get fat on your ignorance.

Love and light to us all.

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