Doctors are waking up

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By allowing the COVID-19/400 shame to go on, people are having time to observe and think.

Observation and thinking are the crucial elements that the brain needs to calculate and adjust to the new environment that was created.

I have separated myself from the “normal” that we are instructed to follow years ago.

My isolation on a sailboat has allowed me to observe, think, and experiment without everyday reminders of what is expected from me.

All of a sudden, my thoughts became clearer, and questions that needed answers started filling my brain.

I had realized that what I have been told in schools is all manipulated and incorrect.

I became aware that I had been lied to, so I wanted to know why and who is responsible for this.

Search for those answers led me to the Illuminate/Cabal/deep-state…

As they say, “all roads lead to Rome” since all manipulations come from the same place.

No matter if it is the politics, the finances, the economy, medicine, physics, chemistry, history… it all comes from the same people.

The Vatic Project: The Du Pont Bloodline - Part 4 ...

This quarantine has a similar influence on doctors, scientists, and people of all professions as we have all been lied to.

People have the time now to observe and think, and what they are realizing does not sit well with the established fraudulent system we call the civilized world.

All aspects of this system are manipulated to enslave humans and how deep is this manipulation, our minds can not even grasp.

By allowing this COVID-19 scare to play out, a massive awakening is being triggered which will bring the old system down.

Doctors are starting to realize that what they are being told to do about this virus is sheer madness and they are starting to revolt.

By realizing the obviously wrong approach to the coronavirus “problem”, they will start questioning other “truths” they have been told, like the vaccines for example.

The biggest awakening of doctors in my opinion will be when they realize that the toxicity created by the consumption of the wrong food was the main cause of most chronic diseases and in combination with fear, it has crippled humankind almost to the point of self-destruction.

We are lucky that those evil people are so stupid that even with all of the wealth that they have, the military might of their mercenaries, and advanced weaponry, they have lost the war by simply being outsmarted.

Their last attempt to destroy us, the “useless eater, the deplorable” as they refer to us, was redirected against them and gave them the final blow.

This was the COVID-19 which was planned over 20 years ago, and when executed, it was hijacked and instead of killing 90% of the population, it was redirected into a tool of awakening.

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Through systematic lies and poisoning we have all become highly toxic. The natural attempts of the body to cleanse itself are suppressed by the medical establishment through the usage of drugs (pharmaceutical or natural herbs, it makes no difference) which had allowed for the toxicity to reach levels that our bodies cannot tolerate and diseases were borne.

More doctors, more drugs, more diseases.

One is related to the other.

Now as doctors are instructed to only treat COVID-19 patients, the general mortality has dropped.

This past flu season, the combined death of the flu and the COVID-19 deaths are lower than what was the number of flu deaths a year before.

And this year many deaths from other causes were listed as COVID-19 deaths, and still the number of combined flu deaths was lower according to the graphs presented by the White-house statistics.

It is becoming obvious to every doctor that hydroxychloroquine is an effective tool in the COVID-19/400 situation and that it is politics that is preventing it to be used for treatment.

The media calls it unsafe neglecting to mention that it is FDA approved and being safely used for many years to suppress other diseases where it is not posing any more danger than any other “safe” drug.

We all know how difficult it is to change a habit and to reprogram an educated brain is even harder so it is really exciting to see some doctors realizing that something is really wrong here and refusing to follow orders of the “suggested” protocol.

Every doctor had to pledge to follow the guidance given by the medical establishment or their license will be revoked.

It takes my breath away seeing doctors revolting.

Thank you my colleagues, my brothers, and sisters, for rebelling and choosing love over fear.

The renaissance of humanity has started.

Love and light to us all.

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