What to do during this COVID-19 “crisis?”

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As we can all see, it is a big mess out there.
The information that is provided, is confusing and contradictory.
Even President Trump seems to be saying one thing one day and another thing the other day, so what to think of it and whom to trust?

Things are actually much simpler than we think and do not worry, everything is on track and as the truth is being exposed, there will be less and less confusion and doubt in the near future.

If you want to analyze the present situation, keep in mind that everything that you hear from Major Media is contrary to the truth.

The so-called alternative media is becoming exposed as well. In my opinion, whoever attacks President Trump is either lost or part of the controlled opposition.

Many things President Trump said that seems to go along with the plan of the New World Order are to fish out the guilty party and expose it. 
This goes for A. Fauci and the rest of the so-called medical experts around him.

Watch Dr. Fauci's face when Trump calls out 'Deep State ...

When he calls a general to make a comment, the general said: “We are ready to deal with the invisible enemy”.

This is the fifth army of domestic traitors and not the virus.

There will be no vaccination.

President Trump has just disclosed that he is taking Chloroquine for weeks to protect himself, not a vaccine.

The masks and gloves are obsolete. They cannot protect you from toxic energy but even this toxic energy that we call viruses, cannot create any bad health symptoms if your cells are reasonably clean.

This is why only very toxic people show symptoms of flu.

During the last15 years, I am exposing the truth about our health and the fraudulent medical system.

I am showing that diseases do not exist, and what we call disease, are simply the symptoms of a toxic body. Those symptoms are mainly related to bodies attempt to cleanse themselves.

Instead of encouraging this process and helping the body to cleanse and heal itself, doctors are instructed to prevent this natural healing process by further poisoning the body through pharmaceutical poisons, and suppressing the pain that comes as the result of this cumulative poisoning.

Anyone that had followed the instruction of the Self Healers Protocol and had cleansed their body, has nothing to fear from the COVID-19/400 virus.

I do not know of anyone who did the Protocol that had trouble with COVID bogeyman.

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This does not mean that now because we are afraid, we should go and do the Protocol.

Why not, you may ask?

The answer is simple.

If your blood is toxic and you start implementing the Protocol, your blood will start to cleanse rapidly, creating the flu symptoms.

This may be inconvenient at this time and it can frighten you.

It is best to wait until the truth is all out and COVID is no more.

Then I strongly suggest that you do follow the Self Healers Protocol and cleanse your blood and cells.

In this way, you will be immune to further viral attacks and any other “diseases” that could be sent your way.

Those people that are confused the most, are the health “experts” since they are being lied to the most as far as the health goes.

Moderately Confused by Jeff Stahler for February 17, 2014 ...

I see the fear in doctors eyes here in Peru and even those doctors who are my friends and now the truth because I have explained it to them, they have a hard time to deal with fear as the old program is surfacing to haunt them installing a doubt and fear.

Dr. Pablo visited me recently and we have discussed some things. Before leaving he said, thank you brother, I needed this. I feel so calm in your presence.

Why was he calm?

Because there is no fear in me. The fear is our worst enemy, but the only way we can conquer it is by knowing and having faith.

From the quantum point, it is all so simple.

Our cells, organs, and the body as a whole are run by electricity which we refer to as our energy.

When the voltage is optimal, everything has a strong magnetic field.

This strong electromagnetic field is supporting the frequency in which our cells, tissue, organs, and our body as a whole, vibrates.

This magnetic field repels every other type of frequency.

This is what we call the immune system.

When the voltage in our body drops, the magnetic shield weakens and makes it possible for the energies of the environment to interfere with our vibration.

If our vibration changes, our brain is programmed to show it as an anomaly, as a disease.

What will lower our voltage?

1. Decreased electric conductivity in the body.

This occurs when the level of plasma drops. A lower level of plasma results with more toxicity and the toxicity lowers the electric conductivity.

The reason why there is a drop in plasma is the insufficiency of water and minerals (salts).

2. Cellular dehydration.

As the cellular dehydration increases so does its acidity.

The increased cellular acidity interferes with the cellular ability to hold the electric charge.

The voltage drops and with it, the magnetic protective field weakens. We say, our immune system is down.

Cellular hydration with plasma will resolve this problem.

3. The fear factor.

Our brain is the largest consumer of electricity in our bodies.

The more active it is, the more electricity it will consume.

The highest electrical consumption the brain will have when it is in a state of fear.

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The electric consumption of the brain will be so high that it will draw the electric charge from our cells and in this way it will lower their electric voltage.

This means that their defensive magnetic field will drop and so will the cellular defense, the immune system.

Now you can see why is the news loaded with scary information.

Highly exaggerated numbers of dead, masks and other protective gear, separation…

Learn the truth and let go of fear.

This is the best thing that you can do at this time to protect yourself, and when this hype is over and everything calms down, go and do the Self healers Protocol.

It will benefit you greatly in the last step which will be our ascent into the new consciousness.

We will talk more about it as things calm down a bit.

Love and light to us all.


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