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I am not sure if this is happening everywhere on our planet, (but knowing that the directions of what to do and how to do it are orchestrated from one place and this is from the Globalist controlled UN), what doctors are told to do here in Peru in regards to COVID-19 is the reason why some people are dying.

When a person comes to see a doctor because they have one or more symptoms of flu, doctors are sending them back home to stay quarantined and do not spread the virus around.

The instruction is not to go to the hospital to seek help unless you are violently ill.

In the video that I have published a couple of days ago: “The cellular toxicity and detox”, I explain that a virus is energy that our cell deems to be toxic. It stimulates them to cleanse.

While cleansing, they pollute the blood.

The blood starts to cleanse and this is what causes the flu symptoms.

If we do not have an adequate level of blood plasma (low level of blood), the blood becomes thicker, does not cleanse well since the cleansing organs are saving water, making the blood more toxic.

Add to this toxicity a large load of toxic elements that came from cells, and the difficulty to cleanse because plasma is low and you are looking at a disaster in making.

The system can choke.

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Any symptom of flu indicates that the blood is toxic and it has started to cleanse.

If a person with a flu symptom is not treated, the cellular cleansing will continue until the genome changes (gene reprogramming), and the blood will continue increasing its toxicity.

Since the plasma levels are low, the cleansing organs will have difficulty to cleanse and the blood’s toxicity continues to rise, producing ever stronger symptoms.

We are told that there is no antiviral drug so we have to wait for our body’s immune system to deal with the problem.

Well, a macrophage will consume some of the toxic elements but under the influence of the energetic change (virus) blood’s toxic saturation can overwhelm the system and it can lead to serious complications and even death.

Now you understand why only very toxic (elderly, obese, and those with chronic health problems), die from “virus”.

Recently some children in parts of the USA came down with the COVID-19 and ended up with strong symptoms.

They are young so how can they be so toxic?

If you remember, there was a big push to vaccinate all children against measles and some other diseases.

I bet you that those children with COVID-19 were amongst those who were vaccinated.

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A virus has no marker. Markers had to be implanted through some vaccines.

Nothing is more effective in increasing the body’s toxicity rapidly as the vaccines.

The best thing to do when we feel like the flu is coming, we fell feverish, strep throat, or a headache, is to start polluting the blood with a toxin that will stop the cellular cleansing.

Any anti-inflammatory will do.

Take an ibuprofen every 6 hours with some regular flu medication.

Take garlic, turmeric, alcohol or any other strong medicinal remedy if the pharmaceutical drug is not available.

Take chloroquine with zinc, or high doses of vitamin C or D.

Also inhaling vapors of chamomile and Eucalyptus 3 times a day.

Whatever has a higher “medicinal” (toxic) effect on the cellular structure than the cellular toxicity level itself, will prevent further cellular cleansing.

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Cells are calibrated, so if the toxicity of the blood presents more problems that the toxicity of the cell, the cell will not cleanse.

Do not be surprised that I am suggesting medicinal remedies.

We are talking about a temporary relief of symptoms to give time to genes to change their vibration and open a better-suited blueprint so that cells can function in this new energetic environment.

As soon as cells adjust, the flu season is over.

Many doctors are waking up but here in Peru, and I am sure in many countries around the world, doctors are following the WHO given directions, no question asked.

This is how they are programmed and they will stick to what they are told by the authority no matter what.

So if your doctor tells you to go home and wait for the symptoms to pass, now you know better.

Now you can help yourself and others and save lives.

If the information that I provide has helped you to improve your health, please contribute through a donation, and please share this knowledge because it saves lives and reduces misery.

There is nothing worse in life than the feeling of being sick.

Love and light to us all.

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