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This is a very strange phenomenon. What people fear the most is to have some debilitating disease.

What people put on the bottom of their list of things to do is to take a care of their health.

I believe that this is the reason why people feel the need to have a health insurance.

Somehow, people feel safer when their health is insured but is their health any safer while it is being insured by some corporation?

I remember when I lived in communism. The health insurance was obligatory and it was taken from the paycheck of every worker. The government was in charge and whatever the government touches, falls apart. The reason for this is that the politicians are a class for themselves. They use people as their private slaves. The politicians adjust the laws to protect themselves, they are not accountable for their actions so they are immune from prosecutions. This means they cannot do any wrong. Their status is privileged so they do not stay in lines no matter where they go. For them the system is perfect.

So if a politician gets sick, there is always a hospital bed available, and the diagnostic equipment is ready to give quick answers to they ailments.

It is a completely different situation when a regular citizen falls ill.

Hospital beds are unavailable and for some diagnostic equipment, one has a several months waiting list. Unless you have some cash to stimulate the official in charge, you have a great chance to die before you even get to your scheduled CAT SCAN you had 4 months to wait for.

It is obvious that you would be much better of saving the money that you paid for the health insurance and give it directly to the one who will be taking the care of you when you are in need of help.

How corrupt and uninterested in its own people the government is can be seen now in Peru where rice from China is imported without being taxed and domestic rice producers have no place where they can sell their product.

I witnessed a similar situation in Croatia where a meat was imported and local farmers had no market for their meat having to slaughter the animals and dispose of their meat.

When I lived in the corporatism, in the USA, I was providing the insurance for my employees and myself. This was 2400 dollars yearly for each of us and I am talking about the mid-1990s.

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None of us was ever sick but the money had to be paid anyway.

Now as we are older some of the people are in the need of medical assistance but the laws have changed and the help is not the same. Unless you have some extra money to give, you are doomed. So here we are, communism all over again.

The question arises -are we safer being “protected” with the health insurance?

In my opinion, the health insurance is a sham and it is harmful to humanity.

The health insurance is a business and as such, it only cares about itself and not about what it is designed to do.

Huge amounts of money are being collected and this money is owned by the corporation whose interest is in itself and not the people. Multiple corporations figured out that it is better for them to merge than to compete with each other and this gives them more power which means fewer options for the people whose health is supposed to be protected by them.

Now this powerful corporation starts to dictate medical policies that will best serve the corporation and not the people under their “health protection”.

This is the reason we are in the present situation where sickness is rampant, doctors overworked, and peoples saving taken away by the medical bills not covered by their insurance “benefits”.

As the USA is being converted from the republic into a communism, the government took the hold of the medical insurance which is the worst thing that can happen. Now if you refuse to be insured, they slap you with a penalty. The government leaches demand to be paid no matter what.

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Under the pretenses that they care for your health, the government will punish you if you refuse to obey their recommendation. If you refuse to be poisoned by their vaccines they can unleash the law enforcement because whatever they decide to do, becomes a law that has to be obeyed.

It is the time for the humanity to awake and realize what is happening.

I do not have medical or life insurance anymore.

I take care of myself and if I do not feel good, I have a pretty good idea why I feel this way, and I help my body to heal itself.

This is much better than having a mislead health “expert” filling my body with poison while not having a clue of what is really going on.

If I would be involved with the trauma that requires a medical attention, I rather pay the doctor directly. He will be happier and it will cost me less than wasting the money monthly on some bogus medical insurance.

When you have to pay directly from your pocket for medication, you try to stay healthy by doing the right choices and prevent the disease rather than treat it later.

Whenever we think that we are saving money by giving it away monthly, the math just does not add up. Having a middleman always costs more and the service becomes worse.

It is much better to deal with your health provider directly and contribute to their service when it contributes to your health. Refuse to contribute if you do not feel well and continue contributing if your health provider helps you to regain your health again.

To me, this makes more sense than what is happening right now.

People are getting sick, insurance pays for some things only if they are done the way they want which is never the way it should be done.

Why not?

Because the system wants you sick and dead since they benefit financially only if you are in one of those situations.

So when you die from the treatment, you and your family are still liable for the expenses of the treatments. It does not matter that the treatments have killed you. The leaches had to be paid no matter what. If the family refuses to pay, the law is unleashed on them. The law will not investigate the doctor, it will force your payment, that is all that the system cares about.

It is the time to change this system because it is obvious that it does not work.

I receive many thank you letters in which people are thanking me for showing them the way to heal themselves.

Some of you are sending me donations and they are greatly appreciated. Isn’t this much better relationship between you and your health provider?

I answer your questions, I give you the tips to follow and the health returns into your body. In return, you contribute so that I can do my job. You are happy, I am happy knowing that I have helped you and the leaches stay out of it.

Please continue participating, ask questions and implement what you have learned from me. If you feel it beneficial, schedule Skype or messenger appointment where we can privately discuss your concerns. This is the way it should be.

There is no place or need for government or any other middleman leach to be involved and suck you dry.

It is the time to wake up and take the responsibility for our actions.

Love and light to us all.

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  1. your blogs are awesome, Dr Darko. Keep it up, don’t stop spreading the truth to people. I look forward to reading your blogs during the week!

    1. Natalie there is nothing beneficial for your body in eating sprouts. They have no energy that you can use so only the toxic elements will enter your body. It is a waste of your effort and your money.

  2. Your writing is gaining clarity and readability, imho…
    I just wanted to say what has happened in Amyrika:
    My monthly payment was $189 and covered me for everything.
    Smiling, lisping Obama brings in Obamacare.. My monthly goes to from $189 to $688..and worst, the 2 times I used it for really nothing I was billed 1st) $650 2nd) $2,500..on top of monthly.
    Yep, you are reading the numbers right.
    Actually middle class people whose total earnings are over $42,000, if they have 3 children including themselves, their yearly bill would be $11,000+.
    -Do middle class or lower class have health insurance? NOT is they are working for themselves.
    -Only if you have a mainstream corporate job will you have insurance. And there are many ways for corporations to get out of this.. main one is Part Time employee. Take a look and you will see most new corporate jobs are part time! -Wonder not why!
    Obama was just as evil as Bush and Clintons… yet, Media never ever talks about it fact that work-for-self middle class has NO INSURANCE and could, after ObamaCare, never ever afford it.
    Your nice article is only tip of iceberg, in Amyrika…

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