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Recently I wrote an optimistic comment about president Trump going after the big pharmaceutical industry and their fraudulent activities only to be disappointed again with the latest Trump’s action of choosing a new Health and Human Services Secretary (HHS) Mr. Alex Azar.

Who is Alex Azar?

He was a fixture over the years in key drug industry groups including stints on the board of the Biotechnology Innovation Organization and the Health-care Leadership Council. The Council has been a leader, for example, in lobbying to privatize the Medicare program.

You can read more about Mr. Azar here

So what can we expect will happen with the medical care of USA citizens?

What can we expect to happen when a drug advocate receives the power to enforce his decisions?

Not only that vaccines are forcefully implemented, the patients cannot refuse treatments as it is or they are being persecuted and forced to comply with their doctor’s decision.

If you want to know how it all works in communism, well this is it my friends.

Some of you that had the opportunity to experience the communism personally may argue – at least no one is dead!.

Are you sure of that???

An alarming number of alternative medicine professionals have been killed recently. Ops! I meant to say that they have been suicided at least those are the official reports. You know, they shoot themselves twice in the head or something similar to this.

Watch this Lisa’s Haven video


So what do you think that we can expect as more power is given to the Pharmaceutical giants?

I am aware of Donald Trump’s unpredictability and his ability to set a trap and I am hoping that this is the case on this occasion as well.

What they say: keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

The future will tell but we all have to be vigilant and careful. The sooner we learn that medicines are not created to heal us but to do the opposite, we can free ourselves from the grip of our corrupt medical professionals by refusing medications and learn to heal ourselves by learning the truth.

We have to absorb the truth no matter how strange it sounds. We can heal by simply changing our diet and hydrate with water and sea salt. Exposing ourselves to the sunlight and walking barefoot in the park.

Instead of going to a team parks for a vacation, go to the forest, swim in rivers and the sea.

Come and visit me here in Amazon region of Peru, hug a five-hundred-year-old tree.

I understand that it is scary to leave the “life-saving medication” that you are on so take a vacation, visit us here in Peru and we are going to get you jump-started with your new life. The life that will be free of medicinal poisons and the body that will be free from the pain.

Very often, people, have stagnant energies preventing their healing so for those people it is important to clear those old energies. For this purpose Shamanic work does miracles.

We cannot ignore the fact that we are energy and energy has to flow, to move.

If energy becomes trapped, it causes stagnation which manifests itself in disease.

In some of the past articles, I explain that our genes can contain such trapped energies in the form of previous experiences.

Now as we are experiencing the increase of frequencies, new genes are starting to oscillate and if they carry the imprint of some trapped energies, those past experiences are reaching our subconsciousness and manifest themselves by disrupting our energetic flow.

They will be cleared but sometimes our mind gets a hold of them and does not let them go.

Here is where Shaman is invaluable.

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Most people are clearing those past energies by themselves and this makes them tired. This also often causes aches in places where it never hurt before.

As our frequency changes, previously dormant genes are becoming active. As the result of this, our cellular activity is changing and with it changes our body.

We do not see those changes yet but our bodies are reacting differently. If we would have been exposed to these frequencies just two years ago, we would all be dead.

Scientists are not mentioning this because they would be expected to explain this, and they are unable to do so.

For some time now we are being frightened by our media that our Sun is erupting with a great force that will destroy us but nothing has happened.

Our sun has changed its color from yellow to white. This is because the frequency has changed. We can feel the stings our sunlight makes as it touches our skin but we do not burn any different than before. How is that possible?

We have already changed but the mutation is continuing as the frequencies are increasing.

Nothing to worry about my brothers and sisters, we are evolving.

We are living in marvelous times of an evolutionary event through which we are going to go consciously. This is an extraordinary privilege and the mere fact that you are here to experience it makes you very special. Never forget this!!!

Love and light to us all.



  1. Thank you for this article, Darko!
    Please, don’t be fooled — the president is always a figurehead, he can’t accomplish anything of his own accord.
    For those interested in purifying the subconscious mind, here is a very powerful meditation:
    The next video of the same meditation is also helpful but make sure you keep your right hand on your nose, as shown in the previous link, not on your knee:
    Best wishes to all!

    1. Hi Richard.
      Green vegetables do not contain any substantial amounts of carbohydrates so in general they are safe to eat. From the sea we only eat animals and the sea weed so this is generally healthy brother.

  2. Wow! What timing. I was doing sun watching yesterday, and I noticed just how white the sun really is.
    I was going to write and ask you what is happening… BUT, boom! here is your article with answers about the sun and frequencies.
    ….I love when that happens!
    Thank you Darko..and may the white light be up on with you :__0)

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